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There are moments that make me most proud to be  an alumni of the SHS Theatre Department.  I  graduated 14 years ago this  June if you can believe it.   Last night’s performance of Rogers and Hammerstien’s Cinderella  was a fine example of that.   This year’s senior class is  chockfull of talent  and they will be greatly missed next year.   Notable performances were  by    Katie  Giannakopolous  (Fairy Godmother) Helen St. Cyr  (Cinderella), Christos Nasssiopolious  (Prince  Christopher      Is his name the Greek equivalent of  Christopher?)   and  Sean Corrigan ( Lionel)  Other standouts were   Evmorfia Alton  ’20 Stepmother, Alyssa Saunders ’20, Stepsister  Joy,  Lucy Stover 19  Stepsister Grace   Kelly Frasca   Queen  Constantina  *What year is she?  It is not listed in the program.)  and    Alex  Dube 18′   King  Maximillian.

Did you know that Boys and Girls   Like You and Me was cut from  Meet Me  In St. Louis?  Well, now you have   learned something new!    I feel  that this song is  a  better fit for Cinderella.    Having been involved in Meet  Me  In St,  Louis   and having seen the film  I can’t see how that song would have fit with the time period and Cinderella is  a much more modern piece of theatre.

(Personally  I am not a fan of  Meet  Me In St. Louis. We’ll save that discussion for another time.)

Boys and  Girls  Like You  and Me was one of my favorite songs from  Cinderella,  others included  The Sweetest  Sounds, 10  Minutes Ago,  A Lovely Night  (  I liked the harmonies best in this one), Stepsisters  Lament,  It’s Possible  and There’s Music With You.

What I felt sets apart  this version apart from the originally  Disney version  is that   Prince  Charming  actually has a name..  Prince  Christopher.    When  I first saw this show performed in 2012 by  Riverbend Youth Company  Alumni   I thought that this  character had much more depth and the character was much more developed then  than  the Disney movie counterpart.

(I have found a first dance song for my wedding in 10 Minutes Ago!)

If you did not get  the chance to see  Cinderella this weekend you missed out on  a truly fabulous production.   It was  performed  March 23-25th at Souhegan High School. Directed  by  Jennifer Stover, Assistant Directed by  Anna Quinlan 18′ Music Directed  by Kim Whitehead and choreographed by Amy Mcguigan.  The orchestra was conducted by Carl Benevides.

I  think There’s  Music  In You  is perfectly fitting of this year’s  seniors.   Some  I have known for  short time  and others  who  I have known since     I first started doing the PTA  Plays in 2011 when they  were in 5th grade.    There is  so much talent both on stage and behind that I will miss seeing on stage and performing with next year.  Memories will be held on to fondly by us all and  I know that in their next chapter they  will be successful.



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Poster design by Sophie Linkroum

Hello Friends,

I have decided to  kill two birds with one stone  and combine my analysis of  Under  The Sea with  talking about my  experience in The Little Mermaid  thus far.  Shameless plugging for the PTA play.


Let my start off  by saying that  The Little Mermaid has always been  one of my all time favorite Disney movies.  It came out in  1989   with  Jodi   Benson  voicing  the lead   character  Princess Ariel.    In our   A  Night The Oscars  Showcase in 2016 my  fiancé Matt sang  Under  The Sea  for his solo and it was  a  crowd  pleaser which bought the house down. Many people were disappointed he did not try out for Sebastian when auditions came around in January   but I understood the reason why he didn’t audition and I think others did too.   Under  The Sea is sung  by  Sebastian  the  Crab  trying to convince Ariel not to  go up to the human world  “The human world is a mess.. life under the sea is better than anything they’ve  got up there.”   It is a very fun  high energy piece.


Rehearsals  for The Little Mermaid are going great so  far.  I have to admit  all of the drama centered around Pam and Sue being  let  go as directors  almost made me decide to not audition but then  I thought “This is not a shot  I want to throw away. ”  I am in the Under The Sea  ensemble so  I am in Under The SeaKiss The  Girl, the opening  number when King Triton’s daughters have their  concert  and a few other crowd scenes in Act II.     We are at the point the   rehearsal  process when  we are  doing full  run throughs and things  have  been going well.  It  is  fun to see all the other numbers  I am not in coming together.  We have amazing leads   who  I am excited to be  working with.   Some of them are  Sophie Linkroum (Ariel),  Russ Arrowsmith (King Triton),  Laura Millar (Ursula),  William Desharnais  (Prince Eric) and Michael Steadman (Grimsby)

Our directing   team  this year is  Sharron and Ben April, Lauren Busa and Tiffany  Jacobs and Amy  Mcguigan.      4 weeks are left  until the show opens  and I am so excited to move into  Souhegan after Easter.


Get your  tickets now for  Little Mermaid because you do not want to miss it!

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Thank you to Jeanie Walton for this review of Willy  Wonka Jr performed  by AMS Theatre Club.

Review: AMS Willy Wonka Jr

If you are looking for a wild adventure, complete with beauty, magic, and eerie mystical fun: Amherst New Hampshire’s Middle School play Willy Wonka Jr. will not disappoint! Director Jenn Fichera brings this play vividly to life, as detailed, glowing costumes and stage sets burst into your view with every scene.

