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The NH Theatre Awards nominations were announced yesterday. Here is my list of top 30 favorite songs from shows seen or performed in 2016. What a great year in NH Theatre it has been.
30. You Won’t Succeed On Broadway Monty Python’s Spamalot
29. KansasLand Curtains
28. The title song from Footloose comes in at number 28. This song always makes me want to get up and dance.
27. Shine Like The Sun 9 T0 5
26. We’re Not Gonna Take It Rock Of Ages I just wanted to point out that I will be using this song in my protest poems unit for my poetry class at Plus Company.
25 Written In Stars AIDA I did not get to see AIDA at Peacock Players but was lucky to see this performed at the Holiday Stroll. It is one of my favorite songs by Elton John.
24. I Want The Good Times Back The Little Mermaid This song was performed in our spring concert for Souhegan Valley Chorus. I think it is fantastic and have been meaning to download it. I unfortunately did not get to see The Little Mermaid when Peacock Players performed it.
23. Proud Of Your Boy Aladdin Jr This was put on by Riverbend Youth Company back in January. This was a very powerful song and really pulled at the heart strings.
22. There You’ll Be This was one of my favorite songs from our Souhegan Valley Showcase in June. It is from the movie Pearl Harbor which I have never seen.
21. Friend Like Me Aladdin Jr This has hands down always been my favorite song from Aladdin.
20. Spanish Panic Once Upon A Mattress This was Nashua South’s musical last spring. It is a very fun dance number.
19. Everybody Say Yeah Kinky Boots My mom took me to NYC to see Kinky Boots for my 31st birthday. This was one of my favorite songs from the show.
18. Let’s Go To The Movies Annie I mean of course this would make the countdown! How could it not? Annie is one of my favorite musicals which is of course why it is my favorite song that we sang in the Showcase.
17. Won’t You Charleston With Me? The Boyfriend This one of my top favorite songs from Souhegan’s musical last year.. another fun dance number.
16. Almost Paradise Footloose A beautiful love song that pulls at the heart strings.
15. Forever Shrek The Musical This number was very fun to be in.
14. Never Fall In Love With An Elf Elf The Musical
This was one of my favorite songs from Elf. It is sung by Jovie and is about her choice of relationships.
13. Taylor The Latte Boy I love Naomi Cohen… that is all! ūüôā
12. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Monty Python’s Spamalot To be fair I heard of this song before I even saw the play because it was in Souhegan Valley Chorus concert in 2014 when their theme for the spring concert was Broadway. Yay for throwbacks.
11. Don’t Stop Believing Rock Of Ages This song got me through some pretty difficult times when I was looking for a job. I now have two awesome jobs at Plus Company and Gateways Community Services.
10. Freak Flag Shrek The Musical This is my top favorite song from Shrek The Musical. I feel the message behind it is very important about standing up for what you believe in. It elicited many a powerful discussion in my poetry class at Plus Company the past couple of semesters.
9. Under The Sea The Little Mermaid My boyfriend Matt rocked his solo in Souhegan Valley Showcase.
8. Morning Person Shrek The Musical This was my favorite number from Shrek out of the numbers I was not in. I really want to make this song the alarm clock ring tone on my cell phone.
7. Show People Curtains I feel this song represents the core of being involved in theatre and the strong relationships I have formed with people I do shows with. I have a lot of love for the people in my theatre family which I know is reciprocated.
6. Consider Yourself Oliver This was my favorite song from Oliver.. I especially love the tap dancing flash mob section.
5. 12 Days Of A Regifted Christmas This is a parody of 12 Days of Christmas that we sang in our chorus concert last weekend.
4. Agony Into The Woods This song is hysterical.
3. OOM PAH PAH Oliver I may not drink a lot in reality but it is fun to pretend to drink on stage.. it was always really fun to waltz too. ūüôā
2. I’ll Believe In You Elf The Musical This song is in Act 1 of Elf The Musical and is sung by Emily and Michael Hobbs. I feel the lyrics in this song are very powerful because it really brings home the point of how much strain is in the family dynamic because Walter works all the time.
1. Somewhere West Side Story Honestly West Side Story has so many amazing songs and it is hard to choose just one song that is my favorite. This song gives me chills whenever I listen to it and Katie Gianakoplios stole that scene with her solo. My other favorite songs from West Side Story include I Feel Pretty, Tonight and America.


