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There are moments that make me most proud to be  an alumni of the SHS Theatre Department.  I  graduated 14 years ago this  June if you can believe it.   Last night’s performance of Rogers and Hammerstien’s Cinderella  was a fine example of that.   This year’s senior class is  chockfull of talent  and they will be greatly missed next year.   Notable performances were  by    Katie  Giannakopolous  (Fairy Godmother) Helen St. Cyr  (Cinderella), Christos Nasssiopolious  (Prince  Christopher      Is his name the Greek equivalent of  Christopher?)   and  Sean Corrigan ( Lionel)  Other standouts were   Evmorfia Alton  ’20 Stepmother, Alyssa Saunders ’20, Stepsister  Joy,  Lucy Stover 19  Stepsister Grace   Kelly Frasca   Queen  Constantina  *What year is she?  It is not listed in the program.)  and    Alex  Dube 18′   King  Maximillian.

Did you know that Boys and Girls   Like You and Me was cut from  Meet Me  In St. Louis?  Well, now you have   learned something new!    I feel  that this song is  a  better fit for Cinderella.    Having been involved in Meet  Me  In St,  Louis   and having seen the film  I can’t see how that song would have fit with the time period and Cinderella is  a much more modern piece of theatre.

(Personally  I am not a fan of  Meet  Me In St. Louis. We’ll save that discussion for another time.)

Boys and  Girls  Like You  and Me was one of my favorite songs from  Cinderella,  others included  The Sweetest  Sounds, 10  Minutes Ago,  A Lovely Night  (  I liked the harmonies best in this one), Stepsisters  Lament,  It’s Possible  and There’s Music With You.

What I felt sets apart  this version apart from the originally  Disney version  is that   Prince  Charming  actually has a name..  Prince  Christopher.    When  I first saw this show performed in 2012 by  Riverbend Youth Company  Alumni   I thought that this  character had much more depth and the character was much more developed then  than  the Disney movie counterpart.

(I have found a first dance song for my wedding in 10 Minutes Ago!)

If you did not get  the chance to see  Cinderella this weekend you missed out on  a truly fabulous production.   It was  performed  March 23-25th at Souhegan High School. Directed  by  Jennifer Stover, Assistant Directed by  Anna Quinlan 18′ Music Directed  by Kim Whitehead and choreographed by Amy Mcguigan.  The orchestra was conducted by Carl Benevides.

I  think There’s  Music  In You  is perfectly fitting of this year’s  seniors.   Some  I have known for  short time  and others  who  I have known since     I first started doing the PTA  Plays in 2011 when they  were in 5th grade.    There is  so much talent both on stage and behind that I will miss seeing on stage and performing with next year.  Memories will be held on to fondly by us all and  I know that in their next chapter they  will be successful.



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Wrapping up my theatre viewing schedule for 2017! Please refer to separate posts for reviews of Lion King Jr,Annie, SVC Messiah Sing & SVC Holiday Concert. SVC Messiah Sing And Holiday Concert Reviews can be found on Souhegan Valley Chorus Facebook page.

November 16th Matt and I went to Milford High School to see their fall play The Foreigner. This is a comedy play by Larry Schue. I previously worked backstage for it at theAmato Center in 2009 with Milford Area Players. Notable Performances were by Lily Ayotte,Benji Muhic,Michael Knowels and Ashanti Maronite. I also wanted to note that if high school productions were nominated for NH Theatre Awards then the set design would get a nomination because it was gorgeous. The Foreigner ran at Milford High School November 16-18 and was directed by Brad Craven.

Our travels next took us to Paris via The Community Players Of Concord Production Of Disney’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. It was my first time seeing a show at this theatre and I was absolutely blown away. Notable performances were by Darik Velez ( Quasimodo, NH Theatre Awards Nominee for Best Actor in a Community Musical), Laura Iwaskewiz ( Esmeralda, NH Theatre Awards Nominee for Best Actress In a Community Musical)

Favorite Musical Numbers included Out There, Rhythm Of The Tambourine And God Help The Outcasts

Hunchback Of Notre Dame was directed by Bryan Halperin and J Alward, Music Directed by Troy Lucia and Jillian Strong and Choreographed by Nora McBurnett. Great job to cast crew and production team! This show was performed at Concord City Auditorium November 17-19th

Review Contributors Abby Majore, Laura Majore, Jan Scagnelli, Matt Smith

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a holiday classic based on the children’s book by Barbara Robinson. This was a play that had music in it during the Christmas Pageant scene which featured Rachel April on the flute during Joy To The World. Notable Performances were by the the Herdnan Children Who were played by Maddox Hang, Colie Toupin, Gabe Tenison, Zachary Elmer,Jacob Toupin & Willa Audrey, Kyra Whitehead ( Beth Bradley), Sarah Riseman (Alice Wendleken),Grace St. Jean ( Mrs. Mccarthy), Grace Goolsby (Mrs. Armstrong) and Olivia Rolatini ( Mrs Bradley)

Best Christmas Pageant Ever ran at the Amato Center for the Performing Arts December 8th-10th and was directed by Laurie Toupin& Genevieve Steadman.

