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November Wrap Up   Leave a comment

November was a busy month for theatre viewing. December will be equally as busy with going to various concerts.

Our journeys began at the Amato Center with Big Fish. This was a great story about family relationships… especially between father and son. Notable Performances were by Emma Harley, Max Harley, Sophia Dube, Genevieve Steadman, and Sammy O’Neil. Favorite Musical Numbers included. Red White and True,Be The Hero, Daffodils, Little Lamb From Alabama and Closer To You.

Big Fish ran at the Amato Center from November 1st-4th was directed by Katie Hammes, music directed by Lauren Busa & choreography by Devereaux and Renee Merchant. Congrats to all involved on another fabulous performance.

The 2nd weekend of November was a double show weekend. On Friday night we saw Pippin at Actorsingers. This was by far one of my shows that Actorsingers has done. Aside from notable Performances another thing to recognize is the amazing set design by Matt Kaiser and Lauren May. Notable performances were by Caity Glover, Aly Armaretto, Sophia Bataglia,Eric Berthuime, Kerry Schneider and James Middleton.

Favorite Musical Numbers were War Is A Science,Love Song,I’ll Guess I Miss The Man, Spread A Little Sunshine, Magic To Do & No Time At All

Pippin was performed at Keefe Auditorium November 9-11 and was directed and choreographed by Donna O’Bryant &Music directed by Amanda Morgan.

The following evening we went to the Merrimack Repertory Theatre In Lowell to see Murder For Two. This fast paced show had me laughing the whole time and was delightful. I hope to go see more shows there in the future.

Finally we saw Tuck Everlasting at Peacock Players on November 16th. This musical is based on the novel of the same name by Natalie Babbitt. It was a beautiful story about family. Notable Performances were by Aren Truex, Kieran Whitney, Gabrielle White,Elsa Keefe and Andrew Shapiro.

Favorite Musical Numbers were The Wheel, Everlasting,Hugo’s First Case,My Most Beautiful Day and Seventeen.

Tuck Everlasting was performed at Court Street Theatre November 9-18th and was directed by Keith Weirch, Music Directed by Henry Kopczynskie III and choreographed by Christina White. Great job to all.

My holiday 2018 review post will be posted Dec 23rd. Stay tuned for top 40 Favorite Songs From Shows Seen or performed in during 2018 countdown starting 12/15.

Review Contributors

Patty Helbig for Pippin

Patty Helbig and Mandy Blanchard for Tuck Everlasting


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Back to back reviews of Actorsingers shows once again !

First off on Friday night we saw Damn Yankees. It was our second time seeing it. We previously saw it performed by Riverbend Youth Company in 2011. Previous Teen Actorsingers shows we have seen include Legally Blonde and last year’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Notable Performances were by Sam Cohen ( Joe Boyd/ Joe Hardy), Katie Manchester ( Lola), Joel Michael King ( Mr. Applegate), Alyssa Saunders ( Commissioner. She was awesome in her debut with Actorsingers),Gabriella Nevarerte ( Doris) Evelyn Duggar ( Gloria Thorpe) and Hailey Sullivan ( Sister). One fellow reviewer found it hard to find one stand out performance because everyone was so talented. Favorite Musical Numbers included Heart ( there were beautiful harmonies in this one),Good Bye Old Girl,Near To You, Shoeless Joe From Hannibal, MO,Those Were The Good Days and Two Lost Souls.

Damn Yankees ended their run this afternoon at 2pm at Court Street Theatre in Nashua and was directed by Matt Ziolenko, Music Directed by Christie Conticchio and choreographed by Logan Higgins. Congrats to all on a fabulous show. It was a home run!

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Matt Smith,Laura Vitale; Jo-Ann Zall

Another fantastic Actorsingers show Sister Act ran at Keefe Auditorium on Mother’s Day weekend. Sister Act is one of my favorite movies and when I heard it was in the Actorsingers line up I was very excited!

Notable Performances were by Ashley Swanson, Maria Hendricks,Philip Laks, Martha Daniels Holland, Teddy Hendricks and James Middleton. There lots of funny moments and lots of emotional moments as well though out this show.

Notable musical performances included Sunday Morning Fever,Take Me To Heaven,The Life I Never LED,Bless Our Show, Raise Your Voice And Sister Act.