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NHTA 11  Predictions vs Actuality


Oklahoma was nominated for 8 awards.  It was nominated in the top 3 for Best Lighting Design. Nick Hammes won for Best Supporting Actor.

Annie was nominated for  7 awards.  Julia Yameen made  it to top 3 for best actress. Kerry Schnieder won for best supporting actress.
Ragtime¬†¬† from New London Barn Playhouse in the¬†Professional¬†division ¬†did really well taking honors in¬† categories such as¬†Best¬† Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Choreography.¬†¬† I really wish¬† I had seen this!! ūüė¶¬† I could not really make decent predictions in the professional category because¬† I did not see any of the shows but I gave it my best shot.

Best  Musical

Top 3  Preditced

Annie    Actorsingers

Oklahoma   Amherst PTA

Pirates of  Penzance

Actual Top 3

(Winners in Italics)

 Titanic   Stagecoach  Productions

Gifts of The Magi   Majestic Theatre

Next To Normanl Acting Loft

For best Actress in A Musical  I predicted a tie between Jen Erdody and Sophie Linkroum. Sophie won.  YAY!!

For Best Actor in  Musical  I predicted a tie between  Steve Hammes and Mark Murai.  Johm Marshall won for his portrayal of Harold  Hil in The Music Man with North Country Community Theatre Players.

Best Choreography

Predicted Top 3

Martha  Holland Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions  (Top 3  YAY!)

Vouli¬† Anthimadou¬†¬† Oklahoma Amherst PTA ūüė¶¬† Was really hoping she’d get top 3.

Kellie Haigh Chicago Actorsingers

Winner: Allyson Weiner-Saywer  The Music Man North Country  Community Theatre

Best Music Director    

 Predicted Top 3:Judy Hayward Titanic   Stagecoach    Donna Tounge Annie Actorsingers  Michele Henderson  Pirates of Penzance  Stagecoach  Productions

Actual Top 3     Judy Hayward  Chicago  Actorsingers & Titanic  Stagercoach Productions  Donna Tounge  Annie Actorsingers

   Judy & Donna tied which   I did not expect at all.

Best Costume Desigenr

Predicted Top 3

 Cherie  Prior Annie Actorsingers  (Top 3  YAY!)

Susan  Cassidy   Titanic Stage Coach Productions   (Top 3   YAY!)

Val Verge  Same Time Next Year  M&M Productions

Winner: Susan Cassidy  Titanic Stagecoach Productions

Best Supporting Actress

Predicted top 3

Arielle Kaplan¬†¬† Hodel Fiddler on The Roof¬†¬† ūüė¶¬† Was really hoping she’d get top 3.

Annie Orio  Ruth  Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions

Kerry Schnieder  Ms  Hannigan  Annie Actorsingers   (TOP 3  Winner!!)

The other top 2 finalists were  Rigel Harris  Beggar Woman  Sweeney Todd  RB Productions and  Caity Glover  Kate Mgowan Titanic The Musical Stagecoach Productions

Best Supporting Actor

Predicted Top 3

Nick Hammes  Will Parker Amherst PTA  (Top 3 WINNER   YAY!!)

Marc Murai  Amos Hart   Chicago Actorsingers  (Top 3   YAY!)

