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On January 11th   Patty  Matt and I started off the new year by seeing  Honk Jr.  put on by Riverbend  Youth Company.  It was  an inspiring  story about not being  afraid to be yourself based on the   fairy tale  The  Ugly  Duckling.  Notable performances were by  Hadley  Harris,   Kyra  Whitehead, Autumn Fichera, Grace   St. Jean, Max  Harley, Julia Dowd, Gabby  White, Victory  Phillips and Hannah  Shepard, Favorite musical numbers included Hold Your Head Up High   Different, Play With Your   Food, Wild  Goose Chase and  Warts and  All.

Honk  Jr was directed by Robin  Lacroix and  Karin Harvey  Olsen, Music Directed by  Kim Whitehead and choreographed by   Ellice  Cunningham  and was performaed at the Amato Center For Performing Arts   Jan 11th-13th.   Congrats  to the cast crew and production team on a fabulous show.

Next up was The Secret  Garden at the Palace Theatre.   We got tickets as a Christmas present and the show  was   beautiful.    Notable performances were by  Jared Trolio,  Jeffrey  Michael   Kringer,  Cathy  McKay,  Jennifer Fogarty,   Jenna Bienvenue and  Drew  Tremblay.  The most   beautiful song in the whole show was  How Could I Ever Know which was  duet between  Archibald and Lily Craven,   Other notable  musical numbers were It’s A Maze, Show Me The Key, Come Spirit Come Charm, The Girl I  Mean To Be  and  Letter Song

  The  Secret  Garden  ran at the Palace Theatre  January 11th-February   3rd and was directed  and choreographed by  Carl  Rajotte and music  directed by Zachary Ryan. 

Matt  and I also  had a  unique  opportunity  which was part of  our membership from last year  to see  a  dress rehearsal of Cabaret at  the Palace Theatre a few weeks ago.   It was a great experience and very informative.


On February 2nd   Matt Sonya and I went to   the dance show  at the Amato  Center.   This is one of my favorite  Riverbend Youth  Company Traditions.   This year’s theme was  This   Is Me  which focuses on empowerment and believing in yourself.      Favorite dance numbers included Bare Necessities, Brave, Carry  On, Reflection, Spoken  Word,  SecretsStand  In The Light   This Is Me  and Waving Through  A Window,

Congrats to all the dancers on a wonderful performance.



Next  up on   our viewing schedule for   Riverbend Youth Company  productions will be  Peter And The Starcatcher on April 6th.



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November was a busy month for theatre viewing. December will be equally as busy with going to various concerts.

Our journeys began at the Amato Center with Big Fish. This was a great story about family relationships… especially between father and son. Notable Performances were by Emma Harley, Max Harley, Sophia Dube, Genevieve Steadman, and Sammy O’Neil. Favorite Musical Numbers included. Red White and True,Be The Hero, Daffodils, Little Lamb From Alabama and Closer To You.

Big Fish ran at the Amato Center from November 1st-4th was directed by Katie Hammes, music directed by Lauren Busa & choreography by Devereaux and Renee Merchant. Congrats to all involved on another fabulous performance.

The 2nd weekend of November was a double show weekend. On Friday night we saw Pippin at Actorsingers. This was by far one of my shows that Actorsingers has done. Aside from notable Performances another thing to recognize is the amazing set design by Matt Kaiser and Lauren May. Notable performances were by Caity Glover, Aly Armaretto, Sophia Bataglia,Eric Berthuime, Kerry Schneider and James Middleton.

Favorite Musical Numbers were War Is A Science,Love Song,I’ll Guess I Miss The Man, Spread A Little Sunshine, Magic To Do & No Time At All

Pippin was performed at Keefe Auditorium November 9-11 and was directed and choreographed by Donna O’Bryant &Music directed by Amanda Morgan.

The following evening we went to the Merrimack Repertory Theatre In Lowell to see Murder For Two. This fast paced show had me laughing the whole time and was delightful. I hope to go see more shows there in the future.

Finally we saw Tuck Everlasting at Peacock Players on November 16th. This musical is based on the novel of the same name by Natalie Babbitt. It was a beautiful story about family. Notable Performances were by Aren Truex, Kieran Whitney, Gabrielle White,Elsa Keefe and Andrew Shapiro.

Favorite Musical Numbers were The Wheel, Everlasting,Hugo’s First Case,My Most Beautiful Day and Seventeen.