Guest Reviewers Matt Smith and Tim Webster

On Monday December 18 & December 21st Matt Sonya and I went to the Souhegan and Milford High School Holiday Concerts. Lots Of wonderful holiday music was performed. Favorite choral Numbers included All I Want For Christmas (SHS Men Solo by Christos Nassaipolplous), Believe ( MHS Advanced Vocal Studies) Hodie Allueuia ( SHS Women),Nutcracker Jingles ( West Street Beat),White Winter Hymnal (SHS Acapella), Once Upon A December (MHS Mixed Chorus),Baby It’s Cold Outside (MHS Advanced Vocal Studies Solos: Kali Bogdzewiz And Max Maoleny) Grown Up Christmas List ( SHS Chorus,Solo Eva Breswedorf) and A Very Very Merry Christmas ( MHS Mixed Choir)

Favorite Band Numbers included Hall Of The Mountain King ( SHS Brass Quintet), A Percy Grainger Suite ( SHS Band),Toccata For Band ( MHS Band), Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (NH Brass Quintet- It was so much fun to perform with them in our chorus concert for SVC and also at Brookside Community Church in Manchester),Feliz Navid (MHS Band) & Sleigh Ride ( Souhegan Band and Choruses)

The Souhegan Choruses are directed by Kim Whitehead.

The Milford Choruses are directed by Jennifer Erdody & accompanied by Kim Whitehead.

The Milford High Band is directed by Brad Smith,

The Souhegan Band is directed by Carl Beneviedes.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great start to 2018!

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Post show  pictures from   Million Dollar Quartet.


After being so busy for the past couple weeks I  finally have a bit of time to sit down, catch my breath and  catch up on  reviews.

Dateline: April 30th

Matt   Patty and I went to  Meredith to see Mary Poppins  at Streetcar Company.  Very familiar with this venue as it the same theatre we go  see plays at every  summer to see shows  at  Interlakes Summer Theatre.     Was happy to introduce myself to  Streetcar Company.  Notable performances were by  Emily Getchell Lacey  ( Miss Andrew), Chris Fernandez  (Bert),  Rodney  Martell (George  Banks), Meredith  Imbimbo ( Winifred Banks)   Isabella Contrell ( Jane Banks) Jesse Powers  (Michael Banks)  Lena  Luongo (Mrs. Brill)  Frank Stetson  II   (Robertson Ay) and Kelli  Powers (Mary Poppins)

Favorite Musical  Numbers included Let’s Go Fly A  Kite, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,  Jolly  Holiday, Being  Mrs. Banks, Spoonful of Sugar and Step  In  Time.

Mary  Poppins  ran  April 28th-30th at  Interlakes  High School in Meredith and was directed by  J.  Alward,  Music Directed   by Phil Breton and  choreographed  by Erin  Lovett  Sherman,Kelli Powers and  Joan Frates. Congrats to the cast, crew and production team  on a wonderful performance.    I look forward to seeing many more shows at the Streetcar Company.

Dateline:   May 19th

Sonya, Matt  Joanie and   I went to the SHS Spring Concert.   I always leave  the concerts feeling impressed and blown away by the talent of the current crop of musicians at Souhegan.    Notable performances  were  Rock Around  The Clock  (Acapella Singers), Amazing Grace, The Storm  IS Passing Over,  Cantar! , River Song (conducted  by Naomi Cohen),  Boogie  Woogie Bugle Boy ( Helen St Cyr, Maddie  Gillespe and Becca  Hall) and Nothing  Gonna Stumble  My Feet  (Concert Choir), Resound  (Handbells,  Conducted by Naomi Cohen), Bridgewater Breeze,  Jump  Jive and Wail and The River  Flows In You  (  Alissa   Reitter   Flute   Ben Carnick Piano    (Concert Band)  Great job to all and congratulations to all the seniors in band, choir, Acapella and  Handbells. Wishing all of you all the best in your next chapter.

