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Lots to catch up on… first some reviews

Please Note: Riverbend Youth Company  shows will be reviewed on September  8th along with Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

On  July 21st we saw  The Norman Conquests  at the  Amato Center.    This was a series  of 3   different plays    Table Manners, Living Together and Round and Round The Garden.   These shows are set  during a weekend in July.   The setting is the 1970s in a  London Country House.  Each  character  was  unique in their own way and it  fun to see their interactions.  Notable performances were by  Katie  Hammes,  Eric  Skoglund  and  Colin Malette but   the whole cast  was talented.        I was laughing the whole time.

The Norman Conquests  was directed by Kevin Linkroum and  was performed at the Amato Center July 13-22nd.

When  I arrived  home from   my family vacation   Matt and I  went to the annual  Shakespeare In The Park  production put on  by   Nashua Theatre Guild at Greeley Park.     This year’s show was  Comedy of  Errors but it had   modern  twist to it as it was set at  a Comic Con  convention. This modern twist  made this show even more interesting.  I’ll admit though  having never read this play  I found it to be a bit confusing at times.     Notable performances were by  Sam Lepicier,Brenden  McKay, Paige  Lucier and Richard Alcott

Comic Con of Errors  was performed at Greeley  Park  in Nashua  July  27=-29 and August  3-5.

On August 1st   we  went to see   The Little Mermaid  at the Palace Theatre.  This production was part of the Palace’s   Children’s series    and was a little bit  closer to the movie’s plot then  the  Broadway musical.    Since this show was only an hour long  there were  lots of songs  were cut but one of my favorite songs is always   Part Of Your World.     There were lots of  pop culture references and one thing that I found interesting  was that at the  beginning  Ariel’s birthday is being celebrated  and she is turning 18.  Part of   this coming age is being allowed to go up to the surface.   In  the original movie   as we know    it is frowned upon that  Ariel goes to the surface.   It added  a new dynamic to the character.

Unfortunately  I do not have a program to  reference to notate     performances that stood out in this production.   Congrats to the cast on great performance.  The Little Mermaid was performed  July 31st- August 2nd.

Next up   is   Moonlight and Magnolias  the final  show in the season for the  Majestic   Theatre.   This was another comedy that kept me laughing throughout.  It is set  in 1939 and   Selziick  (Glen  Grimard) is a  Hollywood director  who along with  Hecht  (Todd  Russell) and Fleming (Eric Skoglund) have  just five days to write a screen  play  of Gone With The Wind.  Comedy  ensues!    The cast  is rounded out by Selznick’s secretary  Mrs. Poppenghul  (Maria  Barry) who provides them with  peanuts and other things to sustain them during the 5 days of working on the script.

Moonlight and Magnolias was directed by Joe Pelonzi and ran August 10-12th at the Majestic Studio theatre in Manchester.


Finally      yesterday Matt  Patty and I saw Newsies at Interlakes Summer Theatre.. our yearly pilgrimage  to Meredith.      Last summer  I saw  Newsies  at Maine State Music Theatre  in Brunswick Maine.  One thing that wowed me and impressed me about this show was the dancing.   We were just blown away at the   talent and  the precision of the choreography and also the gymnastics.  Notable performances were  by   Mickey White (Jack Kelly),  Joshua  K.A.  Johnson (Race),   Kelsey Day (Katherine Plumber),  Levi Ehrmatraut (Davey),  Forsest Hamel  (Les). Graham  Campbell  (Crutchie)   Victoria Lynn Benkoski  (Medda Larkin) and  Mikey  Labosolomo  ( Weisel/Mr. Jacobi/ Mayor). Favorite  musical performances were  King  Of New York, Carrying The Banner, Watch What Happens, Seize The Day, Letter From The Refuge and Something To Believe  In.

We saw the closing performance of  Newsies which concluded  season 11 of  Interlakes Summer Theatre.    Looking forward to next summer’s offerings including  Mamma Mia.       This show as directed and choreographed by   Chaz Wolcott and music directed by Alexander Tom. Congrats to the 2018  Intern Company for a   stellar show and  a fantastic season.   A fellow  reviewer had a hard time choosing a favorite song and simply said “I liked them all.”