Tuck Everlasting was performed at Court Street Theatre November 9-18th and was directed by Keith Weirch, Music Directed by Henry Kopczynskie III and choreographed by Christina White. Great job to all.

My holiday 2018 review post will be posted Dec 23rd. Stay tuned for top 40 Favorite Songs From Shows Seen or performed in during 2018 countdown starting 12/15.

Review Contributors

Patty Helbig for Pippin

Patty Helbig and Mandy Blanchard for Tuck Everlasting

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Back at the end of June we saw   The Last 5 Years.   I first  introduced to   Jason Robert Brown’s work a few years ago when I saw  Songs For A  New World.   We sa the Understudy performance of  The Last 5 Years and  Ryan Quinlan and Brooke Wolz were outstanding in their roles.  Favorite musical  numbers included Still Hurting, Good Bye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You, If I Didn’t Believe In You, The Next 10 Minutes and The Schumule Song
The Last 5 Years ran at the Amato Center for The Performing Arts June 28-30 and was directed by Anna Quinlan and music directed by Helen St. Cyr.

Based on the children’s book series by Barbara Park Junie B. Jones tells the story of June’s 1st grade adventures. Lots of ups and downs are experienenced by Junie throughout this show but her character is truly fun loving, spunky and high spirited. Notable performances were by Sydney Mauser, Grace Goolsby, Emma Harley, Gabby White, Gracie Laliberte, and Max Harley Favorite Musical Numbers included When Life Gives You Lemons. Kickball Tournament, Lucille Camille Chenile Glady Gutzman, You Can Be My Friend andWriting Down The Story of My Life

Junie B. Jones ran at the Amato Center for the Performing Arts August 17-19 and was directed by Devereaux Merchant, Musical Directed by Katrina Feraco and choreographed by Meghan McKnight. Great job to the cast crew and production team.

I love the high energy music in Joesph And The Amazing Tecnicolor Dreamcoast and the Friends of the Amato Center production did not disappoint. Notable perfromances were by Zac Barnaby, Mark Crory, Russell Arrowsmith, Luke Croy,Laura Majore, Karin Harvey Olsen and Libby St Jean. Favorite musical numbers included One More Angel, Go Go Joseph, Pharonh’s Dream Explained, Potipher and Any Dream Will Do.
This show is not to be missed there are three more performances this afternoon at 2:30,tonight at 7:30 and tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm at the Amato Center in Milford. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is directed by Robin Lacroix, music directed by Kim Whitehead and choreographed by Meg King
Review Contributors Elania Bedio, Chandler Cooke Healey, Jen Roy, Matt Smith, Sonya Walcott

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Little Mermaid? In the books!  Chorus concert? In the books!  Now  it is time to catch up on reviews.

We  saw A  Few Good Men at the Amato Center on March 17th.    I like to  introduce myself to a new  play  every once in awhile.  Was this one of my favorites?  Probably not but it was still good.    Notable performances were by   Patrick McCarty, Roger Hurd,  Anja Parish and Amy Agostino.

This show  ran at the Amato Center   May  8th-18th.    Next  up at MAP we will be seeing  The   Norman  Conquests  in July.

Before Little Mermaid Tech week began we saw our final  Dinner Theatre show at the Majestic Theatre  which was  called Dial M. for Murder.   This was a fun  murder mystery comedy that  kept everyone guessing.  The cast was small and everyone  was equally talented.    Dial  M for Murder was performed at the  Executive  Banquet  Facility in  Manchester  April  6-8th.   Next up at the Majestic  we will be seeing Barefoot  In The Park  on June 23rd.

Last weekend we saw three shows in a row  42nd St at the  Amato Center, Bye Bye Birdie at  Windham Actors  Guild and  Shakespeare In Hollywood at  Community   Players of Concord.   It was my first time seeing 42nd Street and   I think it was by far one of my favorite shows that Riverbend  has done recently.   Notable performances were by   Helen  St. Cyr,  Grace Bonner, Doug Pedroza,  Ben Erdody and Zac Barnaby.   I was blown away  by the tap dancing in this show.    My favorite songs were  Go  Into Your Dance,  We’re  In The Money, You’re Getting To Be  A Habit With Me,  Lullaby  Of Broadway and Young  And Healthy.