Date  Line  June 2nd

I was first introduced to Fame last year during SVC showcase when  Jenn Erdody  sang  Out Here  On My Own.. before that  I had never heard  of the   movie or musical FAME.   When I found out  Manchester Community Theatre Players was doing it this summer  I was  very excited and  it’s  easily one of my new  favorite shows.     This show  follows the trials and tribulations of a group of students  at  performing arts  high school in New York City  throughout  their four  years of  high school and seemed to be  amazingly appropriate for the current  graduation season.

Notable performances were by   Lauren  Fohlin  (Carmen), Keisha  Johnson   (Serena),   Max Maloney  (Nick),  Rochelle  Neveau  (Jackie),  Laura Millar  (Miss Sherman) and Kendra Lynn  Swan  Thayer  (Schomolo)

Favorite Musical Numbers included  Bring  On Tomorrow,  Jackie’s Rap, The Teacher’s Argument, Think Of Meryl Streep,  Let’s  Play A Love Scene and Fame.

Fame  ran at the   North End Montersorri School  in Manchester and was directed by Steve Short, music directed by  Karina Allyane and choreographed by  Loren Hallet


On June 9th  Matt and  I  met up with  Patty, Collin  Moore and Laura  Vitale at  The Palace Theatre to see Million Dollar Quartet.     Denise Sprague and Kerri Goolsby contributed to this review as well.    Notable performances were by    Benjamin Van Diepen (Jerry  Lee Lewis), Lauren Wright  (Dyanne) and  Colin Barkerll  ( Johnny Cash) but  oh my  the whole cast was  talented!!     Favorite musical numbers  included  Fever, Great Balls Of Fire,  Long Tall Sally  (  I thought that song was by  Little Richard), all  Johnny Cash songs, Let’s Have A Party and Whole Lot OF Shakin!

Million Dollar Quartet ended its run this afternoon at 2pm.    I am looking forward   very much to next years season at  The Palace Theatre!

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Back in June my high school music teacher Pat retired..she will be missed by a lot of people and she was a great teacher. I found out before schoool started that they were not going to be replacing her. This news was very shocking and disappointing. I was originally going to write a letter to the editor  of the Amherst  Citizen but then I retracted my decision. The main reason  was because I felt it wasn’t really my place to say much about the situation because I did not know too much information about why the school board made the choice not to replace Pat. I can only make assumptions and sometimes assumptions may not be the best things to make. Knowledge is power so they say therefore it is hard to base an opinion off little knowledge of what is going on.
I do know the following though…based on general observations I have made throughout the past couple years as I like to support the Souhegan Theatre and Music departments as much as I can by going to the plays, concerts and jazz nights.

I graduated from Souhegan 11 years ago and back when I was in high school all the music ensembles had large numbers of people in them. I don’t really know what exactly has led to the decline in recent years in participation in music but I think the low numbers in the music department definitely affect the people who try out for the musicals. The chorus is basically the feeder system for those to try out for the musicals and thus far the band is the feeder system for the pit orchestra. For example for the 2013 Musical the pit band only had four people in it. Last year when I went to see the spring concert I noticed that the chorus had about 20 people in and the Acapella group had about 16 people in it. All girls and one boy.

I sat there wondering “What  leads to the decline in participation in the music groups at Souhegan? ” Perhaps the decline in numbers led  to the choice not to replace Pat. I heard that a lot of kids did not initially sign up for chorus  this year because of Pat not coming back. On the plus side Kim Whitehead got hired to teach Acapella and Handbells which make me happy because she is awesome.  Carl is temporarily teaching chorus until a replacement for Pat is found from what I understand. I think that spreads him a little too thin because he already teaches all the band classes and jazz band.

I am then left to wonder about the future of  the theatre department of Souhegan and also the musicals. This year’s musical is going to be The Boyfriend which I am excited to see again after seeing it out on by Riverbend Youth Company back in 2009.  If the music ensembles work as feeder systems for the performers in the plays and pit orchestras and the participation numbers are as low as I’ve noticed them to be recently what this mean for future musicals?

Budget is the thing that it all boils down to I guess and I estimate that budget cuts  and low participation numbers led to the choice not to replace Pat.  This is disappointing to say the least. Some people may think that sports are more important than the arts and that’s probably where most of the budget money goes to.

