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Did I post these predictions already? Probably. Will they come out accurate? Highly unlikely. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions in the comments. Full review  of the NHTAs tomorrow at one point or another.

All of these predictions  are in the community  category as I shaw no shows  in professional category.
Best Production Musical

Predicted Top 3

CATS Amherst PTA

Crazy For You Actorsingers

Into The Woods  Actorsingers

I am biased towards CATS obviously but it could really be anyone’s game here.  Putting bias aside though it would be great to see Stagecoach Productions take home a win or two this evening since they recently closed their doors.

Winner: Crazy For You Actorsingers

I did not see any shows in the Best  Production Youth Category so my best guess for a top 3 prediction would be  Chicago & Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players and The Wedding Singer Teen Actorsingers

Best Director

Crazy For You Actorsingers Martha Daniels Holland

All Shook Up Stagecoach Productions  Scott Severance

Sweeney Todd Community Players Of Concord Wallace J. Pineault

The only show I saw in this category is Crazy For You but  I have previously seen a show directed by Scott at Stagecoach and it was amazing. I did not see Sweeney Todd but Wally is fantastic in general.

Winner: Keith Weirch Chicago Peacock Players

Best Actor Drama Comedy  I am biased in this category only because A Midsumer Night’s Dream was the only show I saw  and Jakov did an amazing job.

Winner:   Kevin  O’Neil  as Willy Loman Death  of A Salesman M& D Productions

Best Actor Musical Community

Top 4

CATS Amherst PTA Gary Evans as Munkustrap

Crazy For  You Actorsingers Joel Iwakewiz as Bobby Child

Top 3

Into The Woods Actorsingers Joel Iwakewiz as The Baker

Sweeney Todd Community Players Of Concord Matt Mcgonagle as Sweeney Todd

Winner: Matt Mcgonagle   Sweeney Todd Community  Players of Concord

Most of the acting categories will have a top 4 instead of top 3 because there are just too many good performances to choose from and I need to achieve balance somehow. The balance referred to is either Sweeney Todd or any other show I did not get the chance to see but have seen performers in other shows with other company

It is hard to pick a winner.

Best Actresss Drama Comedy

Predicted Top 3

*Based on  prior nominations and or wins

*All My Sons Winnnipasaukee Playhouse Barbara Webb as  Kate Keller

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Milford  Area Players Caity Glover as Maggie The Cat

Death By Design Milford Area Players Amy Agostino as Brigid

It  is so hard to pick a winner between Amy and Caity because they were both fantastic.

Winner: Julianne Bronson  Linda Loman Death Of A Salesman M&D Productions

Best Actress Youth Top 3

Predictions are made based on previous performances I have seem then in.

The Wedding Singer Teen Actorsingers Emma Benson As Julie Sullivan. Top 3

Chicago Peacock Players Lillie Ellars as Roxie Hart

The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players  Elsa Keefe as Dorothy

Winner:  Gracie Kontack Velma  Kelly Chicago Peacock Players

Best Actress Top 3

*Based on prior  performances I have seen them in.

Winner  *All Shook Up Stagecoach Productions Mia Beradi as Natalie

Crazy For You Actorsingers  Laura Iwaskewiz As Polly Baker

Into The Woods Actorsingers Jessica Dee as The Witch
If I could predict a tie in any category it would be this one  as Laura and Jessica were both fantastic.

Best Supporting  Actor Musical Top 4

*Based on previous performances

*Big Fish Stagecoach Productions Stuart Harmon as Edward Bloom Senior)

Top 3 Crazy For You Actorsingers Colin Malette as Bela Zangler

Crazy For You Actorsingers Kevin Linkroum as Lank Hawkins

Into The Woods Actorsingers Colin Malette as Rapunzel’s Prince

AGONY!  How does one pick a winner? I hate so much that all my friends are pitted against eachother!

Winner: Elliot Owens   Dennis in All Shook Up  Stagecoach Productions

Best Supporting Actor Drama Comedy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Peacock Players Kurtis Beeten as Lysander and Mac Galinson as Demetrius

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Milford Area Players Glen Grimard as Big Daddy

Glen will win this one since Peacock Players is a dominant favorite in so many other categories.


Did not see enough shows in Best Drama Comedy category in order  to make  a legitimate prediction.

