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I have fallen really behind on reviews.. and for this   I apologize.   My life is so crazy.

In July Matt and I saw Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at Interlakes Summer Theatre on  July  8th and  High Fidelity   at the  Majestic Theatre on   July 29th.   Both shows added   variety to  Season  Of Favorite Shows  line up… it’s good to  see a new show every once in awhile.    Both  shows had a lot of fun songs.    Favorite songs included   Go Go Joseph, Benjamin’s Calypso,  One More Angel In Heaven, Close Every Door,  Pharoh’s  Dream Revealed and Any Dream Will Do.   Notable performances were by  Rachel Wirz  (Narrator),Patrick Sharpe (Pharoah) and Corey Cline( Joseph).  The whole  cast was incredibly talented.  Joseph   ran July 5th-16th at Interlakes Summer Theatre in Meredith  NH   and was directed and choreographed by  Micheal Stoddard  and musical directed by   Adam Rinner.     I had actually never heard of the  High Fidelity movie before seeing the play  so  it was totally new to  me.     Notable perfomances  were by  Elliot  Owens ( Rob Gordon), Cady Hickman  (Laura),  Dale Byrd (Barry) , James Middleton ( Dick) Oliva Dube  ( Anna),    Jessica  Plummer  (Liz) and  Nicole  St. Croix  ( Marie Lasalle)    Favorite musical  numbers included  Desert  Island Top 5 Break  Ups, Laura Laura, It’s No Problem. Nine Percent Chance  and Saturday  Night  Girl.

High Fidelity was directed by  Mike  Wood, Choreographed by  Jen Sassek and   Music Directed by  Keith Belanger  and  ran at the Majestic Theatre in Manchester July 28-30th.

On August 13th we went with Cooper to see Newsies at Maine State Music Theatre in Brunswick Maine. Beautiful location! Newsies is one of my favorite Disney musicals and it was my first time seeing it on Stage. The set design was really gorgeous. Notable Performances were  by  Matt Frachuer ( Jack Kelly),Blake Stadnick ( Crutchie), Justin Schumann ( Davey), Timothy Woodward Junior ( Les),  Angela  Grovey'( Medda Larkin) & Kate Farhner (Katherine). Favorite musical numbers included Santa Fe, The World Will Know, Seize The Day Watch What Happens  and Something To Belive In,

Newsies was performed at Maine State Music Theatre August 9-26th.

My Fair Lady is a classic musical by Lerner & Lowe set in the 1900s.  It tells the story of Eliza Doolittle who goes toProfessor Henry Higgins for lessons on etiquette and how to be a lady. The music is good mix of romantic and comedic pieces.  The costumes by Mary’s Closet wee outstanding. Notable Performances were by Sophie Linkroum ( Eliza Doolittle), Stephen  Koch (Alfred Doolittle),  Michael Coppola ( Henry Higgins), Mark Schrwatzberg ( Colonel Pickering), Patty Thomas ( Mrs. Pearce) & John Rodgers (Freddy Eynsford Hill) Favorite Musical Numbers included Get Me To The Church On Time, Wouldn’t It Be Loverly ( The Quartet was amazing), On The Street Where You Live, Without You, I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face  and  I Coukd Have Danced All Night.

My Fair Lady was performed at the North End Montessori School in Manchester October  13-15th and 20-22nd and was directed by Kevin Linkroum,Music Directed by Ken Grinnell & choreographed by Loren Hallet. Great job to the cast,crew and production team on a Fabulous show!

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Matt Smith and Sonya Walcott

Run For Your Wife is a British farce about a taxi driver  who  is married to  two different  women. The set was creatively designed so the apartments were on either side but the other people did not see each other. There was so much off the wall humor in this play. I was laughing pretty much the whole time. Notable performances were by Roger Hurd ( Sydney),Maine Cherry {Barbara Smith) Kristhyra Widmere Fairbanks ( Mary Smith)and Phil  Maiewski  (Bobby Franklin)

Run For Your Wife was performed at the Amato Center  October 13-15 and 20-22nd And was directed by  Tom Partridge and Diane Cobb.

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Matt Smith

The Addams Family was a hauntingly fantastic  Halloween treat and the talented performers in the Riverbend  Company Group did fabulous  as always. Tracey Hickey was  amazimg in her debut as Wednesday Addams. One fellow reviewer stated that she could be headed to Broadway someday. Other notable Performances were by Max Maloney ( Lurch), Landyn Byrd ( Pugsley), Renee Merchant (Grandma Addams), Doug Pedroza ( Uncle Fester) and Sean Corrigan (Gomez)

Favorite Musical Numbers include Pulled,Happy Sad, The Moon And Me, What If #2, When You’re An Addams,Just Around ztThe Corner & Crazier Than You.