James  Popek  also contributed to this review. 


In other   news this year  I decided to do something different and audition for  Alice In Wonderlaand at Manchester  Community Theatre Players.  I  was cast as a Hedge Singer in Act 1 and a Card in Act 2. Couldn’t be more excited to   make new friends and work together again with some PTA  friends too.   It will be a great  experience.   I have my first rehearsal tomorrow night.


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The 1st installment of our summer viewing schedule.   The   2nd installment  will be posted on July 31st.    The Riverbend Youth Company reviews will be split  up  into two different posts as well.   The first installment will  be posted on    August 7th and the second on  September 8th.

Seeing  Barefoot  In The Park at the  Majestic Theatre  this   June  made me reminisce  about  being in this show at the   Barn  Playhouse 11 years ago.   I was part of the moving  company which essentially was involved in the  scene  change in Act  1  when   they move the furniture into  the Bratter’s   apartment.   This  is love  story  on two  different  fronts..   one relationship  dynamic is between the main characters  Corie  and  Paul   Bratter  (  Sierra  Jones and Jarrod Rouleau) and  Ethel  Banks   and   Victor  Valasco   (Allan S  McPhereson)      My favorite scene is the scene where   Ethel   and Mr. Valaseco are paired  up on the  blind date and the hilarity that ensues.

Barefoot  In The  Park   ran at the Majectic  Theatre  June 22-24th.     To end  our season subscription we will be seeing  Moonlight and Magnolias on  August 11th.


Now to  a throw back to the   80s.  Flashdance   is  a musical based on the  80s film of the same name.    Favorite musical numbers included  What A Feeling,  Gloria,  Justice, A Million To One.  I Love Rock and Roll and Manhunt.   Notable perfomances   were by   Lori Coyle,   Ana Gabirllea  Chibolga, Elliot  Owens, Kyra  Freedman and Dale  Byrd.

Flashdance was directed by Alan  Kaplan,  Music  Directed by  John   Carey and Choreographed by  Loren  Hallet and Margaret  Windler.  It was performed at the North End  Montersorri School in Manchester July  6th-15th.


I always love going  back to the New London  Barn Playhouse every year  to see what the current   interns have in store and as an alumni  I am   impressed  by    what  I see.     I was  very excited to introduce myself  to a new  musical this summer and see  Little Women.   The musical is based on the book  by  Louisa May Alcott and it was fun to see all the characters  come to life.  (Admittedly I never finished the book and  still have  200 pages left to read.)  The  score was comprised of both  lightheated and thought provoking songs.   Some favorites included   Delighted.  Off To Massachusetts  Astonishing,  The Most Amazing Thing, Something  Are Meant To Be,  Five Forever  and   The Fire Within  Me. 

Notable  performances were by  Amy  Agostino  (Aunt March/Mrs. Kirk),  Elliot Cunningham (Professor Behr),  Talia  Susakauer (Jo March),  Sam Person  (Beth March/Rodrigo 2) and Andrew  Nellin  (Laurie  Laurence) but the whole cast was very talented.

Little Women ended it’s run on July  8th.   If you get the chance to  go to  New London   this summer  be sure not to miss  42nd Street (July 18th-August 5th), Newsies  (August  8-19th)  Murder   For 2 (August 22nd-September 2nd) and  the Spotlight Series  (July 23rd and August 13th  @ 5pm and  7:30pm.)



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Little Mermaid? In the books!  Chorus concert? In the books!  Now  it is time to catch up on reviews.

We  saw A  Few Good Men at the Amato Center on March 17th.    I like to  introduce myself to a new  play  every once in awhile.  Was this one of my favorites?  Probably not but it was still good.    Notable performances were by   Patrick McCarty, Roger Hurd,  Anja Parish and Amy Agostino.

This show  ran at the Amato Center   May  8th-18th.    Next  up at MAP we will be seeing  The   Norman  Conquests  in July.