Jack Vore’s version of the infamous Willy Wonka perfectly captures the character who looms over everything. He brilliantly displays a reclusive character, simultaneously showing a tender side while somehow being “stranger-danger” creepy all at the same time. Many on broadway have not done a better job in capturing the many layers of this iconic lead role.

Grandpa, played by Jenn Koruc is enthusiastic and hilarious, and perfectly nails this character’s sense of charm, curiosity and propensity to get into trouble. Her natural talents and gifts in performing, ignite the characters around her, and the scenes she is in literally lifts the audience into the world of Charlie Bucket.

The casting for this play is superb. Each character brings out the very essence of who their character truly is, and they do it with flair, originality, and talent; from the sincere and hopeful in Charlie; played by Charlie Powers, the southern charmless in Violet, played by Sophia Dube, the never-ending gluttonous nature of Augustus Gloop, played by Miles Biskovich, the distracted and disrespectful Mike TV played by Taylor Ciotti, and the “deliciously bossy” and incredibly spoiled Veruka Salt played by Autumn Fichera, all literally, set the stage on fire with their talent. Each of these characters, and the kids who flawlessly play their parents, perform their roles seamlessly, and with energy that set the stage aglow with humor and severe warnings on who you do not want your children to grow up to be!

The middle school children who played parents, and grown ups were so believable it was difficult to remember that everyone in the play was actually only in 8th grade or younger. The voices between children who played boys-and sometimes sang high, and girls who played men-who sometimes sang low, helped to set an illusion to the play that fit the bill of weirdness and unpredictability that left the audience in awe.

The ensemble cast, including the children and many oompa loompas, can not be applauded enough. Their amazing focus on detail, and ability to always stay in character added an air of magical eeriness that leaves the audience transfixed into a realm that does not release you until the last curtain call. A truly magnificent performance by all! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and to Jenn Fichera (Director) Kim Whitehead (Music Director), Lauren Hallet (Choreographer) and Sharon April (Producer) for producing a wildly entertaining version of Willy Wonka Jr!


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Slight delay due to Wednesday’s  snowstorm which allowed me a good   amount of time to gather my notes.   Lots of ground to  cover in this post.

First on  February  9th  Matt and I went to see   Complete Works  OF   Wiliam Shakespeare Abridged  at Peacock  Players.  This was  90 minutes of hysterical fun.    Notable  performances  were by   Andrew  Shaprio,  Lily Ayotte,  Jason  Frank, Lucci O’Keefe and Jerome Trudeau.     If you missed this show  you missed another great one.   It was performed   February   9th-18th at   Court St Theatre  in  Nashua.  It was directed by Keith Weirich.


I  last saw Peter Pan  Jr in 2015 performed by the AMS Theatre Club so  I was very excited to hear  that Riverbend Youth Company was doing it this season.  It was a  delight to see it again.   Sonya and   Mrs. Walcott  joined us for the  Saturday Matinee on February 17th and they enjoyed it as well.   Notable performances were by  Nathaniel Shepard  (Mr. Darling), Xander Batey    ( Crocodile),   Max  Harley  (Peter Pan),  Hadley Harris (Wendy Darling),  Sophia  Dube  ( Tiger Lily) and    Kyra Whitehead (Tinkerbell)  Favorite Musical  Numbers included   Following The Leader, Fly To Your Heart, Hook’s Tarentella Never Smile,  Sun Beams and SeaTender Shepard,  What Makes The Brave Man Brave and Your Mother and  Mine.

Peter Pan  Jr was performed at the Amato Center for The Performing Arts   Feb 16-18th and  was directed by Robin  Lacroix,  Music  Directed  by  Kim Whitehead and choreographed by  Meg  King.  Congrats to everyone on a great show.

On March 3rd we continued our  Dinner Theatre experience at the  Majestic Theatre   by seeing  Beer For Breakfast.  This  was comedy about a guys weekend which is foiled  when   the wife   from someone in  the group of friends shows  up.   A certain part of it reminded me of   I Think I Got You   Beat  from Shrek.    The cast  was small but mighty and consisted of A Robert Dionne,  Tracy Carracedo  Chad Boutin and  Katelyn Tustin.

Beer   For Breakfast was performed  March 2nd-4th at the  Excuetive  Court  Banquet  Facility in  Manchester.



An important  scheduling update to announcement!

My analysis  post of    Under The Sea for   the Rechiored Reading blog will be posted  next Wednesday  3/21  ON THIS  BLOG since I am using it as a way to promote  Little Mermaid..  After  that  I will be  taking a month long posting hiatus  until after Little Mermaid is over.

Spring  Posting Schedule 

April 29th    A Few  Good  Men  Milford Area Players, Dial  M For Murder Majestic Theatre, Nashua  Choral Society  Concert

May 16th   42nd  St Riverbend Youth Company,  Bye Bye Birdie Windham Actors  Guild,  Shakespeare In Hollywood   Community Players  of  Concord,  Sister Act

SVC  Spring Concert review  will also be posted to Rechoired Reading Blog on 5/16.

May 23rd    High School Music And Theatre Post

Souhegan’s Spring Musical Rogers and Hammerstein’s  Cinderella, Milford High School Chorus Concert, SHS    Spring Concert