The Addams Family  was performed at the Amato Center November 3-5. It was directed by Robin Lacroix , music directed by Christie Conticchio and Choreographer by Elice Cunningham.

Review Contributors: Kerri Goolsby, Patty Helbig, Jen Roy, Matt Smith

Coming Soon: Actorsingers Day entry which will cover Jesus Christ Superstar, The Wild Party and The Drowsy Chaperone






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Post show  pictures from   Million Dollar Quartet.


After being so busy for the past couple weeks I  finally have a bit of time to sit down, catch my breath and  catch up on  reviews.

Dateline: April 30th

Matt   Patty and I went to  Meredith to see Mary Poppins  at Streetcar Company.  Very familiar with this venue as it the same theatre we go  see plays at every  summer to see shows  at  Interlakes Summer Theatre.     Was happy to introduce myself to  Streetcar Company.  Notable performances were by  Emily Getchell Lacey  ( Miss Andrew), Chris Fernandez  (Bert),  Rodney  Martell (George  Banks), Meredith  Imbimbo ( Winifred Banks)   Isabella Contrell ( Jane Banks) Jesse Powers  (Michael Banks)  Lena  Luongo (Mrs. Brill)  Frank Stetson  II   (Robertson Ay) and Kelli  Powers (Mary Poppins)

Favorite Musical  Numbers included Let’s Go Fly A  Kite, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,  Jolly  Holiday, Being  Mrs. Banks, Spoonful of Sugar and Step  In  Time.

Mary  Poppins  ran  April 28th-30th at  Interlakes  High School in Meredith and was directed by  J.  Alward,  Music Directed   by Phil Breton and  choreographed  by Erin  Lovett  Sherman,Kelli Powers and  Joan Frates. Congrats to the cast, crew and production team  on a wonderful performance.    I look forward to seeing many more shows at the Streetcar Company.

Dateline:   May 19th

Sonya, Matt  Joanie and   I went to the SHS Spring Concert.   I always leave  the concerts feeling impressed and blown away by the talent of the current crop of musicians at Souhegan.    Notable performances  were  Rock Around  The Clock  (Acapella Singers), Amazing Grace, The Storm  IS Passing Over,  Cantar! , River Song (conducted  by Naomi Cohen),  Boogie  Woogie Bugle Boy ( Helen St Cyr, Maddie  Gillespe and Becca  Hall) and Nothing  Gonna Stumble  My Feet  (Concert Choir), Resound  (Handbells,  Conducted by Naomi Cohen), Bridgewater Breeze,  Jump  Jive and Wail and The River  Flows In You  (  Alissa   Reitter   Flute   Ben Carnick Piano    (Concert Band)  Great job to all and congratulations to all the seniors in band, choir, Acapella and  Handbells. Wishing all of you all the best in your next chapter.

Date  Line  June 2nd

I was first introduced to Fame last year during SVC showcase when  Jenn Erdody  sang  Out Here  On My Own.. before that  I had never heard  of the   movie or musical FAME.   When I found out  Manchester Community Theatre Players was doing it this summer  I was  very excited and  it’s  easily one of my new  favorite shows.     This show  follows the trials and tribulations of a group of students  at  performing arts  high school in New York City  throughout  their four  years of  high school and seemed to be  amazingly appropriate for the current  graduation season.

Notable performances were by   Lauren  Fohlin  (Carmen), Keisha  Johnson   (Serena),   Max Maloney  (Nick),  Rochelle  Neveau  (Jackie),  Laura Millar  (Miss Sherman) and Kendra Lynn  Swan  Thayer  (Schomolo)

Favorite Musical Numbers included  Bring  On Tomorrow,  Jackie’s Rap, The Teacher’s Argument, Think Of Meryl Streep,  Let’s  Play A Love Scene and Fame.