Before Little Mermaid Tech week began we saw our final  Dinner Theatre show at the Majestic Theatre  which was  called Dial M. for Murder.   This was a fun  murder mystery comedy that  kept everyone guessing.  The cast was small and everyone  was equally talented.    Dial  M for Murder was performed at the  Executive  Banquet  Facility in  Manchester  April  6-8th.   Next up at the Majestic  we will be seeing Barefoot  In The Park  on June 23rd.

Last weekend we saw three shows in a row  42nd St at the  Amato Center, Bye Bye Birdie at  Windham Actors  Guild and  Shakespeare In Hollywood at  Community   Players of Concord.   It was my first time seeing 42nd Street and   I think it was by far one of my favorite shows that Riverbend  has done recently.   Notable performances were by   Helen  St. Cyr,  Grace Bonner, Doug Pedroza,  Ben Erdody and Zac Barnaby.   I was blown away  by the tap dancing in this show.    My favorite songs were  Go  Into Your Dance,  We’re  In The Money, You’re Getting To Be  A Habit With Me,  Lullaby  Of Broadway and Young  And Healthy.

Good luck to all the seniors!  I will miss you all so much next year.  The memories we have shared together on stage  are  fond ones.

Notable performances from the  Palace Theatre production of 42nd Street were  by  Stuart Harmon,  Alison Duarte, Maria Logan,  Trisha  Hart  Ditsworth and  Brandon  Keith Rogers.      We saw this  production on   opening  night   Friday June 2nd.     Our friend  Pam from chorus who was there that night too was equally as impressed by   the talent of the actors.

This is my  third time being transported to Sweet Apple  Ohio and my first time  seeing a show at Windham Actors Guild.  I have previously seen this  show  at Peacock Players in 1997  (   dug out  the program whilst   helping my parents clean out their Amherst  house in an old box of  stuff  I had kept) and in 2006 when  the AMS  Theatre  Club performed  it and my sister was Mrs. McAfee.   Bye Bye Birdie has always been one of my favorite musicals.  The  music is very catchy and has you  dancing in your seat.    Stand out performances were  by  Colin Malete  ( Conrad  Birdie),  Patrice  Doherty (Gloria Rasputin),  Jesse Drake (Albert Petersen)  Kelli Laughlin  (Kim  MacAfee),  Kaitlin  Smith  (Rosie Alvarez) and  Joel  Michael  King  (Hugo   Peabody)   While the dialogue was referenced I was disappointed that  the song A  Mother Doesn’t  Matter Anymore was not in this version of the show.   Favorite musical  numbers included   A  Lot Of Livin To Do,  Put On A Happy  Face,  Rosie,  A Healthy Normal American  Boy   and Spanish Rose.

 Patty Helbig  also contributed to this review.


We   last saw  Shakespeare  In Hollywood   about 5 summers ago put on  by  Milford Area Players.  This show is set  on a   Hollywood  soundstage and follows the antics as to characters from  Shakespearean times are transported to  a modern day film set of  the Shakspeare     play A  Midsummer  Night’s Dream.    We were laughing the whole entire time.     All performers in this production  were incredibly talented and it was hard to pick a favorite character.

Shakespeare In Hollywood was performed at The Concord  City  Auditorium   May 4-6.


Stay tuned  for a review of Sister Act which  ran at   Keefe Auditorium May 11-13th.


Guest reviews of  The Little Mermaid and   Anything Goes at Pinkerton Academy are also coming your way soon! 🙂



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To preface this  guest review by  Katie Mayo   the musical Grease premiered on  Broadway in 1971.  It’s most recent revival was  in 2010.  The movie starring  Olivia  Newton John and  John Travolta  came out in 1978 and celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year.  Katie also talks about what  she likes about the film version in this post.    The Palace Theatre production of Grease ended its run on March 18th.

Her favorite song in the film  is Grease  by Frankie  Valli. She also likes Hopelessly Devoted To You, Summer  Nights and Beauty School Drop Out because they  were performed on Glee.   The  songs in the play are the same as the movie.  She did not like Alma Mater Parody song.  She thought that the acting was cute and that the roles of Sandy and Danny were  very well acted by   Jesse Corbin and Alex Leveque.


