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Moving to New York  may be a big future aspiration that I may work up to but it’s  good to start small. I really want to move to Portsmouth just for a change of scenery.”

I came across an old post I wrote the week before I graduated from NEC the other day. It’s interesting to see how much my thought process has changed since then. One notable thing that I said in the post was that maybe my paths away from college would lead me to living in New York City. I don’t know what my exact thought process was at the time but I would assume it had something to do with Broadway musicals and wanting to live  in the center of it all. Perhaps that was too overly ambitious or lofty thing to achieve. Moving to Portsmouth is a somewhat less lofty goal and seems more achievable.  I hope to do that eventually once we save up enough money to move out there.

Theatre remains my biggest passion as most people know and I hope to find a job where I can do what I love..which is actually consitent of three things theatre, writing and working with kids.  Right now I am doing  subbing in the Nashua School System on a per diem basis but I hope that will turn into something with  part or full time hours.   I often get frustrated when an audition for a play doesn’t go my way.  Michelle Emmond gave me advice awhile ago that said something about finding my theatre path which I try to keep in mind when an audition does not go my way.  I try to keep that in the back of my mind and also apply it to my job search which can get equally as frusturating and at some points discouraging. 

I suppose in theatre and in life it is important to keep trying and moving forward. The right role and the right job will fall into place at one point or another at which point the stars will be in perfect alignment. 😀

Happy Easter friends! 🐰


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