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I   do love me some Sondheim!    Last night  Matt and  I saw   Into The Woods  put on by  the Riverbend  Youth Company  Alumni.  Please get to the Amato Center of The Performing tonight as it is their last show.   You do  not want to miss it.

Every time  I see  I see  a Riverbend Youth Company production I am constantly amazed  by the talent in the company.  I have been  working on RYC productions since 2009 and have watched many of these kids   develop into the talented actors that they have become.   I have also worked with  quite a few of them  in the PTA plays.   Notable performances were by  Annie Ferac0 (Jack’s Mother) Kat Feraco  (Witch). Helen St Cyr  ( Little  Red Riding Hood), Matt Katsiganis  (Rapunzel’s  Prince), Nicole Sprague (Rapunzel),  Kayla Bullwinkel (The Narrator), Alyssa  Lederhos (Cinderella)  Ethan Reeves (The Baker)   and Amy Butenhof ( The Baker’s Wife)

The songs  were a good  mix of  humorous and thought provoking. Favorite included A Very Nice Prince (Lederhos and Butenhof), Agony (Katsiganis and Liam Conway) , It Takes Two (Reeves and Butenhof), Witch’s  Lament  (K. Feraco), Any Moment  Conway and Butenhof),  Your Fault  (Katie Swonger,St.Cyr,Reeves, K. Feraco and Lederhos), No More (Reeves and Michael Robicheau) and No One  Is Alone  (St. Cyr and Lederhos) .

Into The Woods  is directed by  Devereaux  Merchant, music directed by  Karina Bertrand and costumed by Jennifer  Belanger. As  I mentioned at the beginning  of the  review   there is one more performance   tonight at  7:30pm  at  the Amato   Center of The Performing Arts in  Milford.  Don’t miss it.  Congrats to cast,crew and production team on a fantastic show.


I am so excited because this fall RYC is doing  West Side Story and that is one of my all time favorite shows.   Looking forward to the first week of November.



End of  Summer and  Fall  Viewing Schedule

August 25th   She  Kills Monsters Riverbend Youth Company Alumni

September 30th   The Curious Savage  Nashua Theatre Guild

October 22nd  Beauty And The Beast  Manchester  Community Theatre Players

October 30th   Rock Of Ages  Actorsingers

November 5th  West Side Story  Riverbend Youth Company

November 11th Aida  Peacock Players

Milford  and Souhegan Fall  Play performance dates have not been announced yet.

Planning to see  A Christmas Carol at The Palace Theatre with one of  my cousins.  Haven’t  decided what day we are going  yet.

December  9th   Elf The  Musical    Peacock  Players

December 16th  Elf Junior  Riverbend Youth Company

This schedule is subject  to change due largely in part to budget and schedule.