Best Supprorting Actress Musical Top 3

*Based on previous performances

Crazy For You Actorsingers  Amy Agostino as Patricia Foder

Top  3 Crazy For You Actorsingers Sophie Linkroum as Irene Roth

*Big Fish Stagecoach Productions Anja Ward as Josephine Bloom

Winner:   Candace  Gonzoulas  Anita   West  Side Story  Majestic Theatre

Best Actor Youth

*Based on previous performances

A Year With Frog And Toad Actorsingers Youth Ben Morton as Frog   Oh! I really  hope he wins! He was fabulous!

Top 3 *The Wedding Singer Teen Actorsingers Nick Page  as Robbie Hart

Stephen Koehler Peacock Players The Wizard Of Oz  as Scarecrow/ Hunk

Winner: Rowan Ferrier J. Pierpoint  Finch How To Succeed  In Business  Without Even Trying RB  Productions

Best Supporting Actor Youth

* Based on Previous performances

*Chicago Peacock Players  Jakov Scwartzberg as Billy Flynn and Mac Galinson as Amos Hart

*The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players Brandon Felicano as Zeke/Lion

Winner: Dawson Ellis as  Leaf Cornboyer/ Carl Grunbuniere   25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  Winnipasaukee Playhouse

Best Supporting Actress Youth Top 2

*Based on  previously  seen performances

*Chicago Peacock Players  Gabriella White as Mary Sunshine

*The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players Gracie Kontack as Miss Gulch/ Wicked Witch

Winner:  Olivia  Dube Paulette Bonafonte  Legally  Blonde    Majestic Theatre
Tech Awards

The Best Music Director category  for a community production  is largely  dominated by Judy Hayward and Henry Kopcyznski II III.  I predict that Judy will win for Crazy For You and also win  in the professional category for Jesus Christ Superstar at Winnipasaukee Playhouse.  Winner in this category was Henry  Kopczynski  Chicago  Peacock  Players

Best Choreographer

*Based on previously seen performances

Crazy For You Actorsingers Martha Daniels Holland

Top  3/Winner *Chicago Peacock Players Valerie  Psonis Nelson

* The Wizard Of  Oz  Peacock Players Alyssa Dumas & Valerie Psonis Nelson

Vouli should have been nominated. I am mad that she wasn’t. 😓

This is a tough one to predict because Martha and Val are both great choreographers.

Best Coustume Design

*Based on previously seen performances.

Top 3 CATS Amherst PTA  Mary Selvoski Mary Jo Smith and  Laura Majore     Laura  Majore also won the Theatre Hero Award

Crazy For You Actorsingers Cherie Prior

*The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players  Maggie Mahony


As much as I want this to be a win for the PTA I wouldn’t mind if  the results tonight  were as such that we tied with Actorsingers because Cherie’s costumes were awesome too.

Winner: Alex Homola  Chicago  Peacock Players

Best Sound Design

A largely dominant category for Rich Loomer and I am hoping he wins for A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Peacock Players. He is also nominated for  All Shook Up  with Stagecoach Productions and Chicago & Wizard Of Oz with Peacock Players.  Rich  won for Chicago with  Peacock  Players

I was  disappointed CATS  was not nominated in this category.

Best Scenic Design  I did not see any shows in the category so thus  I  can not make accurate predictions, however I hope Wally wins.  Winner: Jim Webber Time Stands Still  Theatre Kapow

Best  Lighting Design  Peacock Players is dominant in this category with three nominations  however I hope Wally wins. Winner:  Tayve  Young Time Stands Stil  Theatre Kapow


In the professional theatre category  my  summer stock alma mater  the New London Barn Playhouse  got many top three nominations and several awards for their respective  performances of  The Mystery Of  Edwin Drood and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


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Life has kept me  busy, on my toes and mostly away from the computer so I have fallen behind on reviews. Matt and I will be writing a joint review later this weekend for Crazy For You with Actorsingers. The meantime here are some capsule reviews for shows I never got the capable to type up.