Bless Our Show somehow made me think about when we are backstage at a PTA play saying the mantra. Don’t ask me how or why I thought of that but I found some way to connect the lyrics to that.

Apologies for this review being so late! Congrats to cast crew and production team on a a wonderful performance.

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Danielle Poirier, Matt Smith

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As of today I will be caught up with my back log of theatre reviews! Woo hoo!


Today isActorsingers Day. I will be reviewing three shows.. let’s begin!

Back on July 16th Matt Patty and I saw Jesus Christ Superstar. I first heard of this show when I sang a song from it I Don’t Know How To Love Him for an audition for You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown with Stagecoach Productions in. 2013. I still think that song is beautiful. I am usually not a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals but I really enjoyed the rock vibe of this one. Notable Performances were by Leah Abraham (Rose Carboneau), Sam Cohen (Pilate),Kellie Loghlin ( Mary Magdalene ),Bailey Jameson (Jesus) and Joel King (Judas). In addition to I Don’t Know How To Love Him include Hosanna;King Herod’s Song;Everything ‘s Alright & What’s The Buzz?.

Jesus Christ Superstar was performed at Court Street Theatre July 14th-16th and was directed by Angelica Rosenthal,musical directed by Jesse Drake and choreographed by Logan Higgins

The Wild Party was this summer’s Fringe Production. I had never heard of the show prior to auditions and auditioned on a whim. The show was set in 1920s during prohibition. The songs were a good mixture of fun and emotional. Notable Performances were by Caity Glover (Queenie) Julie Harris (Mae), Joey T ( Burrs), Colin  Malette  (Black), Erik Shaffer  (Eddie) and Lo Dillon (Madeline)    Favorite Musical Numbers included  What A PartyRaise The Roof, I’ll Be Here, Two Of A Kind, The Juggernaut  ( this was the dance we learned at the audition and it definitely pushed my comfortable limits), An Old Fashioned Love Story and Poor Child.

The Wild Party  ran August 25th-27th at the Court Street Theatre and was directed by  Beth Schrwartz,  Choreographed by  Jay Vonhandorf and music directed by  John Carey.

Review Contributors    Joanie O’Connor, Matt Smith, Laura Vitale

I like to introduce to  a new show every once in awhile and The Drowsy Chaperone  easily became one of my new  favorite musicals.  It is dubbed as “A Musical within a Comedy.” and that could not be  more true.  I was laughing the whole time.   Many of the lead actors were new to Actorsingers and  they were a nice addition to the group. Characters that kept me laughing were Ed Seigel (Adolpho), Martha Daniels Holland (Lady Tottendale),  Glen  Grimard (Underling), Christopher Szczerba   (Man In Chair) and Matthew Zielonko (George).  Other notable performances were by  Erin Maitland (Drowsy  Chaperone), Eliza Baxter (Janet Vandergraff),  Mia Beradi (Kitty) and  Dylan Mahalingna  (Robert)    Favorite musical numbers included Show Off, Love Is  Always Lovely In The End,  I Do I DO   (In The Sky), As We Stumble Along and Toledo  Surprise.

The Drowsy  Chaperone   ran  at  Keefe Auditorium  November 3rd-5th and was directed by  Lance Arnold, music directed by  Karina Allayne and choreographed by Logan Higgins.

Review Contributors: Patty Helbig, Danielle Poirier, Matt Smith

An important note:  Reviews for the Souhegan Valley Chorus  Messiah Sing and Holiday Concert will be posted on the Souhegan Valley Chorus Facebook page.  Please look for those reviews  there  on or around December 15th.


The following shows will be reviewed next:  Lion  King JR  and Annie performed by  Peacock Players.      That entry should be posted Saturday afternoon!

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Have  a little reprieve from seeing shows for a couple weeks.   Time to reflect.

Last  night  I went to  a class at Catholic  Medical  Center about  Mindfulness and Stress Relief  techniques with  Matt and Jeff.   Patty suggested it  to us and  I am so glad she did.   I have had my  share of stress and anxiety in the past  ten months or so  I  definitely needed new methods on  to manage it better.

We  got  a sheet on feeling  vocabulary at the seminar and here are some words that  stood out to me  on this list.


