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I have fallen really behind on reviews.. and for this   I apologize.   My life is so crazy.

In July Matt and I saw Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at Interlakes Summer Theatre on  July  8th and  High Fidelity   at the  Majestic Theatre on   July 29th.   Both shows added   variety to  Season  Of Favorite Shows  line up… it’s good to  see a new show every once in awhile.    Both  shows had a lot of fun songs.    Favorite songs included   Go Go Joseph, Benjamin’s Calypso,  One More Angel In Heaven, Close Every Door,  Pharoh’s  Dream Revealed and Any Dream Will Do.   Notable performances were by  Rachel Wirz  (Narrator),Patrick Sharpe (Pharoah) and Corey Cline( Joseph).  The whole  cast was incredibly talented.  Joseph   ran July 5th-16th at Interlakes Summer Theatre in Meredith  NH   and was directed and choreographed by  Micheal Stoddard  and musical directed by   Adam Rinner.     I had actually never heard of the  High Fidelity movie before seeing the play  so  it was totally new to  me.     Notable perfomances  were by  Elliot  Owens ( Rob Gordon), Cady Hickman  (Laura),  Dale Byrd (Barry) , James Middleton ( Dick) Oliva Dube  ( Anna),    Jessica  Plummer  (Liz) and  Nicole  St. Croix  ( Marie Lasalle)    Favorite musical  numbers included  Desert  Island Top 5 Break  Ups, Laura Laura, It’s No Problem. Nine Percent Chance  and Saturday  Night  Girl.

High Fidelity was directed by  Mike  Wood, Choreographed by  Jen Sassek and   Music Directed by  Keith Belanger  and  ran at the Majestic Theatre in Manchester July 28-30th.

On August 13th we went with Cooper to see Newsies at Maine State Music Theatre in Brunswick Maine. Beautiful location! Newsies is one of my favorite Disney musicals and it was my first time seeing it on Stage. The set design was really gorgeous. Notable Performances were  by  Matt Frachuer ( Jack Kelly),Blake Stadnick ( Crutchie), Justin Schumann ( Davey), Timothy Woodward Junior ( Les),  Angela  Grovey'( Medda Larkin) & Kate Farhner (Katherine). Favorite musical numbers included Santa Fe, The World Will Know, Seize The Day Watch What Happens  and Something To Belive In,

Newsies was performed at Maine State Music Theatre August 9-26th.

My Fair Lady is a classic musical by Lerner & Lowe set in the 1900s.  It tells the story of Eliza Doolittle who goes toProfessor Henry Higgins for lessons on etiquette and how to be a lady. The music is good mix of romantic and comedic pieces.  The costumes by Mary’s Closet wee outstanding. Notable Performances were by Sophie Linkroum ( Eliza Doolittle), Stephen  Koch (Alfred Doolittle),  Michael Coppola ( Henry Higgins), Mark Schrwatzberg ( Colonel Pickering), Patty Thomas ( Mrs. Pearce) & John Rodgers (Freddy Eynsford Hill) Favorite Musical Numbers included Get Me To The Church On Time, Wouldn’t It Be Loverly ( The Quartet was amazing), On The Street Where You Live, Without You, I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face  and  I Coukd Have Danced All Night.

My Fair Lady was performed at the North End Montessori School in Manchester October  13-15th and 20-22nd and was directed by Kevin Linkroum,Music Directed by Ken Grinnell & choreographed by Loren Hallet. Great job to the cast,crew and production team on a Fabulous show!

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Matt Smith and Sonya Walcott

Run For Your Wife is a British farce about a taxi driver  who  is married to  two different  women. The set was creatively designed so the apartments were on either side but the other people did not see each other. There was so much off the wall humor in this play. I was laughing pretty much the whole time. Notable performances were by Roger Hurd ( Sydney),Maine Cherry {Barbara Smith) Kristhyra Widmere Fairbanks ( Mary Smith)and Phil  Maiewski  (Bobby Franklin)

Run For Your Wife was performed at the Amato Center  October 13-15 and 20-22nd And was directed by  Tom Partridge and Diane Cobb.

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Matt Smith

The Addams Family was a hauntingly fantastic  Halloween treat and the talented performers in the Riverbend  Company Group did fabulous  as always. Tracey Hickey was  amazimg in her debut as Wednesday Addams. One fellow reviewer stated that she could be headed to Broadway someday. Other notable Performances were by Max Maloney ( Lurch), Landyn Byrd ( Pugsley), Renee Merchant (Grandma Addams), Doug Pedroza ( Uncle Fester) and Sean Corrigan (Gomez)

Favorite Musical Numbers include Pulled,Happy Sad, The Moon And Me, What If #2, When You’re An Addams,Just Around ztThe Corner & Crazier Than You.

