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Last semester in my brief stint with YMCA chorus our theme was Thankfulness and one of the songs we were singing was Thank You For The Music. This is my favorite song from the musical Mamma Mia.  March is Music In Our Schools Month and I felt I should talk a little bit about music. In 7th grade my Wells Speech was about music & the deep connections I have with it and the impact It has had on my life.

On the Oscars Lady Gaga did a mind blowing medley of songs from The Sound Of Music in honor of the 50th annniversary of the movie.  I  had never heard her sing like that ….not to mention she looked gorgeous. The Sound Of Music  has had a profound affect on me as it was the first movie musical I saw that  got me interested in musicals and musical theatre. To this day it is my favorite movie of all time. 

I think music is a universal language that everyone can relate to in some way, shape or form. If you think for a second about songs from musicals or just songs you hear on the radio there are songs out there that would fit this topic. Music has been an exceptionally huge part of my life. I starteed being involved in music in 3rd grade playing the drums in the school band. I would continue with that for 5 years. In 5th grade I joined chorus and haven’t stopped being involved since.   (With the exception of taking a break from singing in college) One thing that I have enjoyed about being involved in music & musical theatre over the past 19 years is the sense of friendship and family you build with whatever group your are performing with. I have fond memories of going on trips to New York & Disney World and memories I am making with The Amherst PTA, Actorsingers, Riverbend Youth Company and Souhegan Valley Chorus only continue to grow. 

As people know I am a huge fan of musicals however the scope of my musical interests does not simply settle on that. Over the years I have listened to pop, classic rock, jazz and classical and I have come across a song  in every genre that I have enjoyed listening to.   My friends have introduced me to groups such as The Fray,Panic! At The Disco, Dashboard Confessional & Washington Social Club.

“Without a song or a dance what are we so I say thank your for the music for giving it to me.” Thank You For The Music Mamma Mia


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