Aggravated and mad:  Mostly at myself for how I handled the situation of a friendship ending and how  I handle rejection from failed auditions. Example  of failed audition: When  I did not do well at the audition for Souhegan Valley Showcase last year or just how   I deal in general with   rejection when I fail an audition such as in the past when  I’ve auditioned for  Stagecoach Productions and Actorsingers.


Nervous: Because I thought how  I was acting  was affecting  how a certain person thought about me.

Now  I know this  was sort of ridiculous because I know this person  likes me. Was she mad at me? Nope.  I have no idea why I thought she would’ve been.

Sad: Especially because Dan and Gerry passed away and   I have constantly been thinking of how much  I miss them.  My  dog was put to sleep on Thursday too.

Anxious: See above notes about a friendship ending.

Unfocused: Because of all the feelings  I mentioned above which  I why I had to  take a break from SVC this semester and just focus on Wizard Of Oz. Last year  I realized   a huge part of my problem that  I was being  pulled in too many different directions between chorus,   the play and SVC  Board Of Directors.

Frustrated: Because tech week can be stressful and  I lost my cool a few times during Wizard Of Oz.

Grateful:     High School graduation has passed.  I have actually been kind of sad because  I am going to really   miss  Naomi and Matt next year as they are the two  kids  who are graduating  who  I’ve grown the closest to.  I know that they will meet amazing new people on their journey to their next chapter and can’t wait to hear where it’s going to take them.   I am also  grateful for my friends and family who helped me through my stressful time as I dealt with all these various emotions.


During the class  I was able to take  a  step back and reevaluate things.   I realized that all this negativity gets me nowhere  especially since  typically I am  a really  positive person .  Time   to turn the negatives into positives.   The 1st part of 2017 has been  a learning  curve and a time for growth and change for me. Here’s  to the next six months being  more happy!


Thank you again  Patty for recommending this class.  It was incredibly helpful.



15th Annual NH Theatre Awards   Leave a comment

Shows  I saw or performed in   during 2016 that were nominated  for NH Theatre Award

Full List of NHTA Winners can be found here:



Best Costune Design  Allison Sklarz  Top 10

Best Lighting  Design   Mike O’Keefe  Top 10

Best  Musical  Direction     Judy Hayward   Top 10

Jessica Dee  Top 3  Best Supporting Actress   Lady Of The Lake

Colin Malette  Top 3  Best Actor  Patsy

Mike  O’Keefe   Best Sound Desinger Top 10

Joe Paoni     Best Actor   as Drew   Top 10

Britney Lynne Stanley  Best Choreography  Top 10

Rock  Of Ages

James Middleton  Best Supporting Actor  Lonny  Top 10

Melissa Runde    Best Supporting Actress    Justice Charlier  Top 10

Best  Costume Design  Allison Skalarz  Top 10

Ashely Swanson  Best Actress  Top 10


New London Barn Playhouse   Shrek The Musical

Matt and I adjudicated this show  for  a regional theatre award   The Moss Hart Award at the  end of July.   I was very happy to see that  the people  that I  reviewed so highly in my   adjudication for the Moss Hart Award  won New Hampshire Theatre Awards.  That was a very proud  New London Barn Playhouse Alumni moment for me.  I am always so impressed every year when  I go up there to see what  the current interns are working so hard on.    All awards on  by  both  actors  and  production team were well deserved.


Amherst PTA  Shrek was nominated for 8 awards last night.  I was  so incredibly   blessed  to have been among the cast of so many talented people many who  I have worked alongside on stage and backstage for  the past several years.   Eric Skoglund  won for best supporting actor for  playing  Lord Farquaad and  I was so excited and  happy for him  when  I heard his name  called.  He really deserved that award.   It was  my first year working with him and he was awesome to work with.  I also was honored to perform on stage  at the awards show  in Ballad  Of  Farquaad  number…it was a new experience for me  and admittedly   I was nervous because it was my first time performing in the NHTAS.   Overall it was  fun and  I was happy to be a part of it and perform with my  fellow Shrekkies one last  time to honor an amazing show that had so much personal meaning to me.

Last night was  a beautiful  celebration of all  community and professional  theatre productions around the state.   The president of the Theatre Awards said so eloquently  in  her closing statements  at the end of the awards show  how the theatre is a safe and accepting place for everyone.   I  could not agree with her more about that.  I feel like ever since I got involved with doing  shows with the PTA  six years ago I have found my home and my family.  These people  have watched me grow and supported me  in my craft….especially in this new experience with performing at the NHTAs.   A recent article  I read states that the Trump Adminstration wants to get  rid of the National Endowment For The Arts which  is money for theatre comes  from.  This makes me fearful about the future of theatre.