Fame  ran at the   North End Montersorri School  in Manchester and was directed by Steve Short, music directed by  Karina Allyane and choreographed by  Loren Hallet


On June 9th  Matt and  I  met up with  Patty, Collin  Moore and Laura  Vitale at  The Palace Theatre to see Million Dollar Quartet.     Denise Sprague and Kerri Goolsby contributed to this review as well.    Notable performances were by    Benjamin Van Diepen (Jerry  Lee Lewis), Lauren Wright  (Dyanne) and  Colin Barkerll  ( Johnny Cash) but  oh my  the whole cast was  talented!!     Favorite musical numbers  included  Fever, Great Balls Of Fire,  Long Tall Sally  (  I thought that song was by  Little Richard), all  Johnny Cash songs, Let’s Have A Party and Whole Lot OF Shakin!

Million Dollar Quartet ended its run this afternoon at 2pm.    I am looking forward   very much to next years season at  The Palace Theatre!

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 2 show weekends.  Both shows end their runs today and they were fantastic. 

Friday night  I took my mom to see Smile at the Amato Center for a Mother’s Day present.  I make it a goal to try to introduce myself to a new show and I was happy that I chose this one.  This is set in 1985  at   the Young American Miss Beauty Pageant in Santa Rosa California.     What was great about this show is that it’s not very well known and not really done a lot by other theaters so it was a welcome change of pace for me then seeing a show that is done more frequently such as Grease,Chicago or Annie.   This show was a great mix of  funny and touching moments.  Standout performances were by  Alyssa Lederhos, Max Barnaby,  John Sheridan, Meghan McKnight and Nicole  Sprague. Congrats to cast crew and production team on a wonderful show!! 

Smile ran at the Amato Center May 8th-11th and was directed by Elizabeth Moore, music directed by Brian Moore and choreographed  by  Liz Calabria. 

Last night I saw Music Man at Actorsingers with Sonya and Matt.  I had to refrain from making too many comparisons to the production  I was in  with the Amherst PTA   3 years ago.   Like most  Actorsigers shows this  cast  was comprised of a diverse group of talented people.  Aside from the   Quartet and the Pickalittle Ladies  standouts were  Cayden  Plummer as Winthrop Paroo,  Andrew Holland as Tommy Diljas, Katie Tocci as Zaneeta Shinn.  My favorite musical numbers are Shipoopi. Til There Was You, Goodnight My Someone, Gary Indiana  and  My White  Knight.    The chase scene at the end of the play always seems to strike me as  a very emotional scene because  it is when  the realization comes to light for everyone in the audience that Marain and Harold are in love with each other.   

Great job to everyone in  Music Man on  a wonderful production.

Music Man  ran at Keefe Auditiorium at Elm Street Junior High School in Nashua from May 9th-11th  and was directed by  Kathy Lovering, music directed by  Jed Holland and  choreographed by Martha Daniels Holland. 


Still searching for song suggestions for my fall auditions.  I have more time to prepare then  I thought because  all the auditions are in August and September.  I have a feeling some auditions may overlap.  Sound of Music auditions  have not been announced yet but are at the end of August.  Young Frankenstien auditions are August 10th and Kiss Me Kate auditions   are sometime in early September.  Most likely I am going to audition for  ensemble for Kiss Me Kate and Young Frakentstien.   I am an alto but can  sing some  soprano parts. Thanks Friends! 

A question for companies I do PR Work for.   Leave a comment

 As people know I got laid off from the Cabinet in July and no longer do any freelance work for them. Despite this I would still like to help   local theatre groups with PR  whenever I can.     I would be willing to help with writing articles for a small  stipend. Please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.  Thank you!


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 2013 is almost over where has the year gone too….  for real!!!!!!!!!!

As the  time gets near for  theatre awards nominations to approach I am going to  do a year in review of all the shows  I’ve seen.. listed by company and predicted who will get nominated for awards.

There are a couple shows I saw by Riverbend Youth Company that I am unsure if they got adjudicated  when we get to that list those shows will be denoted by an asterick.

2013  was  another busy show viewing year for me.  There were several shows I couldn’t make it to… budget and schedule do not allow me to make it to every show unfortunately.



19th Riverbend Youth Company  101 Dalmatians *

Notable performances in this show were Matt Kastiaganis as Roger and Clarissa Cherry as Cruella Devill.


2nd Timeless Beat  Riverbend Youth Company  *  Do the all dance shows typically get nominated for theatre awards?

16th  Riverbend School of Theatre Arts 1 Act Play Festival*  I think this gets overlooked by the adjudicators honestly. I have never seen any nominations over the years for  any kids who act in these festivals though some of them have been nominated for roles they’ve played in shows with Riverbend Youth Company.