Good luck to all the seniors!  I will miss you all so much next year.  The memories we have shared together on stage  are  fond ones.

Notable performances from the  Palace Theatre production of 42nd Street were  by  Stuart Harmon,  Alison Duarte, Maria Logan,  Trisha  Hart  Ditsworth and  Brandon  Keith Rogers.      We saw this  production on   opening  night   Friday June 2nd.     Our friend  Pam from chorus who was there that night too was equally as impressed by   the talent of the actors.

This is my  third time being transported to Sweet Apple  Ohio and my first time  seeing a show at Windham Actors Guild.  I have previously seen this  show  at Peacock Players in 1997  (   dug out  the program whilst   helping my parents clean out their Amherst  house in an old box of  stuff  I had kept) and in 2006 when  the AMS  Theatre  Club performed  it and my sister was Mrs. McAfee.   Bye Bye Birdie has always been one of my favorite musicals.  The  music is very catchy and has you  dancing in your seat.    Stand out performances were  by  Colin Malete  ( Conrad  Birdie),  Patrice  Doherty (Gloria Rasputin),  Jesse Drake (Albert Petersen)  Kelli Laughlin  (Kim  MacAfee),  Kaitlin  Smith  (Rosie Alvarez) and  Joel  Michael  King  (Hugo   Peabody)   While the dialogue was referenced I was disappointed that  the song A  Mother Doesn’t  Matter Anymore was not in this version of the show.   Favorite musical  numbers included   A  Lot Of Livin To Do,  Put On A Happy  Face,  Rosie,  A Healthy Normal American  Boy   and Spanish Rose.

 Patty Helbig  also contributed to this review.


We   last saw  Shakespeare  In Hollywood   about 5 summers ago put on  by  Milford Area Players.  This show is set  on a   Hollywood  soundstage and follows the antics as to characters from  Shakespearean times are transported to  a modern day film set of  the Shakspeare     play A  Midsummer  Night’s Dream.    We were laughing the whole entire time.     All performers in this production  were incredibly talented and it was hard to pick a favorite character.

Shakespeare In Hollywood was performed at The Concord  City  Auditorium   May 4-6.


Stay tuned  for a review of Sister Act which  ran at   Keefe Auditorium May 11-13th.


Guest reviews of  The Little Mermaid and   Anything Goes at Pinkerton Academy are also coming your way soon! 🙂



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Slight delay due to Wednesday’s  snowstorm which allowed me a good   amount of time to gather my notes.   Lots of ground to  cover in this post.

First on  February  9th  Matt and I went to see   Complete Works  OF   Wiliam Shakespeare Abridged  at Peacock  Players.  This was  90 minutes of hysterical fun.    Notable  performances  were by   Andrew  Shaprio,  Lily Ayotte,  Jason  Frank, Lucci O’Keefe and Jerome Trudeau.     If you missed this show  you missed another great one.   It was performed   February   9th-18th at   Court St Theatre  in  Nashua.  It was directed by Keith Weirich.


I  last saw Peter Pan  Jr in 2015 performed by the AMS Theatre Club so  I was very excited to hear  that Riverbend Youth Company was doing it this season.  It was a  delight to see it again.   Sonya and   Mrs. Walcott  joined us for the  Saturday Matinee on February 17th and they enjoyed it as well.   Notable performances were by  Nathaniel Shepard  (Mr. Darling), Xander Batey    ( Crocodile),   Max  Harley  (Peter Pan),  Hadley Harris (Wendy Darling),  Sophia  Dube  ( Tiger Lily) and    Kyra Whitehead (Tinkerbell)  Favorite Musical  Numbers included   Following The Leader, Fly To Your Heart, Hook’s Tarentella Never Smile,  Sun Beams and SeaTender Shepard,  What Makes The Brave Man Brave and Your Mother and  Mine.

Peter Pan  Jr was performed at the Amato Center for The Performing Arts   Feb 16-18th and  was directed by Robin  Lacroix,  Music  Directed  by  Kim Whitehead and choreographed by  Meg  King.  Congrats to everyone on a great show.

On March 3rd we continued our  Dinner Theatre experience at the  Majestic Theatre   by seeing  Beer For Breakfast.  This  was comedy about a guys weekend which is foiled  when   the wife   from someone in  the group of friends shows  up.   A certain part of it reminded me of   I Think I Got You   Beat  from Shrek.    The cast  was small but mighty and consisted of A Robert Dionne,  Tracy Carracedo  Chad Boutin and  Katelyn Tustin.