During Meet Me In St. Louis I remember having a conversation with one of my cast mates backstage about how neither of us were involved in sports…during the course of our conversation we deducted that in its own way theatre can be definitely considered a sport. We spend 3 days a week learning dances  and getting our bodies and voices perfect for performance.  Not to mention that all the musicians who are in the music groups at Souhegan go to local,state and also national competitions to show other people how good at their craft they are. So yes, music and theatre go hand in  hand and both can be considered a sport.

I wish the arts got a little bit more respect and the people who wrote the school budgets saw things from this point of view.

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Ok, so  open admittance   I do a really crappy  job of updating this blog… though on occasion  I did post reviews directly to  the  Facebook  page for this blog which works the same way.  One of my new years resolutions is to do a better job with updating.. this also  depends  on how busy  I am because   I am once again on the job  hunt and that is my main focus right now.   I wanted to do a year in review post of all the shows  I saw in 2014.     It was a great year.   I took a picture of all the playbills  I have saved… there are some missing  because my box was too full  and  I had to throw some away once  I wrote the review.

February was  a pretty busy viewing month  as  I saw  Groovin On The and Almost Maine and in March  I saw  Peter Pan at Nashua South, The One Act Play Festival at the Amato Center  Grease at Pentucket Regional High School  (my cousin  Olivia was a pink lady)  Beyond  Therapy  and  The Producers..   I will get to listing NHTA Awards later.     The NHTA  nominations   were released on December 19th and  I am excited for all the shows  I  saw or was involved with that got nominated.. we’ll get to the nominations at the end.

Seussical   In  April  I was in my 4th play with the PTA.   As people know  I had a lot of personal connection to the  story  of this show.  If you read the  chapter Exit  Music in my  character anaylsis fanfiction you will  see what  I mean.  I love my PTA family! That is all.

Smile  The thing  I liked best about this musical was that it is not very well known  unlike the musicals that are done all the time (ie Sound Of Music, Wizard of Oz etc)    Riverbend Youth Company always  done fantastic with their shows and this one as well as Little Shop of Horrors and Scrooge  were no exception.   My favorite songs were  Disneyland, Shine and Smile.

ISL Every summer  I go to Meredith NH  to go see a show at Interlakes Summer Theatre.  This summer my the junior version of my  mother’s Princess K.I.M.  Play which was excellently done by the  Junior Intern Company.  I saw Miss Saigon and The Wiz put on  by the adult company.   Miss Saigon was not  one of my favorite musicals…  I have to be honest.  I found to be kind of depressing and there were very  few songs that stood out to me. The Wiz was fantastic and my favorite songs are definitely  Ease On Down The Road,  Y’All Got It and  No Bad News.

AugustShows  The Riverbend Youth  Company  Summer shows this year were  The Little Mermaid  Jr and Anything  Goes.    Probably my favorite two shows of the year  by far!!    I had never seen  The Little Mermaid on stage before so  I was super excited that RYC selected  it for their summer show.  This show was student directed  by   Katy Osterholtz music directed by Megan Dillon and choreographed by  Meghan McKnight.  Anything Goes was the alumni show which features the talents of all  the  current high school students and  college students who are home for  the summer.  My favorite musical numbers included  Friendship, Blow Gabriel Blow, Anything  Goes,  You’re The Top and  I Get A Kick Out  Of You,  I really look forward to the summer show this  year! 🙂

Dracula In  October I worked backstage for Passion For Dracula with  Milford Area Players. This was snubbed by the  NHTAs unfortunately and I am a little upset about that. Very excited  for everyone involved in Beyond Therapy that was nominated. This show had a good mix of funny and emotional scenes  which   I really liked  a lot.

photo_1 (11) One  of  the  funniest shows  I think    I saw this year!    Lots of great  dance numbers including   Transylvania  Mania  and  Roll  In  The  Hay.   All   nominations   for  this show were so  well  deserved.   Congrats to all!!     Missing from the  line  up of playbills is the  one from  Music Man which is also up for numerous  NHTA nominations!  I can’t wait until  the 31st to see who will win!

Scrooge A Christmas  Carol  is one  of my favorite holiday and  Scrooge  is a  wonderful  musical retelling.  This  was directed by Liz Moore, Musical Directed by  Brian Moore and choreographed by  Madison  Calabria.  My  favorite musical numbers  were   December The 25th, Minister’s  & Thank You  Very Much.

ALSO   Congrats to   Liz and Brian  Moore on the arrival of their son Royce in early December!   He is adorable!!