 22nd  Rumors  Peacock Players

Notable Performances Nate Healey and  Olivia Vordenberg


9th-   Suessical The Musical  Junior Actorsingers

Notable  Performances   Becca  Holland  Sour Kangaroo,  Mary Holland Young  Kangaroo   Nicole Plummer Mayzie,  Emilty Trubey Gertrude

17th    Milford Area Players Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

Notable Performances    Russ Arrowsmith;  Ellen Cunis,  Kevin Linkroum


13th  Company  Stagecoach Productions

Notable Performances:  Laura Prior Amy, Joel Iwansekwiz  Paul, Jeff Prescott  Robert,   Rachel Cerrullo Sarah, Sheree Owens  Marta (Also did fabulous as Eponine in  Les Miserables with Actorsingers)

In  May I worked backstage with the PTA  on Meet Me In St Louis. It is quite honestly hard for me to pick notable performances just because I’ve worked with this company for three years and I’ve gotten to know everyone so well.    Before I mention notable performances let me just say that  the trolley was the best set piece we had in the whole production. Our shows have gotten  great notice  in the past couple years for both acting and technical awards so  it wouldn’t surprise me too much if we get nominated again for choreography and best set design.  Notable performances( hopefully  I am not too overly biased)  Margaret Windler, Michelle Emmond, Ashley Ross 


28th   Stagecoach Productions You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Notable Performances:  Derek Demarco Schroder  Sophie Linkroum  Sally   Jennifer Stanley Snoopy



Nashua Theatre Guild Shakespeare In The Park Merchant  Of Venice    The whole cast in this show was talented and it was hard to pin point notable performances.


2nd    Dear Edwina Jr   YouTheatre  *  This is a student directed summer  show.  I am not sure if it was adjudicated or if these shows were ever adjudicated in the past.

Notable Performances   Lindsey Hagerstrom, Helen St Cyr   Ben Wesenberg

9th Cinderella    Riverbend Youth Company  This is a student directed show put on by the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni Group.  I don’t know if this was adjudicated or not.  I do not think Damn Yankees was adjudicated last year.

Notable Performances:  Nick Hammes,  Morganne Bent, Meghan Bedard, Jeremy Edelbluet

Budget  and schedule constraints  didn’t allow me to see Good People, Wit or Annie.  People who did go to see those please feel free to leave a comment with notable performances. 🙂


9th  Sound Of Music Riverbend Youth Company

I should say right off the bat that the amount of talent amongst the kids in Riverbend Youth Company is so diverse so it’s really hard to narrow my list of notable performances down for this show.  My full list came to about 8 or 9 people   if  I had to pick a top 3 it would be  Annie Feraco, Ethan Reeves and Hannah Vaccarro.  Alyssa Lederhos is easily  not too far behind  them. 🙂

17th  Les Miserables Actorsingers
Notable Performances:  Darcy Hinkle Young Cosette,  Ashley St  Martin   Cosette, Shawna Ciampa  Fantime  Ben Moore Gavroche, Debra Buckley  Madame Thenardier

22nd  Shrek The Musical  Peacock Players

Notable Performances
Nick Page, Mac Galinson, Megan Dwinell, Jakov Scwartzberg Olivia Vordenberg, Becky Klien, Sean Vigneault, Jenna Enos. There is potential for numerous nominations in this show as many of the cast members are very talented and a few have been nominated in the past.

6th   Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions

Notable Performances Rob Dionne Father Ashley Hughes Swanson Eve Jen Mallard Mama Noah, Emily Trubey Yonah Adam Harding Abel Joel Iwankewiz Cain

UPDATE 12/27/2013
Link to top 12 Finalists List for the NHTAS
Overlooked performances: Rent Palace Theatre, Annie Manchester Community Theatre Players, Suessical Actorsingers Youth
Meet Me In St Louis was nominated for 4 awards!! Best Production, Best Actress, Best Costumes and Best Scenic Design. So excited! I was a little bit surprised we didn’t get as many nominations as we did last year for Oklahoma.
Les Miserables Best Actor Max McGrath and Mark Schwartzberg, Best Supporting Actress Shawna Ciampa and Sheree Owens, Best Supporting Actor Joe Pazoni and Shawn Kozarki, Best Musical Director Judy Hayward Best Lighting Design Dennis Schnider and Craig Brennan Best Sound Design Mike O’Keefe Best Scenic Design