The Addams Family  was performed at the Amato Center November 3-5. It was directed by Robin Lacroix , music directed by Christie Conticchio and Choreographer by Elice Cunningham.

Review Contributors: Kerri Goolsby, Patty Helbig, Jen Roy, Matt Smith

Coming Soon: Actorsingers Day entry which will cover Jesus Christ Superstar, The Wild Party and The Drowsy Chaperone






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Lots going  on lately

First of  all.. non theatre related news, The job search presses on and  I seem to be stuck in  rut. Sometimes it is hard to not get discouraged. Earlier this afternoon   I had an  interview at  Nashua Center  for a receptionist position.   It went really well.  I think this would be a great place to work. I find out on  Wednesday  if  I got the position. This would be a fantastic job for me.   Nashua  Center is place  in Nashua which provides services for people with disabilities.   Keeping fingers crossed.

Summer has been filled with job searching, vacations and  lots of theatre going.  I was on vacation for a week at the beginnning of July and then took a mini-vacation to Meredith  to see Princess K.I.M. The Musical Junior and Miss Saigon at Interlakes Summer Theatre.   I was really proud of the Junior  Intern Company at Interalkes Summer Theatre for how well they did with  Princess  K.I.M. The Musical   Junior.   Miss Saigon was certainly   a poweful  piece of musical theatre  but  I found the subject matter to be a a bit depresing.   During my vacation in Hull  I went to the American  Idol  concert in  Boston with Julie and Jen.  The concert was pretty amazing.     AS the tickets for the concert were very expensive  I have a lot of doubt  I will go to the concert  next year….or that I will even watch American Idol at all since I have generally lost interest in watching it.

August  started off with a bang.   I  tried to organize  a  get together with the PTA  people but  due to schedules it did not work out  so  I had to cancel it.  They aren’t doing the karaoke party at Jasper Valley anymore which is kind of let down/   I’ve  really looked forward to that the past couple of years.

I have seen three shows in the past couple  weeks and they have all been fantastic.   On August 8th  I saw  Anything  Goes at the Amato Center

it was quite honestly one of the best shows I have seen there. How many shows do you see that get a standing ovation at the end of the first act? Not many I assure you. My favorite musical numbers were Blow Gabriel Blow, It’s Deloverly. Friendship and I Get A Kick Out Of You. Everyone in this company is amazing but standout performances were by  Olivia Vordenberg,  Patrick McKnight, Emily Borne and Julie Harris,. Anything Goes ran at the Amato Center from August 7-9 and was put on by the Riverbend  Youth Company Alumni  Company.   Congrats to  all class of 2014 graduates and best of luck to you all in college.

PS The PTA did Anything Goes 30 years ago and need to consider doing it again because I think it would be such a fun show to do. Jackie and  Rita   I hope you are reading this   🙂 

I would just like to say that The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney movie of all time. I was very excited when I heard that they doing the Little Mermaid Jr at the Amato Center this summer. Everyone in this group is incredibly talented and I am proud of the whole cast crew and production team on an amazing performance! My favorite songs aside from my ultimate favorite Part of Your World were She’s In Love, Human Stuff and One Step Closer. Great job everyone and I love you all!

Sunday Matt Sonya Jen and I   went to Meredith to go  see  The Wiz at  Interlakes Summer Theatre.  I would have to say that this is probably  high on my list of favorite musicals..  The musical numbers are very up beat and fun to listen too.   My favorite songs were  Ease On Down The Road,  No Bad News and Y’All Got  It.   Stand out performances were by Naisa Thomas, Kellinn   Dicarlo,  Darius Nelson and Darius  Jordan Lee.   Congrats to  the Interlakes  Summer Theate  Intern Company  on a great season.

My audition went well  for  Young  Frankenstien  with Actorsingers  went well. I did not get cast but  I  plan on working backstage  but  I do not know in what capacity yet.    I am also doing props for    Passion  For Dracula at the Amato Center which  I am  excited.  Also  I am joining the Souhegan Valley Chorus which I am very excited about.    Still debating  staying in YMCA Choir…  I think it might be better for my schedule  just to do  SVC.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  My birthday is in 9 days. Happy birthday to all fellow thespians  with  August birthdays and  also  congrats to my co-worker Meagan on her wedding this weekend.   🙂