Congratulations to all top 3 winners and finalists. You are amazing and I am proud to know all of you!


Here is a link to the speech   I mentioned above.:




Top 30 Favorite Songs List from Shows Seen or performed in 2016   Leave a comment

The NH Theatre Awards nominations were announced yesterday. Here is my list of top 30 favorite songs from shows seen or performed in 2016. What a great year in NH Theatre it has been.
30. You Won’t Succeed On Broadway Monty Python’s Spamalot
29. KansasLand Curtains
28. The title song from Footloose comes in at number 28. This song always makes me want to get up and dance.
27. Shine Like The Sun 9 T0 5
26. We’re Not Gonna Take It Rock Of Ages I just wanted to point out that I will be using this song in my protest poems unit for my poetry class at Plus Company.
25 Written In Stars AIDA I did not get to see AIDA at Peacock Players but was lucky to see this performed at the Holiday Stroll. It is one of my favorite songs by Elton John.
24. I Want The Good Times Back The Little Mermaid This song was performed in our spring concert for Souhegan Valley Chorus. I think it is fantastic and have been meaning to download it. I unfortunately did not get to see The Little Mermaid when Peacock Players performed it.
23. Proud Of Your Boy Aladdin Jr This was put on by Riverbend Youth Company back in January. This was a very powerful song and really pulled at the heart strings.
22. There You’ll Be This was one of my favorite songs from our Souhegan Valley Showcase in June. It is from the movie Pearl Harbor which I have never seen.
21. Friend Like Me Aladdin Jr This has hands down always been my favorite song from Aladdin.
20. Spanish Panic Once Upon A Mattress This was Nashua South’s musical last spring. It is a very fun dance number.
19. Everybody Say Yeah Kinky Boots My mom took me to NYC to see Kinky Boots for my 31st birthday. This was one of my favorite songs from the show.
18. Let’s Go To The Movies Annie I mean of course this would make the countdown! How could it not? Annie is one of my favorite musicals which is of course why it is my favorite song that we sang in the Showcase.
17. Won’t You Charleston With Me? The Boyfriend This one of my top favorite songs from Souhegan’s musical last year.. another fun dance number.
16. Almost Paradise Footloose A beautiful love song that pulls at the heart strings.
15. Forever Shrek The Musical This number was very fun to be in.
14. Never Fall In Love With An Elf Elf The Musical
This was one of my favorite songs from Elf. It is sung by Jovie and is about her choice of relationships.
13. Taylor The Latte Boy I love Naomi Cohen… that is all! 🙂
12. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Monty Python’s Spamalot To be fair I heard of this song before I even saw the play because it was in Souhegan Valley Chorus concert in 2014 when their theme for the spring concert was Broadway. Yay for throwbacks.
11. Don’t Stop Believing Rock Of Ages This song got me through some pretty difficult times when I was looking for a job. I now have two awesome jobs at Plus Company and Gateways Community Services.
10. Freak Flag Shrek The Musical This is my top favorite song from Shrek The Musical. I feel the message behind it is very important about standing up for what you believe in. It elicited many a powerful discussion in my poetry class at Plus Company the past couple of semesters.
9. Under The Sea The Little Mermaid My boyfriend Matt rocked his solo in Souhegan Valley Showcase.
8. Morning Person Shrek The Musical This was my favorite number from Shrek out of the numbers I was not in. I really want to make this song the alarm clock ring tone on my cell phone.
7. Show People Curtains I feel this song represents the core of being involved in theatre and the strong relationships I have formed with people I do shows with. I have a lot of love for the people in my theatre family which I know is reciprocated.
6. Consider Yourself Oliver This was my favorite song from Oliver.. I especially love the tap dancing flash mob section.
5. 12 Days Of A Regifted Christmas This is a parody of 12 Days of Christmas that we sang in our chorus concert last weekend.
4. Agony Into The Woods This song is hysterical.
3. OOM PAH PAH Oliver I may not drink a lot in reality but it is fun to pretend to drink on stage.. it was always really fun to waltz too. 🙂
2. I’ll Believe In You Elf The Musical This song is in Act 1 of Elf The Musical and is sung by Emily and Michael Hobbs. I feel the lyrics in this song are very powerful because it really brings home the point of how much strain is in the family dynamic because Walter works all the time.
1. Somewhere West Side Story Honestly West Side Story has so many amazing songs and it is hard to choose just one song that is my favorite. This song gives me chills whenever I listen to it and Katie Gianakoplios stole that scene with her solo. My other favorite songs from West Side Story include I Feel Pretty, Tonight and America.