Michael Coppolla  Billy Flynn Chicago Actorsingers

The other top 3 finalist was  Garrett  Inman  Tobias  Sweeney Todd RB Productions

In the Drama/Comedy Category¬† I could not make very good predictions because¬† nominated¬†¬† I only saw two.¬†¬† Same Time Next Year and Moon Over Buffalo.¬†¬† Mari¬† Keegan¬† was nominated in the top 3¬† for Best Actresss in Same Time Next Year, Niel Blaialock¬† and Dan Merriman¬† were nominated for¬† best actor and best supporting for their roles in¬† Moon Over Buffalo.¬†¬† I feel Jenna Fraser was shafted for¬† her performance in Shakespeare in Hollywood.¬† Then again¬† I didn’t see the other two shows that were nominated so¬† I can’t make good comparisons but Jenna was great! ūüôā

For the youth  category  I could also not make very good predictions because  I did not see hte particular show which was nominated  when  I made my predictions  I based then on prior performances  I have seen them in.    As I noted in my entry from this morning  Kat Feraco got top 3  for her role as Nancy in Oliver with Riverbend Youth Company and Jon Edelbluet won for best actor   for his performance of Fagin.   Danny Shea  and   Becky  Klien  took home best supporting actor and actress honors for their roles as  Thenardier and Epionine in Les Miserables with Peacock Players.  Noises Off won  Best Youth Production.

Congrats to all nominees, top 3 finalists¬† and winners and also¬† to Keith Wierich and Rob Dionne for thier special awards.¬† You guys¬† deserve them¬† for alll you do for the theatre community.¬† ūüôā

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Eleven is a magic number. It marks the number of years I’ve been involved in commmunity theatre and also the amount of time the talents and hard work of all those involved in NH Theatre has been recognized at the NH Theatre Awards. This recap of the NHTAS will not be a typical run down of nominees and winners but also how some of the nomiated companies have shaped me as a performer. Let me just say that Scott Severanes’s opening number could not be more sport on by saying there’s no theatre like New Hampshire Theatre. Lhast night’s ceremony was at the Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy in Derry which I find to be a much more intimate venue then the Palace Theatre in Manchester where the ceremony has been for the first couple years I’ve atteneded. Matt Sonya and I went out to dinner with the PTA gang at Sabatinos before the show for some great Italian food. Pictures will be on Facebook later today. ūüôā The list of winnners will be posted on the website later today. Congrats to all nominees and winners for the NHTAs.

The first group I will talk about is Peacock Players. Peacock Players was one of the first local theatre groups I got involvced with. While I never did any shows with them I atteneed their theatre camp in 2000 and 2001. That was when I really found out how much I loved acting and being involved in theatre. It was a fun two summers and the summer between freshmen and sophomore year was incredibly memorable for me because Jared Nathan was one of my counselors that summer. Jared died in a drunk driving car accident in 2005. While I didn’t get to know him as closely as those who actually did shows with him at Peacock Players he definitley had an effect on me. I know that he would be proud of all Peacock has accomplished over the past several years and of course all the wins last night. Peacook was nominated for several awards for their productions of Les Miserables and Noises Off. Noises Off won for best production in the youth division for Drama/Comedy or Musical. Keith Weirch won a special award for Children and Family Theatre and I couldn’t be happier for him. Allo the hard work that he does for Peacock certainly shouldn’t go unrecognized. I interned there for four months when I graduated from NEC and I really enjoyed my time there.:)

Six summers ago I had the most amazing summer internship at the New London Barn Playhouse in New London. That summer will always stick with me as a memorable one. I really came out of my shell that summer both in acting and directing as I assitant directed a youth theatre production based on my mom’s children’s book Bravery Soup. I acted along side Joel Mercier in Annie Get Your Gun (he was Pawnee Bill and I was in the ensemble) and I was happy that he won for best musical director for his work on Ragtime. Ragtime also took home honors for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Production Musical Best Choreographer and Best Costume Designer in the professional category. I did not get to see this show but really wish that I had. Congrats to everyone involved with Ragtime. It is moments like these that make me proud and humbled to be a New London Barn Playhouse alumni.