Feb 19th  (yes, this was forever ago… Just shows have far behind I have fallen) My mother and I saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream at  Peacock Players. Sometimes when I need a break from seeing musicals I love either Shakespeare plays or Neil Simon comedies. As always Peacock Players did a fantastic job and what made this production most unique was the live music performances by Curtis Beeteen & Lillie Ellers, Elsa Keefe & Gabriella Siva & Elayna Gardner. Notable performances were by Wally Capen, Jason Frank, Mac Galinson,Brandon Feliciano and Christina Higginson. A Midsummer Summer Night February 13-22 at the Court St Theatre  in Nashua.

March 21st-  Matt & I saw  Death By Design at Milford Area Players. This was a very hysterical show that had me laughing the whole time. Notable performances were by Amy Agostino,Anja Ward and Katie Hammes. This mad cap comedy was directed by Val Verge and was performed at the  Amato Center March 13-22nd.

March 29th-  Matt & I saw Oklahoma at Nashua South. This was my 3rd time seeing Oklahoma. Previously I have seen it at Interlakes Summer Theatre & New London Barn Playhouse.  Favorite Musical Numbers include The Farmer & The Cowman,People Will Say We’re In Love,Many A New Day & Oklahoma.  Notable performances were by Olivia Hodson,Sarah Drake Christina Higginson,Sean Vigneault & Charlie Deichmann. Oklahoma was performed at Nashua South March 27-29.  Oklahoma was directed by Joel Iwakewiz and choreographed by Laura Iwaskewicz
And more recently I have seen-

May 6th Jen and I saw You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown performed by the Palace Theatre Youth Company. First time seeing a show by them and it was fantastic. The music in this show is fun to listen too and there’s lots of good comedic moments.  Favorite musical numbers were Suppertime,Beetoven Day, My New Philosophy & My Blanket & Me. Notable performances were by Joey Gold,Sydney Stevens,Toni Catanzariti, Luke Gold& Katie Duncan. Looking forward to seeing many shows by them!
Last night Matt & I went to the Souhegan High School Spring Concert.  It was a wonderful night of music with a great variety of songs played. Favorite songs were  National Anthems  (Vietnam China & USA), The Turtle Dove and Bohemian Rhapsody ( Concert Choir),Part Of Your World and Edelweiss ( Handbells)  Somebody That I Used To Know,Kuimba & The Longest Time (Acapella Singers) and Captain America March, Alligator Alley and Stevie Wonder In Concert (Concert Band) Congrats to all the seniors and to Pat McMullen on her retirement.

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A few weeks ago when Jonatha drove me home from chorus rehearsal we were talking about how busy our schedules can get.  I have been debating if I want to audition for Into The Woods with Actorsingers in the fall and am pretty on the fence about it.  I haven’t had much luck with getting cast in Actorsingers shows in the past which makes me unsure if I want  to try out for Into The Woods. Right now it’s really too soon to make that descision as it is only March and the auditions are not until August. I also want to definitely do the Holiday Show at the Amato Center again this year but based on how hectic my schedule got a few years ago when I did It’s A Wonderful Life & Annie  at the same time it may not be the best choice to do two shows at the same time. I also found out that the fall show at the Amato Center is Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  I don’t typically audition for a lot of straight plays so I may end deciding to audition for that instead of Into The Woods or maybe depending on when the auditions are  I could audition for both shows and see what happens with the casting.

For right now….I think I am getting too far ahead of myself. As I said these auditions are not til August/September and it is now only March 9th.  Souhegan Valley Chorus and working backstage for CATS certainly keeps me on my toes for the time being. I am going to audition for the SVC showcase which looks to be a lot of fun.

In general though sometimes my schedule does get a bit too busy between work and all the various places I have to go. I feel like sometimes there is not enough balance between all the rushing around and time to relax.  That’s an ongoing goal I have for this year.   

One thing that has been keeping me busy is helping my mom promote her new book which is all about me. The book was released last week and we are having our release party on the 28th. We are also giving a lecture at the Amherst Town Library on the 25th on the book and how it came to fruition. The library lecture requires advance registration so call the library to reserve your spot, I am not sure how quickly spots will fill up for that. We hope to see you there. 😃

NH Theatre Awards 13   2 comments

AH!   Here  we are again…   my  NH  Theatre  Awards Summary Entry.   Last night’s show was  great…. though  I have to admit sometimes  a bit  anticlimactic.  I love how the NHTAS  bring together all the different theatre companies from around the state.  I always try to make it a mission to try to get  to  some theatres  I’ve never gone to but my schedule does not allow it..  hopefully  this year  I’ll do a little research and see what shows are playing  where and then go.  This year   I  did not get  a chance to make  predictions  like I normally would.  I’ve actually had a  bad  track record of predicting things… in the past couple of years only 2  PTA predictions have come out accurate.  I  decided to try  out not going into the awards show with any  pre-conceived  notions of who would win… and yet somehow I end up disappointed anyway.