MOBMHS On  November 20th     I saw  Moon Over Buffalo at  Milford  High School.  When   I heard they  were doing it   I was  super excited.   I saw this show in   Fall 2012 at  Manchester  Community  Theatre Players  and   I couldn’t stop laughing  the  whole time.   The   same thing was the case this time!     Kayla  Bullwinkel and  Lily  Ayotte  gave  the  most hysterical performances but  the whole cast was talented. Congrats to all! KissMeKate      We wrap up  the 2014 viewing schedule with   Kiss  Me Kate at Stagecoach  Productions.   This show  was directed by Joel Iwaskewiz, Choreographed my Laura  Iwaskewi & music directed  by  Judy  Hayward. Lots of   great songs in this show including  Another Openin  Another Show, I am Ashamed That Women  Are So  Simple,  I  Hate Men and Too Darn Hot.       Congrats to everyone involved  on a great show and your NHTA nominAmatoCenterChristmasShows   I   was in the   Christmas show at the Amato Center for the second time  in a row this year and hope to make it an annual tradition. This year we did two one act plays called  Carol’s Christmas and Jingle  Bell Jury.   The great thing about this show is that  I get to work so many of  my PTA friends during the off season and also get to work with  new people.   My friend Jeff   made his acting  debut in the Christmas shows and I hope this  the first of many times we work together on  a show.   The thing   I like best about the Christmas plays is how it brings families together in the spirit of  the holidays.       To me the holiday season is not really about presents but being around people you love.  Thank you   to everyone who came to the show and everyone also who sent me candy grams..,, many were not signed so  I  cannot personally thank  them.  Your support means a lot to me.  🙂

I also joined the  Souhegan Valley Chorus this year and am  so happy that  I did!

2014 was an awesome year of theatre and  I have no doubt that 2015  will   be  much  of the same.  Happy  New Year to all!

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Hello!  I have not posted a note worthy update in quite  a long while,  Lots to talk about.  Quite a few shows to review!

First of all  I wanted to talk about my trip to California.  It was a nice mini vacation filled with sight seeing and of course my sister’s awards presentation.  Her documentary won an award for highlighting people with disabilities and she got a scholarship!!  I couldn’t be prouder of her.  If you have not watched the documentary yet check it out here.

Lots of ground to cover with reviews too!! Wow  I am so behind again!

March 30th  I went to the see The Producers at The Palace Theatre in  Manchester. It  is by far one of my favorite musicals and so incredibly funny.   Favorite songs include  That Face,   I Want To Be  A Producer and  Keep It Gay.   Notable performances were by Stuart Harmon, Erin Sullivan, Marc Willis and Brendan Malafronte.  Great job to cast and crew on a wonderful  performance!

Before I left for California  I went to the Jazz Night at Souhegan.  I always enjoy going to these concerts  because there is always such  a great variety of music and I am always introduced to something new.  The  concert featured  the  Amherst   Middle School Jazz Band, The Manchester West Jazz Band, The  Alvirne High School Jazz Band, SHS Jazz  Band and META Beat  a Beatles Cover Band.  Favorite songs were  Watermelon Man (AMS),  Attitude  Dance (Manchester West), Sweet Home Chicago  (Alvirne) and Almost Like Being In Love (SHS)   Meta Beat was pretty awesome!    Good  luck to Jason Emmond, Dan O’Dowd and the rest of the seniors on your post high school endeavors.

Saturday night  I went to the  Souhegan Valley Chorus Concert   A  Night On Broadway.  I am really hoping to join this chorus in the fall.   There was lots of good variety in the songs and my favorites were  Unusual Way,  Beauty and The Beast, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, Many A New Day and Climb  Every Mountain     Great job to all!! 🙂

Upcoming shows  I will be seeing/ reviewing   Music Man Actorsingers, SHS Spring Concert

Summer  Viewing Schedule

* Ushering

June 8th  Straw Hat Revue  New London Barn Playhouse

July 9th  American  Idol Concert  Bank  North Pavilion   Boston MA

July 17th  Princess K.I.M.  The Musical   Interlakes Summer Theatre  JR Interns

August 3  A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Shakespeare In The Park

*August 8  Anything Goes Riverbend Youth Co

*August 15 Little Mermaid  Jr YouTheatre

August 17th  The Wiz Interlakes Summer Theatre

Upcoming Auditions

July  Sound Of Music   Manchester Community Theatre Players Exact dates  have  not been announced yet

August 10th Young Frankentstein Actorsingers

September  Kiss Me Kate  Stagecoach Productions  Exact dates haven’t been announced yet

October Milford Area Players/ Riverbend Youth Company Holiday Show   1 Act Plays

Looking for song suggestions for  my auditions for SOM, Young Frakenstien and Kiss Me Kate.  For roles I am considering one of the nuns or the Baroness     For Young Frakenstien I haven’t really decided on what role I am auditioning for yet.  For  Kiss Me Kate learning toward ensemble.  I am an alto but can sing  some soprano parts.