Since graduating from college I have been involved with Milford Area Players,Riverbend Youth Company and The Amherst PTA. It is really great to have so many opportunties in Amherst and Milford to participate in theatre. MAP was nominated in the top 10 for various catergories for their productions of Shakespeare In Hollywood and The 39 Steps. Riverbend Youth Company is the youth theatre branch of the Amato Center and I have worked on four shows with them in the past in addition to this year’s joint holiday production It’s A Wonderful Life . I talked in my entry Favorite Shows and directors about the impact being involved with It’s A Wonderful Life and Oklahoma have had on me. Please read that entry so I don’t have to retype a lot of things. ūüôā Anyway Riverbend’s production of Oliver was up for 3 Nominations Kat Feraco was in the top 3 for Best Actress and Jon Edelbluet won Best Actor for his performance as Fagin. I couldn’t be more excited for them and more pleased with myself that my predictions for them came out accurate. YAY! 2 points also because I predicted Nick Hammes’s win for best supporting actor for his role of Will Parker in Oklahoma. I am so excited for Nick!! That’s where my luck with making predictions runs out unfortunately. ūüė¶ Oklahoma was nominated for seven other awards and I couldn’t be more prouder of everyone else from the cast and crew who was nominated. As I pointed out in my Favorite Shows and Directors post Oklahoma was a very special show to me because¬† really grew as a performer.¬† Again¬† I go into much more detail about that in that entry so please read it because I would perfer not to repeat myself.¬† Te Amo Amherst PTA!¬† I would also like to take a moment to congratulate my PTA cast mate Sophie Linkroum for her win¬† for best Actress in¬† a musical for¬† her role of Roxie Hart in Chicago with Actorsingers.


Once again  congrats to all nominees and winners for the 2012  NH Theatre Awards.

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I had to revise my top 3 predictions slightly.  I am hoping that these predicttions willl come true. Especially the  Oklahoma and Annie  ones. Also includinng  Professional predictions despite the fact  I saw no shows in the category gonna do my best with those ones.     I hope to be an adjudicator next year because that will help me with broadening the scope of shows  I see. I will also be likely to make much more legitimate predictions  in the Professional Category depending on how many shows  I get to see.

Top 3 Best Musical

Professional : Hair New London Barn Playhouse   The Wedding Singer  NCAA Papermilll Theatre  Young Frakenstien   Weathervane Theatre  Predicted Winner  Wedding  Singer NCAA Papermill Theatre

Community Annie Actorsingers¬†¬† Oklahoma Amherst PTA¬† Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach¬† Productions¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 1st of¬† Many catergories where it’s hard to predict a winner but¬† I’ll go with Annie for this one…since Oklahoma will be dominant in most of these predictions.

Top 3 Best Drama Comedy

Community Same Time Next Year  Moon Over Buffalo  The Laramie Project  Predicted Winner Moon Over Buffalo

Professional  Epic Proportions  Winnipasaukee  Playhouse  Two Gentlemen  of Vernoa  Advice To The Players The 39 Steps Peterborough Players   Predicted Winner The 39 Steps Peterborough  Players

 Top 3 Best  Youth  Production

Grease Actorsingers Youth  Noises Off Peacock Players  Sweeney Todd School Editoin RB Players   Predicted Winner  Noises Off Peacock Players

Top 3  Best Actor

Professional:¬†¬† It is hard to make¬†¬† predictions for best actor, actress supporting actress and supporting actor without having seen the performance so¬† I am skipping this category.¬† I may actually skip the technical¬† predictions for most of the professional shows too with the exception of¬† Musical Director and¬† Choreography.¬† Joel Mercier is former co-worker of mine and having seen a few shows at the Barn¬† since¬† I left there five years ago I know that he is awesome however¬†¬† I am predicting that¬† Paul¬† Loman will win¬† for his musical direction of¬† The Wedding Singer with NCAA Papermill Theatre.¬†¬† Sarah Case and Keith Coughlin won last year for¬† Best Choregraphy so¬†¬† I have an inlking that they might win again but¬†¬†¬† don’t have much to go on since¬† I did not see Ragtime or¬†¬† The Drowsy Chaperone which took home honors last year.

