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Reviewing The Situation   Leave a comment

Yes, of course the title of this post  is also   a  title of song from  Oliver.  I will get to that in a second….


Since Shrek  ended I have been keeping busy with Souhegan Valley Chorus.  Matt and I did not perform in the spring concert   because of a conflict  with a family wedding but made up for it by singing in the   performance at Granite Square Apartments on May 24th.  The performance was then followed by the end of the semester potluck  at the Congreational Church  Parish Hall.      Souhegan Valley Showcase was last Saturday and that was a lot of fun. Our theme was  A Night At The Oscars and we sang songs from  movies  such as Annie. Lord Of The Rings, Beaches ( which  I rented from the library and will be watching tomorrow),James Bond and Pearl  Harbor.

Favorite Songs that we sang in  Chorus This Year

  1.  Nuttin  For Christmas
  2.  Wizards  In Winter
  3. 12  Day of Christmas     Straight Note Chaser is coming to Portsmouth  Music  Hall at the beginning of August!!
  4.  I Want A Hippopotmus For  Christmas
  5. I’ve Got  My Love To Keep Me Warm
  6. That’s Christmas To Me
  7. The Christmas  Waltz
  8. Comedy Tonight
  9. You Raise Me Up
  10. Lydia The Tatooed Lady
  11. I Love A Choral Medley
  12. The Deaf  Old Woman
  13.  I Want The Good  Times  Back      Can  I please just mention for one  second how  AWESOME    Rachel  Cerrulo is?  She’s awesome!  🙂
  14.  Taylor The Latte  Boy
  15.  Let’s Go To The Movies   Annie
  16. Under The Sea  The Little Mermaid
  17. Happy Working Song Enchanted
  18.  A Whole New  World Aladdin
  19. There You’ll  Be
  20.  The Wind Beneath  My Wings
  21. Cref Volant

I  Love SVC!


Post show depression  really hit me hard after Shrek and to top  things off  it was bought to my attention (which I am grateful for of course) that  I was  trying to plan to many events with  the  Shrek cast. Sometimes  I don’t  realize when I am getting to in people’s faces and   it was good to be made aware of it.

The reason why this  post is titled  Reviewing The Situation is because of the fact  that  I  find myself  constanly  reviewing  many different  facets of  certain situations.  Weather it’s how I handle  certain social situations or my budget.  Often   I try to overschedule  activities but  them    I realize that just leads to over exhaustion for me and the rest of my friends.  I am also  constantly reviewing  my show viewing schedule and sometimes budger and schedule does not allow me to see everything… Little Shop Of Horrors and Billy  Elliot  are fine examples.  Maybe  it’s because I have so many friends  who are in shows that I  want to support but then  I feel bad when  I can’t make it to the show.

willywonka candygrams for Curtains

Then there is the matter of buying candy grams at Riverbend Youth Company shows.  I try  to do this at every Riverbend Youth Company show  I go to.  I took my mom to see Curtains for Mother’s Day and when  I told her  how many candy grams I was buying  I instantly regretted  deciding to buy so  many…. sure they are only a dollar each but that adds up after awhile  I have to  reevaluate this situation especially hard since  I  really do not have  too much extra money to be spending to begin with and also since I know so many kids in the cast.. it’s  like  ugggh…



Thursday night was the DVD viewing  party for  Shrek at Jenn Fichera’s house.   It was a lot of fun and  it was refreshing to go swimming  especially after it has been so hot out.  The DVD  came out great as always and it was so great to see everyone.   On  July 9th we are going over Karina’s house and  I am so excited for that party.   It will be a great  way to see everyone before  I go away on vacation the following week. During which time  I will be not be on the internet.


I am in  Oliver with Friends OF The Amato Center (hene forth  the title of the Entry)  We have such a great cast and  I am so excited. Many of my cast mates from Shrek are in Oliver so  I am excited to work with them all again and meet new people too.  It’s going to be a great summer!!   Character development  fan fiction coming soon


Summer Viewing Schedule

6/30  Shana Stack

7/10   9 To 5  Interlakes Summer Theatre

7/24  Studio 2  at Stark Park  in Manchester

7/31  Shakespeare  In The Park  Romeo and Juliet   at Greeeley  Park

August  5th   Into The Woods Riverbend Youth Company  Alumni

August 12th   One  Flew  Over The Cuckoo’s  Nest  Milford Area Players

August 14th  Footloose Interlakes Summer Theatre

August 25th    She  Kills Monsters  Riverbend Youth Company Alummi

August  26th  Burt Bacharach  Concert in  Warner (family birthday outing)

August 27th   Bat Boy The Musical  Actorsingers Fringe Project


I am ushering at a majority of these shows.


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