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Crazy for You is a musical that is in the style of boy meets girl, and Bobby Child (played by Joel Iwaskewizcz) goes from a possible lover for Irene Roth  (played by Sophie Linkroum) & a lover between  the Follies in New York City and giving up and going to Nevada. A young woman named Polly (played by Laura Iwaskewicz) is busy with mail before she bumps into Bobby. She finds she’s not interested in his taste, so Bobby pretends he is Bella Zangler ( played by Colin Malette) a magician who is entertaining.


This musical overall is a combination of drama, comedy,dance, and romance. 

Notable musical numbers were Slap That Bass,What Causes That?,Someone To Watch Over Me,Things Are Looking Up & Stiff Upper Lip.

It’s very entertaining with the dance numbers, as the actors dance very periodically during scenes when the actors are taking immediate action. It’s also entertaining since the main actors are real married couples. The set design which was by Catherine Andruskevich, Rod Conrad, Larry Dorion, Kelli Loughlin, Bob Lovering, John McAllister, Spencer Neimi, Nate Pare, Billy Pomerleau, Joe Ristrovotoand Bill Wenrich for Nevada looks realistic like the Old West both inside and outside. Notable performances were by Joel & Laura Iwaskewicz, Kevin & Sophie Linkroum, Jessica Dee, Colin Malette,Tim Vincent & Amy Agostino.

Crazy For You  was performed at Edmund J. Keefe Auditorium May 15-17. Directed & Choreographed by Martha Daniels Holland and music directed by Judy Hayward. Great job to cast crew and production team! 



Posted May 19, 2015 by theatretechdiva in Actorsingers

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