Community   Steve Hammes  Curly in  Oklahoma Amherst PTA  Mark Murai Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance  Stagecoach Productions  Don Laduke    This category and its female counter part are hard to pick winnners for because so many people are nominated that I know and all of them were amazing in their performances. I  settled for a tie in both categories. For  Male it was between Steve and Marc and for Female it was between Jen Erdody (Laurey  Wlliams in  Oklahoma Amherst PTA ) and Sophie Linkroum. (Roxie Hart in Chicago Actorsingers)


Predictions based off prior performances I have seen these  actors in since  I missed these productions.

Alex Giggey  Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables  Peacok Players   Jon Edelbluet  Fagin in  Oliver Riverbend Youth Company  Daniel Schwartenzenberg Javert  in Les Miserables Peacock Players

Predicted Winner  Jon Edelbluet  Fagin in Oliver Riverbend Youth Company

Best Actress 

Community¬† Jen Erdody¬†¬† Laurey Williams in¬† Oklahoma¬†¬†Amherst PTA¬† Sophie¬† Linkroum¬† Roxie Hart in Chicago Actorsingers¬†¬† Julia Yameen Annie in Annie Actorsingers¬†¬† Please see my comments for¬† Best Actor community above! ūüôā

Best Actress  Youth

Kat Feraco  Nancy in  Oliver  Riverbend Youth Company  Bailey Delacy  Doty in Noises Off Peacock Players   Predicted Winner     Kat Feraco  Nancy in Oliver  Riverbend Youth Company

Having not seen all the productions in the Drama/ Comedy  Category it was hard to pick  a top 3 in any of the acting categories.   Basically my prediction is that  Moon Over Buffalo will win   Best Production,  Best Director  George Phiel, (Best Actor)  (Neil Bialklock) and Best Supporting Actor (Dan Merriamn) For   Best Actress Jenna Fraser will win for her performance of  Puck  in Shakespeare  In Hollywood with  Milford Area Players.

Best  Costume Design  Community

Cherie Prior¬† Annie Actorsingers¬† Val Verge Same Time Next Year¬† M&M Productions¬†¬† Susan Cassidy¬† Titanic The Musical Stagecoach Predicted Winner¬†¬† Cherie Prior¬† Annie Actorsinges.. though Val would be a close second.¬† ūüôā

Best  Musical Director Community

Michele Henderson  Pirartes of Penzance Stagecoach Productions  Donna Tounge  Annie Actorsingers  Judy Hayward Chicago Actorsingers Predicted Winner  Donna Tounge Annie Actorsingers.   Another hard category to predict.

Best Choreographer Community 

Vouli¬†¬† Anthimodou¬†¬† Oklahoma Amherst PTA¬† Martha Holland¬† Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions¬†¬† Kellie Haigh¬† Chicago Actorsingers¬†¬† Predicted Winner Voluli Anthimodou¬† Oklahoma Amherst PTA¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Very biased¬† in this category.¬†¬† ūüôā Oklahoma¬† also rounds out the¬† technical category with predicted wins in best sound design, best scence design. Fiddler on The Roof at MCTP comes in a close second for lighting.

 Best Director  Musical Community

Dana Sigel Annie Actorsingers   Judy Hayward Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions    Keith Weirch  Les Miserables Peacock Players   Predicted  Winnder Dana Sigel Annie Actorsingers

Best Supporting Actor  Musical Community

   Michael Coppolla  Billy Flynn Chicago  Actorsingers Marc  Murai  Amos Hart  Chicago Actorsingers  Nick Hammes  Will Parker Oklahoma  Amherst PTA   Predicted  Winner   Nick Hammes Will Parker  Oklahoma Amherst PTA

Best Supporting Actress  Community

Anne  Orio   Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach  Productions   Arielle Kaplan  Hodel Fiddler On The Roof  Manchester  Community Theatre Players Kerry Schneider  Ms Hannigan Annie Actorsingers