While  I missed the Place Theatre production  I have seen  Grease  previously  at  Peacock  Players,Souhegan High School, Pentucket Regional High School and Interlakes Summer Theatre.  I have always felt that  the  subject matter  of Grease is not too appropriate for high school theatre because of some of the content.   It has always one of my favorite been my favorite musicals and movies.  Like  Katie   I like  Hopelessly Devoted To You,  Beauty School  Drop Out  and Summer  Nights.  I also like  There Are Worse Things  I  Could  Do and You’re The  One That  I Want.   There is a fan theory I have  read that  Grease is actually Sandy reliving a fantasy in her mind as  she gasps for air after drowning at the  beach and  then she dies at the end.  That really  ruins the whole musical for me.   Thankfully, while it sounds very logical it is just a theory.


I have also heard  some negative  reviews of Grease  at the Palace Theatre  but opted not to share those.


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Post show  pictures from   Million Dollar Quartet.


After being so busy for the past couple weeks I  finally have a bit of time to sit down, catch my breath and  catch up on  reviews.

Dateline: April 30th

Matt   Patty and I went to  Meredith to see Mary Poppins  at Streetcar Company.  Very familiar with this venue as it the same theatre we go  see plays at every  summer to see shows  at  Interlakes Summer Theatre.     Was happy to introduce myself to  Streetcar Company.  Notable performances were by  Emily Getchell Lacey  ( Miss Andrew), Chris Fernandez  (Bert),  Rodney  Martell (George  Banks), Meredith  Imbimbo ( Winifred Banks)   Isabella Contrell ( Jane Banks) Jesse Powers  (Michael Banks)  Lena  Luongo (Mrs. Brill)  Frank Stetson  II   (Robertson Ay) and Kelli  Powers (Mary Poppins)

Favorite Musical  Numbers included Let’s Go Fly A  Kite, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,  Jolly  Holiday, Being  Mrs. Banks, Spoonful of Sugar and Step  In  Time.

Mary  Poppins  ran  April 28th-30th at  Interlakes  High School in Meredith and was directed by  J.  Alward,  Music Directed   by Phil Breton and  choreographed  by Erin  Lovett  Sherman,Kelli Powers and  Joan Frates. Congrats to the cast, crew and production team  on a wonderful performance.    I look forward to seeing many more shows at the Streetcar Company.

Dateline:   May 19th

Sonya, Matt  Joanie and   I went to the SHS Spring Concert.   I always leave  the concerts feeling impressed and blown away by the talent of the current crop of musicians at Souhegan.    Notable performances  were  Rock Around  The Clock  (Acapella Singers), Amazing Grace, The Storm  IS Passing Over,  Cantar! , River Song (conducted  by Naomi Cohen),  Boogie  Woogie Bugle Boy ( Helen St Cyr, Maddie  Gillespe and Becca  Hall) and Nothing  Gonna Stumble  My Feet  (Concert Choir), Resound  (Handbells,  Conducted by Naomi Cohen), Bridgewater Breeze,  Jump  Jive and Wail and The River  Flows In You  (  Alissa   Reitter   Flute   Ben Carnick Piano    (Concert Band)  Great job to all and congratulations to all the seniors in band, choir, Acapella and  Handbells. Wishing all of you all the best in your next chapter.

Date  Line  June 2nd

I was first introduced to Fame last year during SVC showcase when  Jenn Erdody  sang  Out Here  On My Own.. before that  I had never heard  of the   movie or musical FAME.   When I found out  Manchester Community Theatre Players was doing it this summer  I was  very excited and  it’s  easily one of my new  favorite shows.     This show  follows the trials and tribulations of a group of students  at  performing arts  high school in New York City  throughout  their four  years of  high school and seemed to be  amazingly appropriate for the current  graduation season.

Notable performances were by   Lauren  Fohlin  (Carmen), Keisha  Johnson   (Serena),   Max Maloney  (Nick),  Rochelle  Neveau  (Jackie),  Laura Millar  (Miss Sherman) and Kendra Lynn  Swan  Thayer  (Schomolo)

Favorite Musical Numbers included  Bring  On Tomorrow,  Jackie’s Rap, The Teacher’s Argument, Think Of Meryl Streep,  Let’s  Play A Love Scene and Fame.

