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The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.

Elizabeth  Kubler Ross

I rarely get personal on this blog.. in fact  I try to avoid it since it supposed to be  professional.    I’d like to step away  from that for a second though.

Note: Names have been omitted from this blog post.

Today I have chosen to talk about adversity. I’ve overcome a lot of it to get to where I am today.   The end of last   year  and beginning of this year I  overcame my  fair share of  it and it relates to theatre and music.

In  November   there was a shake up among the  ranks for the original directors of the production were let go.It was  appropriately    refered to as Mermaidgate.  The  Board of Directors  of the PTA let them go  because of creative differences. The Board never offered an explanation or apology which I find to be frustrating. The thing that bothered me the most and still bothers me is how  the PTA Board of Directors was so deceitful  and dishonest in what they  did  to Sue and Pam.  There were many people who did not audition  because of what happened..  essentially splitting apart a family.

Despite the reservations that I had   I decided to audition.  The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite  Disney movies of all time and I did not want to pass up my shot to  be in this play. I am so glad that  I did.      This show  was so much fun to be  a part of . They always are.  We had an  amazing cast.    It was great to meet new people too. This was my absolute favorite show out of the ones   I have done with the PTA. I already miss the show and everyone in it very much.     Best way to beat post show depression? Watch DVDS of past shows that I borrowed from John Sauter.  I need some new fan fiction plot line ideas after all!

Right  now though I am at  a crossroads.    Because of what has happened  I am not sure if  I can continue to be a part of a group where the board  does not have respect for the hard work that was  put into the production. I   have a lot of respect for everyone in the PTA group and so much love for everyone too.    I really hope that  there will be a new  Board Of Directors instated  that will be able to start over   fresh with the PTA play  put creative differences aside and focus on the main goal of  the  play which is to raise money for the Amherst Schools. .   What happened definitely left a bitter  taste in my mouth.  I am glad I was able to put that aside and still enjoy the play with an awesome  group of  people that has become like a second family to me since 2011.

The  next  example of overcoming adversity   has to do with Souhegan Valley Chorus.   It is no secret that  I have had issues with getting along with my chorus director for the past couple years.   I have a lot of respect for my director and she knows that. I struggled for awhile with   focusing in chorus.  I was upset at myself for a long time and this really  distracted my enjoyment in chorus and having fun. I  also openly admit that I didn’t  really want to disclose my disabilities because  I did not think they would outwardly affect my singing.   This was a factor in me not feeling included as well.   We had a special meeting on  February 13th about inclusion.  That helped  me to feel a lot better.   I guess  I was afraid to disclose my disabilities to everyone because   I didn’t think that it was necessary to do that.    Singing is a passion of mine and it has been for many years.  My  vision  impairment definitely  had a negative impact on my performance though I think.. maybe I would have been able to get  help if  I had mentioned something sooner. Lesson learned.

These are two examples of how  I have overcome adversity  recently.  I have  learned a lot of lessons from these experiences.

Guest Reviews  Coming Soong

The Little Mermaid   Amherst PTA   Laura Vitale

Anything Goes  Pinkerton Players   (Pinkerton Academy Spring Musical)   Christie Conticchio

Update:  I decided to step away from chorus for the next semester so I can focus on the musical theatre cabaret I am doing at work.  I also need to refocus my mindset so I can actually start enjoying chorus again and work past all the anxiety I have been dealing with & focus on wedding planning .I am hoping to return in the spring. As for the PTA play next year’s  show is Mulan Junior which be  a show for 8-18 year olds. I might work backstage or take the year off so I can go watch  the show.




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To preface this  guest review by  Katie Mayo   the musical Grease premiered on  Broadway in 1971.  It’s most recent revival was  in 2010.  The movie starring  Olivia  Newton John and  John Travolta  came out in 1978 and celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year.  Katie also talks about what  she likes about the film version in this post.    The Palace Theatre production of Grease ended its run on March 18th.

Her favorite song in the film  is Grease  by Frankie  Valli. She also likes Hopelessly Devoted To You, Summer  Nights and Beauty School Drop Out because they  were performed on Glee.   The  songs in the play are the same as the movie.  She did not like Alma Mater Parody song.  She thought that the acting was cute and that the roles of Sandy and Danny were  very well acted by   Jesse Corbin and Alex Leveque.


While  I missed the Place Theatre production  I have seen  Grease  previously  at  Peacock  Players,Souhegan High School, Pentucket Regional High School and Interlakes Summer Theatre.  I have always felt that  the  subject matter  of Grease is not too appropriate for high school theatre because of some of the content.   It has always one of my favorite been my favorite musicals and movies.  Like  Katie   I like  Hopelessly Devoted To You,  Beauty School  Drop Out  and Summer  Nights.  I also like  There Are Worse Things  I  Could  Do and You’re The  One That  I Want.   There is a fan theory I have  read that  Grease is actually Sandy reliving a fantasy in her mind as  she gasps for air after drowning at the  beach and  then she dies at the end.  That really  ruins the whole musical for me.   Thankfully, while it sounds very logical it is just a theory.


I have also heard  some negative  reviews of Grease  at the Palace Theatre  but opted not to share those.


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