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So   this has been a very busy winter for me.  I will actually be very happy to  relax once Seussical is over.  I think I sort of over committed myself to doing too many publicity projects at once and my head was spinning for quite awhile.  Aside from helping the PTA with publicity for Seussical  I also helped promote the Nancy O Fund St Patrick’s  Day fundraiser Windham Actors Guild and volunteered at AMS in February to help teach the middle school Theatre department  kids about interviewing people and writing articles.  While I am certainly happy to help out as many people as I can with doing publicity next year  I think  I need to  spread my time out  more evenly so  I don’t have so many deadlines piling up on each other at once.   System overload!    All of it is worthwhile in the end of course.  It’s just a matter of learning to balance things out better for the next time.

Seussical is really coming together. Sunday  we had a run through of Act II.  I am excited to be doing full run throughs next week…especially with props and sets.     The costumes look fantastic!  I am in Who family #6… pink!!      I think my favorite songs in Seussical  are  Notice Me Horton, All For You and  Solla Sollew.    I am usually really good about updating this blog during the rehearsal process  but  things have been pretty busy between  work. rehearsals, practicing music and dance outside of rehearsals and job searching.      After the show is over I am looking forward to going to California.  My sister’s documentary Following Flame is nominated for an Emmy in the category for  college documentaries.  I  am so excited!!  🙂

I  missed the adjudicator training for the NHTAS.   Oh well, next year.   I always seem to have schedule conflicts when the trainings happen and the weather did not really help too much either.  While I think  being an adjudicator would be a very interesting experience for me  there’s something  that kind of  nags at me about that whole process.    I have gone to the awards for five years now.. my first time going was in 2009 and I always enjoy going.   I sometimes feel the NHTAs are too political. This can get very annoying.    Granted there are so many  theatre groups in this state  made up of  talented actors and technicians. I am happy to know so many talented people both youth and adult as   I have been  involved with a few different companies  over the years.     I guess  I am still trying to understand how the adjudication process works but   I definitely think there is a lot of favoritism going on  which makes things  sort of unfair for certain companies. I’m sure I mustn’t be alone in feeling this way.   Maybe I’m just a little bit bitter because  I was hoping the PTA would do better this year.  I am happy for the people who did win though!    🙂    Also   while   I certainly am happy that our shows get the recognition that they do by the NHTAS I sometimes feel that we are put under extra pressure  because the show is being adjudicated.  That kind of sucks the enjoyment out of things  to a certain degree.  Not going to lie.

For the most part  though  I can’t really complain that much..  I love the PTA plays.  🙂

To make reference back to my post from last year that  was short reflection  about going to  the Strictly  Music Show at Souhegan.   I have thought a lot about  that experience more recently.  It was really   eye opening for me because it made me realize that while Souhegan is my home base   I don’t really know  a huge majority of kids who still go there.  As the years progress forward and I get older   I realize sure those concerts were fun to go in high school but now its weird because   last year Sonya and I were the only non- high school kids at that concert.    As much  as I hate to admit it  I kind of feel the same way when  I go to plays at SHS.  The small amount of kids  I know in the theatre department have either done shows with Riverbend Youth Company or have been in PTA Plays with me.   Going to the shows is not really a problem for me. The shows are still great and enjoyable.  The current group of kids is continuously  impressive with their talent.   No complaints there. Generally speaking  it’s just odd for me to go to anything at Souhegan because I’m so much older than a lot of the kids who go there. I’m like a fish out of water.   Many of this year’s seniors were in 2nd grade when  I was a senior.  Aside from the kids  I know from the play most of the kids  I know who are seniors are siblings of my sister’s friends.    I go to sports game to mostly support kids  I know from the play who play  sports.  As the years go by  I’ll start to know less and less kids at Souhegan and I’ll feel even more and more out of  place at  these events. Will that mean  I’ll stop going to them?  I’m not sure yet.  It’s quite likely

In 10 or 15 years this won’t make too much of  a difference. Right now though it’s something I think about a lot.