NHTA predictions   Leave a comment

Did I post these predictions already? Probably. Will they come out accurate? Highly unlikely. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions in the comments. Full review  of the NHTAs tomorrow at one point or another.

All of these predictions  are in the community  category as I shaw no shows  in professional category.
Best Production Musical

Predicted Top 3

CATS Amherst PTA

Crazy For You Actorsingers

Into The Woods  Actorsingers

I am biased towards CATS obviously but it could really be anyone’s game here.  Putting bias aside though it would be great to see Stagecoach Productions take home a win or two this evening since they recently closed their doors.

Winner: Crazy For You Actorsingers

I did not see any shows in the Best  Production Youth Category so my best guess for a top 3 prediction would be  Chicago & Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players and The Wedding Singer Teen Actorsingers

Best Director

Crazy For You Actorsingers Martha Daniels Holland

All Shook Up Stagecoach Productions  Scott Severance

Sweeney Todd Community Players Of Concord Wallace J. Pineault

The only show I saw in this category is Crazy For You but  I have previously seen a show directed by Scott at Stagecoach and it was amazing. I did not see Sweeney Todd but Wally is fantastic in general.

Winner: Keith Weirch Chicago Peacock Players

Best Actor Drama Comedy  I am biased in this category only because A Midsumer Night’s Dream was the only show I saw  and Jakov did an amazing job.

Winner:   Kevin  O’Neil  as Willy Loman Death  of A Salesman M& D Productions

Best Actor Musical Community

Top 4

CATS Amherst PTA Gary Evans as Munkustrap

Crazy For  You Actorsingers Joel Iwakewiz as Bobby Child

Top 3

Into The Woods Actorsingers Joel Iwakewiz as The Baker

Sweeney Todd Community Players Of Concord Matt Mcgonagle as Sweeney Todd

Winner: Matt Mcgonagle   Sweeney Todd Community  Players of Concord

Most of the acting categories will have a top 4 instead of top 3 because there are just too many good performances to choose from and I need to achieve balance somehow. The balance referred to is either Sweeney Todd or any other show I did not get the chance to see but have seen performers in other shows with other company

It is hard to pick a winner.

Best Actresss Drama Comedy

Predicted Top 3

*Based on  prior nominations and or wins

*All My Sons Winnnipasaukee Playhouse Barbara Webb as  Kate Keller

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Milford  Area Players Caity Glover as Maggie The Cat

Death By Design Milford Area Players Amy Agostino as Brigid

It  is so hard to pick a winner between Amy and Caity because they were both fantastic.

Winner: Julianne Bronson  Linda Loman Death Of A Salesman M&D Productions

Best Actress Youth Top 3

Predictions are made based on previous performances I have seem then in.

The Wedding Singer Teen Actorsingers Emma Benson As Julie Sullivan. Top 3

Chicago Peacock Players Lillie Ellars as Roxie Hart

The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players  Elsa Keefe as Dorothy

Winner:  Gracie Kontack Velma  Kelly Chicago Peacock Players

Best Actress Top 3

*Based on prior  performances I have seen them in.

Winner  *All Shook Up Stagecoach Productions Mia Beradi as Natalie

Crazy For You Actorsingers  Laura Iwaskewiz As Polly Baker

Into The Woods Actorsingers Jessica Dee as The Witch
If I could predict a tie in any category it would be this one  as Laura and Jessica were both fantastic.

Best Supporting  Actor Musical Top 4

*Based on previous performances

*Big Fish Stagecoach Productions Stuart Harmon as Edward Bloom Senior)

Top 3 Crazy For You Actorsingers Colin Malette as Bela Zangler

Crazy For You Actorsingers Kevin Linkroum as Lank Hawkins

Into The Woods Actorsingers Colin Malette as Rapunzel’s Prince

AGONY!  How does one pick a winner? I hate so much that all my friends are pitted against eachother!