Riverbend Youth Company
Sound of Music
Youth Best Supporting Actor Jonathan Edelbleut
Youth Best Supporting Actress Alyssa Lederhos
Youth Best Choreographer Liz Calabria

This show should have been nominated for more awards. 😦
Peacock Players
Shrek The Musical

Best Actor Youth Nick Page
Best Actress Youth Megan Dwinell
Best Supporting Actor Youth Jakaov Schwartzberg
Best Supporting Actor Youth Mac Galinson YES!! He was hysterical!!
Best Choreography Valerie Psonis Nelson
Best Sound Design Rich Loomer
Best Lighting Design Keith Weirch and Norm St Germain
Milford Area Players
Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
Best Actress Danielle Hoffman
Stagecoach Productions
Company Best Supporting Actress Laura Prior Best Actress Sarah Souter Joanne
Children of Eden
Best Actress Ashley Hughes Swanson Best Actor Rob Dionne Best Music Director Judy Hayward
Congrats to all top 12 Nominees!!
The rest of my  theatre viewing schedule was rounded out by local high school performances of Footloose, Singin In The Rain, Grease, West Side Story  and Bullshot Crummond.


Follow up to Children of Eden audition recap   Leave a comment

 I am still relatively discouraged about the outcome for my Children of Eden audition.  Perhaps I set my standards  too high when it comes to play auditions and to need reign into reality a bit more.    Stagecoach  Productions is a very   competitive  group to audition for and maybe their  auditions aren’t the best for me until  I get  a little more experience.  I started out doing theatre really late and wish  I had started in high school that way  I would be a lot more experienced.  Michelle Emmond suggested that  I should do more theatre activities to add to my resume but I am not sure what that would be. I’m guessing that what she was referring to was auditioning for theatre groups that are less competitive.  That makes a  lot of sense since  I always seem to stress myself out when  I audition for thise s Stagecoach Production shows and auditions should be mostly fun  not 5%  fun and  90%  stressful. Maybe it’s just ,me  putting too much pressure on myself  to  audition for  a show   I have a slim chance  of getting into.

No bitterness intended here. This is just me ranting. That’s what a blog is for am I right?

Actorsingers is pretty competitive too but  I am still definitely  going to audition for The Music Man in January.  Perhaps having done that show before will help me out a little bit.   If transportation wasn’t a factor I would audition for Manchester Community Theatre Players, NH Theatre Factory or Not Your Mom’s Musical Theatre .  These companies are in Manchester, Londonderry and Derry respectively.  It’s kind of too bad there are only two theatre groups in Nashua that do musical theatre but  I suppose I could always try with auditioning for a play with Nashua Theatre Guild of M&M  Productions.  

Of course there is the PTA Play in the spring which I am excited about as always.   Hopefully  I’ll be able to figure out transportation  so that way  I can still continue to do theatre with  this company  because I’ve grown quite fond of them and it will be  hard to leave them after Suessical  is over in April 😦

Summer Viewing Schedule   Leave a comment

2013 Summer Viewing Schedule

Please Email to join me on excursions
*July 12th Urinetown Teen Actorsingers
July 28th Singin In The Rain New London Barn Playhouse

*August 2nd Dear Edwina Jr  YouTheatre
*August 4th Twelfth Night NEC Open Door

*August 10th  Cinderella  Riverbend Youth Co  Alumni Show   Might be ushering at this.. not sure yet.
August 11th A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum

August 18th Annie   Prescott  Park Arts Festival

2013 Fall Viewing Audition and Tech Work Schedule

 Auditions in Bold, Tech Work in Italics

Sept 8th  Children of Eden  Stagecoach Productions      I am not too sure if I like the audition song that I chose. Thank goodness I still have a lot of time to change it.   If I do not get cast in this show my back up plan is to audition for the holiday show at the Amato Center. Audition information is not available yet.

*Sept 20th Good People M&M Productions

October 3-6  Princess K.I.M The Musical   Ushering

October 19th  Annie at Manchester Community Theatre Players.   I may usher at this not sure yet.

November 8th-10th    Sound of Music  Riverbend Youth Company

November 24th  Mothy Python Spamalot Community Players of Concord

* Dec 8th  Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions

Dec 22nd Holiday Spectacular Peacock Players

All shows marked with an asterisk are tentative.  Going to them is subject to change due to schedule and budget.


Reminder! Tickets for Princess K.I.M. The Musical are now available online and  at Toadstool Bookshop in Milford!