Shows  I saw this year that were nominated


The Music Man   6 nominations   No  top 3  😦

Young Frankenstien   7 nominations     Top 3:  Music Director  Judy  Hayward  Best Supporting Actress  Top  3   Mia  Beradi and Rachel  Cerrullo     Winner:  Rachel   Cereullo    Best Supporting Actor  Eric  Skoglund

Stagecoach  Productions

Kiss Me Kate   5 nominations    1 Top  3   Best Actress  Sarah  Murai

Beyond  Therapy  Milford Area  Players   5  Nominations  1  top  3   Amy Agostino  Best Supporting  Actress

Let’s review  the past couple years of PTA nominations.   I see a bit a trend developing here.

Please note also that I am only listing the shows I have been involved with   I  am not sure of the stats for anything earlier than 2011.

2011   The Music Man  7  nominations 3  top 3       Ashley won best Actress

2012  Oklahoma   8  Nominations  3 top 3       Nick Hammes  won best supporting actor

2013  Meet Me In St Louis   4  Nominations   Margaret  got top 3 for best actress  No   winners

2014   Seussical    7  Nominations      Sophie got top 3 and  won for best  Actress.  So happy for her!!  I am disappointed that we weren’t quite  as successful in the other catergoies.   I understand the adjudicators have to make a lot of tough descions  when they are picking the  winners  but   I think  Seussical was  BY  FAR  the best  show that the PTA  has done in the past  10 years  (aside from  Annie  and Oklahoma which were my favorites for obvious reasons but there were lots of other great shows in between)   and was really overlooked  in a lot of ways..  maybe  I have  my own bias and the adjudicators  have theirs but that’s just  how   I feel.

Peacock  Players won  multiple awards for  Spring Awakening and The Addams  Family. Two shows  I wish  I had  seen.

Congratulations to  all top 3 nominees and winners!!

In general   I think  that  there is a lot favoritism in the  Theatre Awards and a lot of the same companies win  every year which puts other groups at  a disadvantage.    I am not sure how many people feel the same way.   I  also feel that   being  adjudicated  for the PTA  puts a lot of  extra  stress on us to do a  good  job  which  sucks the enjoyment out of being in the play.  I’ve  felt this way  for  awhile and wonder  how many of my  cast mates feel the same way.  Recognition is well and good  but  our focus should be centered on  putting on a good show for  the community and raising money  for the Amherst Schools   not winning awards.  Do  other people feel the same way or am   I alone in feeling like this?

New Hampshire Theatre Awards Nominated   Leave a comment

Full  List of Nominees for NHTA top 10 can be found here

What a delightful early Christmas present to find out that Seuessical was  nominated for 7 New Hampshire Theatre Awards!   So  blessed to be part of cast and production team made  up of so many talented people.   Blessed also to  be part of the New Hampshire theatre  community and see so many amazing shows through out the year.  Congratulations to all theatre companies throughout the state  who were nominated.  :Looking forward to January 31st and finding out who wins.

A year in review


Beyond Therapy  Milford Area Players

Best  Production Drama Comedy

Best Director  Vick Bennison

Best Actor Kevin Linkroum

Best  Actress Sarah Lord

Best Supporting Actress Amy Agostino



Best Production   Community

Best Director Robin Lacroix

Best  Actor  Jonathan Edelbleut     Cat In The Hat

Best Actress Sophie Linkroum    Gertrude McFuzz

Best Supporting Actress  Ashley Hughes Swanson  Mayzie

Best  Costume Design  Paula Troie

Best Set Design Mike McKnight


The Music Man Actorsingers

Best Production Community

Best  Actor Michael Coppolla as Harold Hill

Best Actress Caity Glover as Marian Paroo

Best  Music Director   Jed Holland

Best Choreographer  Martha Daniels Holland


Legally Blonde The Musical  Teen Actorsingers

Best Production Youth

Best  Actress Youth Susan Dudka as Elle Woods

Best  Actor Youth   Sean Fitzgerald as Emmett Foresst

Best Supporting Actress Youth  Jill Tokac as Paulette

Best Chreograpgher   Brinttey  Lynne Stanley


Young Frankenstien  Actorsingers

Best Production

Best Director  Paul Metzger

Best Musical  Director  Judy  Hayward  (also nominated for Kiss Me Kate and Jesus Christ Superstar with Stagecoach Productions)