Beer   For Breakfast was performed  March 2nd-4th at the  Excuetive  Court  Banquet  Facility in  Manchester.



An important  scheduling update to announcement!

My analysis  post of    Under The Sea for   the Rechiored Reading blog will be posted  next Wednesday  3/21  ON THIS  BLOG since I am using it as a way to promote  Little Mermaid..  After  that  I will be  taking a month long posting hiatus  until after Little Mermaid is over.

Spring  Posting Schedule 

April 29th    A Few  Good  Men  Milford Area Players, Dial  M For Murder Majestic Theatre, Nashua  Choral Society  Concert

May 16th   42nd  St Riverbend Youth Company,  Bye Bye Birdie Windham Actors  Guild,  Shakespeare In Hollywood   Community Players  of  Concord,  Sister Act

SVC  Spring Concert review  will also be posted to Rechoired Reading Blog on 5/16.

May 23rd    High School Music And Theatre Post

Souhegan’s Spring Musical Rogers and Hammerstein’s  Cinderella, Milford High School Chorus Concert, SHS    Spring Concert









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In the past  I often forgot to post reviews  right away because  I  have too much other stuff going on.   To eliminate that problem what  I have decided to  do is  multiple reviews in the same post.

To start off 2018   Matt and  I saw   two shows at  Peacock Players, 2 at the Majestic Theatre and today we  saw  the Dance Show at the Amato center.

The weekend of January 12 and 13th  we saw the Technical  Difficulties   Improv Show and  the Spotlight  Musical Theatre Performance  at Peacock Players.     We  enjoyed both performances  immensely.  Our favorite songs in the Spotlight Musical Theatre performance  were I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out  Of My Hair from South Pacific,  Move On from Sunday In The Park  With George,  Matchmaker  Matchmaker  from Fiddler On The Roof, Ten  Minutes Ago from   Rogers and Hammerstien’s Cinderella, Sue  Me and Marry The Man Today from   Guys and Dolls and No One Is Alone from  Into The Woods. Congrats to everyone in  Technical  Difficulties  and Spotlight  Musical Theatre  Troupe  for awesome performances.

This year  for a  bit  of variety in our viewing schedule we got  season  passes to the  Majestic Theatre which started off with two  Dinner Theatre performances  called  Elvis   Has Left The Building  and  Are We There Yet?   Both of these performances took place at  Executive Court  Banquet Hall in Manchester which was an intimate setting with delicious food and a great atmosphere.   Elvis Has  Left  The Building  is  a  comedy  and the basic story  is that Elvis Presley   disappears and his manager   gets  two people to  replace him. This   cast consisted of  Allan  McPherson, Daniel Scheyes, Jonathan Kaplan  (who  aside from  performances at the Majestic  has also been  on All  My Children if there are any soap opera  fans  who read  this blog)Liz Ronai Fontanella and Sierra   Jones.     Are  We There Yet?  is a musical comedy that is very similar in style to  I Love You, You’re Perfect  Now Change  but instead of focusing on  romantic  relationships it focusses on family dynamics.  This  cast  consisted of  Aly Holmes, Bruce Williams, Catherine  Denehy  and  Sam Pazinci.   Favorite  musical  numbers included  Baby Rap,  Batting Zero, Cause  I’m The Mommy, Cha  Ching, Your  Parents  Push Your Buttons, I Deserve  It, I  Know She’s  Out There   and  Enjoy The Ride.

Elvis Has  Left The Building  was performed January 19-21st and  Are We There Yet was performed  February 2nd-4th.


I love the tradition   at the Amato Center  every winter that they do  an all dance production.   It adds great variety to Riverbend Youth Company’s season.    It initially started off as someone’s senior project…  I can’t remember whose senior project it was  though.    This year’s theme for the dance show was Off The Page  and the dances were inspired by  books which I thought was a very  cool theme.. and now  I want  read to read some of the books that  the  dances were based on. Favorite numbers included  Where The Wild Things Are,   Strange     Case  Of  Dr. Jekyll and Mr.  Hyde,  Harry  Potter, Winnie The Pooh, If I Stay, Perks of Being A Wall Flower and   The Outsiders.

