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Wow!  How time flies.   I have been involved with Riverbend Youth Company since 2009.  It  is now 2016 and  West Side Story marks   the 100th show.   What a  milestone in which to achieve. There are so many seniors in the group this year who it has been my pleasure to share the stage and work backstage with over the years.  There will be a notation of a few seniors in particular at the end of the review.

West Side Story has always been one of my favorite musicals.  I think the intrigue in it lies in the fact that is  a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet and that has always been my favorite  Shakespeare play.  It is just the helpless romantic in me   I suppose.    Riverbend shows never cease to impress me and West Side Story is no different!

Riverbend is filled to  the brim with so many talented actors  so it is  SO  hard to solidly choose a favorite.   Katie Giannakopolous blew me away with her Somewhere solo… what an amazing  Riverbend Youth Company debut.   I really got chills during that song!  I look forward to seeing more from her.  Matt  Katsiganis and Ellie Sacco were  amazing  as Tony and Maria  (not to mention they are a super cute couple in  real life)  Other standouts included  Ben  Erdody as  Riff,Ethan Reeves as    Bernardo, Doug Pedroza as  Chino  Anna  Quinlan as Anita. Tom Partridge  as Doc  (another Riverbend  debut) and Lindsey  Murch as Rosalita.  Favorite musical numbers included  Gee  Officer  Krupkee, Tonight,  One Hand One Heart and I  Feel Pretty.

West Side Story has  three more performances  2 tomorrow at 2:30 and 7:30 and one  Sunday  at 2:30 at the Amato Center for The Performing Arts  in  Milford.    West Side Story is co-directed  by Jennifer  Erdody and Dale  Byrd, music directed by  Karina  Bertrand,  choreographed by  Liz Calabria and costumed by  Julia  Bucklin and Mickey  Katz.   Please do not miss this show. You will completely regret it if you  do.  Congratulations to everyone on a great show and to everyone involved with Riverbend on  West Side Story being the 100th show.

*Review over..please pardon the sentimentality of what is to come.*

As I said at the beginning of the post this group of seniors is a particularly  special group who  I have  grown fond of over the years because  I have worked with them  on   many shows.  I am also in Souhegan Valley Chorus with  Bryan Whittier and Naomi Cohen.   Four particular seniors in  West Side Story are incredibly special to me because they were in my mom’s   Princess  K.I.M The Musical  play when they were freshmen.  I have watched them grow as performers and technicians and have grown  along with them in my own right.  They make me smile, they make me laugh.   I am beyond  happy and grateful to know them.   It will  not be  the same without them next year.. not at all.

Something’s coming that is truly great for them all.  I know they will do amazing in the next chapter of their lives.   I hope they will not forget  me because  I am for certain not going to forget them.

Cassidy, Matt , Naomi and Stephen  I love you guys!


Correction: Stephen is a junior not a  senior  ooops my bad.   I get so confused with how the   grade system  for homeschooling works.


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