Best  Actor   Marc  Murai

Best  Supporting  Actor   Eric Skoglund and Stuart Harmon

Best  Actress Sarah Souter

Best Supporting Actress Rachel  Cerullo  &  Mia Beradi

Best Choreographer   Donna O Bryant Metzger

Best Costume Designer   Lindsey Vago

Best   Sound Design   Mike O’Keefe

Best Lighting Designer   Craig Brennen, Dennis Schnieder, Rick Brooks


Kiss Me Kate  Stagecoach Productions

Best Production

Best Actress  Sarah Murai

Shows that should have gotten nominated:

Almost Maine Peacock Players

Schoohouse Rock Jr  Actorsingers Youth

Smile Riverbend Youth Company

Little Shop of Horrors   Riverbend Youth Comapny

Passion For Dracula Milford Area Players

Scrooge The Musical Riverbend Youth Company

The Producers   Palace Theatre

A question for companies I do PR Work for.   Leave a comment

 As people know I got laid off from the Cabinet in July and no longer do any freelance work for them. Despite this I would still like to help   local theatre groups with PR  whenever I can.     I would be willing to help with writing articles for a small  stipend. Please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.  Thank you!


NHTA 12 Predictions Vs Actuality   Leave a comment

Oh what a night last night honoring the great shows of 20131!
Congrats to all finalists winners and special award winners

The Matty Award Winnipesaukee Playhouse
Children/Youth Theatre Award Tom Partridge
Lifetime Achievement Award John McAllister
Complete list of winners and finalists can be found here:

Best Production

My Top 3 Predictions
Les Miserables Actorsingers
Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions
Meet Me In St Louis Amherst PTA

Top 3
Les Miserables Actorsingers
Monty Python Spamalot Community Players of Concord
Big River Winni Players

Les Miserables Actorsingers Winner

Best Youth Production
Shrek The Musical Peacock Players Winner
Beauty and The Beast Jr Children’s Theatre Project Top 3 Finalist
Into The Woods Peacock Players
The other finalist in this category was Urinetown Teen Actorsingers

Acting Awards

Best Actress In A Musical  Community

Predicted Top 3

Margaret Windler Esther Smith in Meet Me In St Louis Amherst PTA
Ashley Hughes Swanson Eve Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions
Sarah Souter Joanne Company Stagecoach Productions

Actual  Top 3

 Sarah Souter Lady of The Lake Spamalot Community Players of Concord
Allison Coombs Reno Sweeney Anything Goes North Country Community Theatre
Alliegh Whiteside Maria Sound of Music North Country Community Theatre
Winner Allison Coombs Reno Sweeney Anything Goes North Country Community Players

 Best Actor  in A Musical Community

Rob Dionne Father Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions
Mark Schatwzberg Javert Les Miserables Actorsingers Top 3
Max McGrath Jean Val Jean Les Miserables Actorsigners Winner
The other finalist was Matt McGonagle for King Arthur Spamalot Community Players of Concord

Best Supporting Actress Musical 

Sheree Owens Epionie Les Miserables Actorsingers Winner
Shawna Ciampa Fatime Les Miserables Actorsingers Top 3
Laura Prior Amy Company Stagecoach Productions
The other top 3 finalist was Sue Ellet as Carmen Bernstien Curtians Actorsingers

Best Actor Youth

Yay!! Nick Page got top 3 for playing Shrek in Shrek The Musucal!! The other finalists in the category were Peter Newland Seymour Little Shop of Horrors Majestic Academy of Dramatic Arts and Alex Giggey Baker Into The Woods Peacock Players. Peter Newland took home the award.