Off The Page  was  directed by  Meg  King and choreographed  by   Meg  King,  Madison Calabria and  Nicole  Jutras.       It was performed at the Amato Center  February 2nd-4th.  Congratulations to all  involved  on a fabulous show.



My  next will include reviews of the following shows:

  •  Complete Works  Of William Shakespere  Abridged  Peacock Players
  • Peter Pan  Junior  Riverbend Youth Company
  • SHS  Pops Concert


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Wrapping up my theatre viewing schedule for 2017! Please refer to separate posts for reviews of Lion King Jr,Annie, SVC Messiah Sing & SVC Holiday Concert. SVC Messiah Sing And Holiday Concert Reviews can be found on Souhegan Valley Chorus Facebook page.

November 16th Matt and I went to Milford High School to see their fall play The Foreigner. This is a comedy play by Larry Schue. I previously worked backstage for it at theAmato Center in 2009 with Milford Area Players. Notable Performances were by Lily Ayotte,Benji Muhic,Michael Knowels and Ashanti Maronite. I also wanted to note that if high school productions were nominated for NH Theatre Awards then the set design would get a nomination because it was gorgeous. The Foreigner ran at Milford High School November 16-18 and was directed by Brad Craven.

Our travels next took us to Paris via The Community Players Of Concord Production Of Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. It was my first time seeing a show at this theatre and I was absolutely blown away. Notable performances were by Darik Velez ( Quasimodo, NH Theatre Awards Nominee for Best Actor in a Community Musical), Laura Iwaskewiz ( Esmeralda, NH Theatre Awards Nominee for Best Actress In a Community Musical)

Favorite Musical Numbers included Out There, Rhythm Of The Tambourine And God Help The Outcasts

Hunchback Of Notre Dame was directed by Bryan Halperin and J Alward, Music Directed by Troy Lucia and Jillian Strong and Choreographed by Nora McBurnett. Great job to cast crew and production team! This show was performed at Concord City Auditorium November 17-19th

Review Contributors Abby Majore, Laura Majore, Jan Scagnelli, Matt Smith

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a holiday classic based on the children’s book by Barbara Robinson. This was a play that had music in it during the Christmas Pageant scene which featured Rachel April on the flute during Joy To The World. Notable Performances were by the the Herdnan Children Who were played by Maddox Hang, Colie Toupin, Gabe Tenison, Zachary Elmer,Jacob Toupin & Willa Audrey, Kyra Whitehead ( Beth Bradley), Sarah Riseman (Alice Wendleken),Grace St. Jean ( Mrs. Mccarthy), Grace Goolsby (Mrs. Armstrong) and Olivia Rolatini ( Mrs Bradley)

Best Christmas Pageant Ever ran at the Amato Center for the Performing Arts December 8th-10th and was directed by Laurie Toupin& Genevieve Steadman.

Guest Reviewers Matt Smith and Tim Webster

On Monday December 18 & December 21st Matt Sonya and I went to the Souhegan and Milford High School Holiday Concerts. Lots Of wonderful holiday music was performed. Favorite choral Numbers included All I Want For Christmas (SHS Men Solo by Christos Nassaipolplous), Believe ( MHS Advanced Vocal Studies) Hodie Allueuia ( SHS Women),Nutcracker Jingles ( West Street Beat),White Winter Hymnal (SHS Acapella), Once Upon A December (MHS Mixed Chorus),Baby It’s Cold Outside (MHS Advanced Vocal Studies Solos: Kali Bogdzewiz And Max Maoleny) Grown Up Christmas List ( SHS Chorus,Solo Eva Breswedorf) and A Very Very Merry Christmas ( MHS Mixed Choir)

Favorite Band Numbers included Hall Of The Mountain King ( SHS Brass Quintet), A Percy Grainger Suite ( SHS Band),Toccata For Band ( MHS Band), Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (NH Brass Quintet- It was so much fun to perform with them in our chorus concert for SVC and also at Brookside Community Church in Manchester),Feliz Navid (MHS Band) & Sleigh Ride ( Souhegan Band and Choruses)

The Souhegan Choruses are directed by Kim Whitehead.

The Milford Choruses are directed by Jennifer Erdody & accompanied by Kim Whitehead.

The Milford High Band is directed by Brad Smith,

The Souhegan Band is directed by Carl Beneviedes.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great start to 2018!