Predicted Winner¬†¬† Though it’s really¬† hard to predict¬† a winner for this category because all performances were outstanding¬† I would have¬† to predict that Arielle¬† will win.¬† ūüôā


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Oliver to be performed by Riverbend Youth Company

By Janine Leffler

Get ready for the Riverbend Youth Company Fall production of Oliver!  Oliver is the musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.  Oliver features Stephen Edelbleut of Wilton as Oliver, Ben Erdody of Milford as the Artful Dodger,  Jonathan Edelbluet of Wilton as Fagin and Kat Feraco of Milford as Nancy as well as many other talented young performers from the  Souhegan Valley area.

Renee Reeves, a homeschooled¬†¬† high school senior from Merrimack is playing Mrs. Sowerberry. Reeves has not had¬† very many speaking roles in previous shows she has done with Riverbend Youth Company so this has been a new experience for her.¬† She said the both the challenge and intrigue behind her character is the fact that she gets to be creepy.¬† She¬† elaborated by saying ‚ÄúThe Sowerberrys are different from any other villains in Oliver in that they’re less sympathetic than Fagin but are played much more comically than Sykes. Jeremy and I have to find the happy medium between creepy and funny.‚Ä̬† She went on to say ‚ÄúThe Sowerberry’s two scenes are probably the darkest–what would Dickens be without some moody creepiness? There’s a song about funerals, a certain person gets locked in a coffin. Plot wise, these two scenes are pretty much dedicated to getting the audience to pity Oliver. It’s my job (and Jeremy’s, and Megan’s, and Ethan’s, too!) to entertain them as the story rises.‚ÄĚ


For Patrick McKnight, a senior at Souhegan High School, who plays Mr. Bumble the most fulfilling¬† part of this process has been working with the younger¬† cast who are playing the orphans and Fagin‚Äôs gang. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs great to see the younger kids coming up to fill the shoes of the people who have graduated.‚Ä̬† The most interesting part about playing his character is the dramatic shift in emotions from scene to scene. The example he gave was being stern with the orphans in one scene and being flirtatious with Widow Corney, played by Megan Hammes a sophomore at Milford High School, in the next.


The most fulfilling part of this process for Megan Hammes,¬† a sophomore at Milford High School has been working with the younger children in the cast. ‚ÄúIt’s so amazing to watch the younger kids fall in love with theater. It’s always been a really big part of my life, and it’s incredible to see them having so much fun onstage, too.‚ÄĚ Hammes continued by saying that she looks forward to the performances as the approach in November. ‚ÄúI am honestly so happy and excited to be working with such an incredible cast and crew and to be playing such a fun and crazy role. I’m also a little nervous, but I guess that’s normal too. I know the whole cast will continue to be amazing when the performances start.‚ÄĚ


At this point in the production process¬† Act One has been blocked and the cast is hard at work with blocking Act Two.¬† Director Tom Partridge said that up to this point in the process the most interesting thing has been¬† thinking about all the scenes and fitting them together without downtime. ‚ÄúI had to adjust some of the singing parts to move out to the front of the stage so the scene changes can be done behind the curtains.‚Ä̬† He went on to say, ‚ÄúI have been really impressed with the level of talent we now have at the Riverbend Youth Theater Co and also with the number of younger kids who will be on stage for the first time.¬† This shows that the Riverbend Youth Co is getting a good name in Youth acting circles and that we are putting on excellent shows for families to see.‚Ä̬† Partridge looks forward to the performances as they get nearer. ‚ÄúWith the talent, experience and abilities of our main show cast members and the enthusiasm of the rest of the cast; I know this is going to be one of those shows that will be talked about for the next few years. Everyone that comes to see the show will be happy they attended and every kid in the show will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.‚ÄĚ


Oliver will be performed at the Amato Center For The Performing Arts   56 Mt Vernon Street in Milford   November 9th-12th.  Showtimes are November  9th and 10th at 7:30 and November 10th and 11th at 1:00. You won’t want to miss this show! Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $8.00 for students and seniors.