Best Actress Youth

Predictions/Actual Top 3

Gracie Kontack  Belle Beauty and The Beast  Children’s Theatre Project  Winner

Julia Enos    The Witch  Into The Woods Peacock Players

Megan  Dwinell  Princess Fiona   Shrek The Musical Peacock Players

Best Supporting Actress Youth

Top 3 Predictions
Alyssa Lederhos Elsa Sound of Music Riverbend Youth Company
Elsa Keefe Little Red Riding Hood Into The Woods Peacock Players
Carolyn Kegal Madam Thenardier in Les Miserables RB Productions

The winner in this category was a tie between Hannah Benson (Little Sally Urinetown Teen Actorsingers and Elsa Keefe (Little Red Riding Hood Into The Woods Peacock Players) Alyssa should have gotten top 3. 😦
Mac Galinson Donkey Shrek The Musical Peacock Players Winner Well deserved
Jonathan Edelbluet Max Detweiler Sound of Music Riverbend Youth Company
Jakov Schwartzberg Lord Farquad Shrek The Musical Peacock Players
The other finalist in this category was Adam Harding Officer Lockstock in Urinetown Teen Actorsingers

I mean this is  a hard category  I’m sure they all would have deserved the award.  I did not see Urinetown so  I can’t make any comments on that show.  I’m sure it was excellent.   I suppose I am just biased toward Riverbend Youth Company kids.  😦  Mac was amazing as Donkey so  I was stoked that he won!

Tech Awards

Judy Hayward won best Musical direction for both The Fantasticks at Winnipesaukee Playhouse (Professional) and Les Miserables with Actorsingers (Community)
Other finalists in these categories were Joel Mercier Les Miserables New London Barn Playhouse and Andy Roinson Singin In The Rain New London Barn Playhouse. She was also nominated for music direction for Curtains with Actorsingers the other nominee in the community category was Will Ogmundson for Monty Python Spamalot with Community Players of Concord

Best Choreography
I did not see enough shows in this category to pick a top 3. My top 2 choices were Liz Calabria Sound of Music Riverbend Youth Company and Valerie Psonis Nelson Shrek The Musical Peacock Players
Top 3 Finalists
Valerie Psonis Nelson Shrek The Musical Peacock Players
Beth Fenske Monty Python Spamalot Communuity Players of Concord Winner
Karen Krause and Brooke Solomon Beauty and The Beast Jr Children’s Theatre Project

Best Scenic Design

Didn’t see enough shows in this category to select a top 3. My top 2 choices were Meet Me In St Louis and Les Miserables
Top 3 Finalists
Les Miserables Actorsingers Don Smith Wisse Will McGregor & Dennis Schnieder
Monty Python Spamalot Community Players of Concord Wally Pineault YAY WALLY!
Deborah Jasien Of Mice And Men M&D Productions

Best Costume Design

Paula didn’t get top 3. I was very disappointed. 😦 In general the PTA didn’t do as well as I’d hoped this year with top 3 nominations. 😦
Top 3 Finalists

Gay Bean Monty Python Spamalot Community Players of Concord  Winner
Tina Kimball Anything Goes North Country Community Players
Lisa Tilliston and Lynn Head Beauty and The Beast Jr Children’s Theatre Project

Best Sound Design

Mike O’Keefe Les Miserables Actorsingers
Rich Loomer Shrek The Musical Peacock Players
Ken Martin Of Mice and Men M&D Prodcutions

Top 3 Lighting Design

Craig Brennan and Dennis Schnieder Les Miserables Actorsingers Winner 
Steven Meier Monty Python Spamalot Community Players of Concord
Mark Delancy Of Mice and Men M&D Productions

Other notable top 3 wins
Amy Agostino Best Supporting Actress Community-  Wit Milford Area Players
Brady Lynch Best Actress in A Musical Professional The Fantasticks Winnipasaukee Playhouse
Katie Collins  Drama Comedy Best Actress Wit Milford Area Players
Best Production Drama Comedy Wit Milford Area Players
Best Director Musical Community Will McGregor Les Miserables Actorsingers

This year my goal is to see shows at Winnipasaukee Playerhouse; Community Players of Concrod; Not Your Mom’s Musical Theatre and Seacoast Rep. We’ll see where budget allows. Also I hope to be an adjudicator but I think I have missed the trainings for this year so I will have to wait until next year.