Fame  ran at the   North End Montersorri School  in Manchester and was directed by Steve Short, music directed by  Karina Allyane and choreographed by  Loren Hallet


On June 9th  Matt and  I  met up with  Patty, Collin  Moore and Laura  Vitale at  The Palace Theatre to see Million Dollar Quartet.     Denise Sprague and Kerri Goolsby contributed to this review as well.    Notable performances were by    Benjamin Van Diepen (Jerry  Lee Lewis), Lauren Wright  (Dyanne) and  Colin Barkerll  ( Johnny Cash) but  oh my  the whole cast was  talented!!     Favorite musical numbers  included  Fever, Great Balls Of Fire,  Long Tall Sally  (  I thought that song was by  Little Richard), all  Johnny Cash songs, Let’s Have A Party and Whole Lot OF Shakin!

Million Dollar Quartet ended its run this afternoon at 2pm.    I am looking forward   very much to next years season at  The Palace Theatre!

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Hello!  I have not posted a note worthy update in quite  a long while,  Lots to talk about.  Quite a few shows to review!

First of all  I wanted to talk about my trip to California.  It was a nice mini vacation filled with sight seeing and of course my sister’s awards presentation.  Her documentary won an award for highlighting people with disabilities and she got a scholarship!!  I couldn’t be prouder of her.  If you have not watched the documentary yet check it out here.

Lots of ground to cover with reviews too!! Wow  I am so behind again!

March 30th  I went to the see The Producers at The Palace Theatre in  Manchester. It  is by far one of my favorite musicals and so incredibly funny.   Favorite songs include  That Face,   I Want To Be  A Producer and  Keep It Gay.   Notable performances were by Stuart Harmon, Erin Sullivan, Marc Willis and Brendan Malafronte.  Great job to cast and crew on a wonderful  performance!

Before I left for California  I went to the Jazz Night at Souhegan.  I always enjoy going to these concerts  because there is always such  a great variety of music and I am always introduced to something new.  The  concert featured  the  Amherst   Middle School Jazz Band, The Manchester West Jazz Band, The  Alvirne High School Jazz Band, SHS Jazz  Band and META Beat  a Beatles Cover Band.  Favorite songs were  Watermelon Man (AMS),  Attitude  Dance (Manchester West), Sweet Home Chicago  (Alvirne) and Almost Like Being In Love (SHS)   Meta Beat was pretty awesome!    Good  luck to Jason Emmond, Dan O’Dowd and the rest of the seniors on your post high school endeavors.

Saturday night  I went to the  Souhegan Valley Chorus Concert   A  Night On Broadway.  I am really hoping to join this chorus in the fall.   There was lots of good variety in the songs and my favorites were  Unusual Way,  Beauty and The Beast, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, Many A New Day and Climb  Every Mountain     Great job to all!! 🙂

Upcoming shows  I will be seeing/ reviewing   Music Man Actorsingers, SHS Spring Concert

Summer  Viewing Schedule

* Ushering

June 8th  Straw Hat Revue  New London Barn Playhouse

July 9th  American  Idol Concert  Bank  North Pavilion   Boston MA

July 17th  Princess K.I.M.  The Musical   Interlakes Summer Theatre  JR Interns

August 3  A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Shakespeare In The Park

*August 8  Anything Goes Riverbend Youth Co

*August 15 Little Mermaid  Jr YouTheatre

August 17th  The Wiz Interlakes Summer Theatre

Upcoming Auditions

July  Sound Of Music   Manchester Community Theatre Players Exact dates  have  not been announced yet

August 10th Young Frankentstein Actorsingers

September  Kiss Me Kate  Stagecoach Productions  Exact dates haven’t been announced yet

October Milford Area Players/ Riverbend Youth Company Holiday Show   1 Act Plays

Looking for song suggestions for  my auditions for SOM, Young Frakenstien and Kiss Me Kate.  For roles I am considering one of the nuns or the Baroness     For Young Frakenstien I haven’t really decided on what role I am auditioning for yet.  For  Kiss Me Kate learning toward ensemble.  I am an alto but can sing  some soprano parts.