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Since the end of CATS I have taken a lot of time to think about my schedule  in hopes I don’t want to overload it with too many things. One lesson I learned a few years ago when I worked backstage for Annie and was in It’s  A Wonderful Life at the same time  I learned that doing more than one show at a time us too much. This had made me seriously consider my planning for both tech work & auditions for both the summer and fall. Here is what I have ultimately decided to do: 

  1.  Focus on one show!  I was originally planning to audition for both Mary Poppins & Cat On  A Hot Tin Roof but after reconsidering I have just to focus on Mary Poppins. This is the first  musical the Amato Center has done for adults & kids  and I am excited for it. 
  2. Budgeting is key It is  nearly impossible to see every show I want to go see this summer…let’s be honest here.  Expenses on tickets and pre-show dining add up after awhile
  3. Balance is also key. I want to make room in my schedule for doing other activities this summer and relaxing.
  4. Auditioning for Actorsingers won’t happen again  for awhile.  I need to get more experience under my belt. While this years season has very good shows (Into The Woods & Spamalot) I would rather work on  improving my skills.
  5. And when the fall comes…. I got elected to Board Of Directors for SVC  doing publicity and I am pretty pumped. That will keep me pretty busy and I need to focus on that. I also plan on doing the Messiah Sing this year which will mean no Holiday Show at the Amato Center.

With all that bring said  my summer viewing and ushering schedules have been finalized

Ushering is in italics

June 20th Gypsy New London Barn Playhouse

June 28th  Phantom Tollbooth  Riverbend Youth Company

June 30th  West Side Story Interlakes Summer Theatre

August 4th  Shrek The Musical Palace Theatre Youth Company

August 6th or 7th Shrek The Musical Riverbend Youth Co Alumni

August 23rd Peter Pan Prescott Park Arts Festival

My fall ushering/tech work schedule  is still being worked out at this point but because of being so busy with SVC stuff I will likely choose one show to work backstage for one and will usher at one or two others

My choices are Wizard Of Oz, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Willy Wonka and Into The Woods. Once I find out performance dates for all shows the decision will be easier to make.

I recently found out that Jackie O’Dowd is not doing the PTA play next year because of a busy schedule. I am hoping to talk to her to see if I can take over for her and fill her vacated position helping out with publicity for Shrek. 😃


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