Winner: Elliot Owens   Dennis in All Shook Up  Stagecoach Productions

Best Supporting Actor Drama Comedy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Peacock Players Kurtis Beeten as Lysander and Mac Galinson as Demetrius

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Milford Area Players Glen Grimard as Big Daddy

Glen will win this one since Peacock Players is a dominant favorite in so many other categories.


Did not see enough shows in Best Drama Comedy category in order  to make  a legitimate prediction.

Best Supprorting Actress Musical Top 3

*Based on previous performances

Crazy For You Actorsingers  Amy Agostino as Patricia Foder

Top  3 Crazy For You Actorsingers Sophie Linkroum as Irene Roth

*Big Fish Stagecoach Productions Anja Ward as Josephine Bloom

Winner:   Candace  Gonzoulas  Anita   West  Side Story  Majestic Theatre

Best Actor Youth

*Based on previous performances

A Year With Frog And Toad Actorsingers Youth Ben Morton as Frog   Oh! I really  hope he wins! He was fabulous!

Top 3 *The Wedding Singer Teen Actorsingers Nick Page  as Robbie Hart

Stephen Koehler Peacock Players The Wizard Of Oz  as Scarecrow/ Hunk

Winner: Rowan Ferrier J. Pierpoint  Finch How To Succeed  In Business  Without Even Trying RB  Productions

Best Supporting Actor Youth

* Based on Previous performances

*Chicago Peacock Players  Jakov Scwartzberg as Billy Flynn and Mac Galinson as Amos Hart

*The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players Brandon Felicano as Zeke/Lion

Winner: Dawson Ellis as  Leaf Cornboyer/ Carl Grunbuniere   25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  Winnipasaukee Playhouse

Best Supporting Actress Youth Top 2

*Based on  previously  seen performances

*Chicago Peacock Players  Gabriella White as Mary Sunshine

*The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players Gracie Kontack as Miss Gulch/ Wicked Witch

Winner:  Olivia  Dube Paulette Bonafonte  Legally  Blonde    Majestic Theatre
Tech Awards

The Best Music Director category  for a community production  is largely  dominated by Judy Hayward and Henry Kopcyznski II III.  I predict that Judy will win for Crazy For You and also win  in the professional category for Jesus Christ Superstar at Winnipasaukee Playhouse.  Winner in this category was Henry  Kopczynski  Chicago  Peacock  Players

Best Choreographer

*Based on previously seen performances

Crazy For You Actorsingers Martha Daniels Holland

Top  3/Winner *Chicago Peacock Players Valerie  Psonis Nelson

* The Wizard Of  Oz  Peacock Players Alyssa Dumas & Valerie Psonis Nelson

Vouli should have been nominated. I am mad that she wasn’t. 😓

This is a tough one to predict because Martha and Val are both great choreographers.

Best Coustume Design

*Based on previously seen performances.

Top 3 CATS Amherst PTA  Mary Selvoski Mary Jo Smith and  Laura Majore     Laura  Majore also won the Theatre Hero Award

Crazy For You Actorsingers Cherie Prior

*The Wizard Of Oz Peacock Players  Maggie Mahony


As much as I want this to be a win for the PTA I wouldn’t mind if  the results tonight  were as such that we tied with Actorsingers because Cherie’s costumes were awesome too.

Winner: Alex Homola  Chicago  Peacock Players

Best Sound Design

A largely dominant category for Rich Loomer and I am hoping he wins for A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Peacock Players. He is also nominated for  All Shook Up  with Stagecoach Productions and Chicago & Wizard Of Oz with Peacock Players.  Rich  won for Chicago with  Peacock  Players

I was  disappointed CATS  was not nominated in this category.

Best Scenic Design  I did not see any shows in the category so thus  I  can not make accurate predictions, however I hope Wally wins.  Winner: Jim Webber Time Stands Still  Theatre Kapow

Best  Lighting Design  Peacock Players is dominant in this category with three nominations  however I hope Wally wins. Winner:  Tayve  Young Time Stands Stil  Theatre Kapow


In the professional theatre category  my  summer stock alma mater  the New London Barn Playhouse  got many top three nominations and several awards for their respective  performances of  The Mystery Of  Edwin Drood and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels