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I think  I need to take  a step  back for a second  reevaluate  how often  I will be updating this blog.  I am making more use of the Facebook page as a place to post reviews so  I question  I am going to keep the physical  blog up much longer.   I will try  very  hard to update this blog at least once a week… twice  if  I go see a show and write a review.  I will also try to  review shows right away  after I see them   instead of waiting so long   between entries…  I  do despise keeping you all hanging.  Deepest  apologies for that.

Leading up to Saturday’s  NHTAs I have been  doing a top 20 countdown of favorite songs from shows  I have seen in the  past year.  Some songs are from shows  that didn’t get nominated ( these are the snubs  I feel)

Videos  I have posted so far:

The countdown should  wrap up by  Thursday or Friday and the top 6  songs will be revealed  in my wrap up entry about the NHTAS  (Naturally you will see the videos on  Facebook  before then.)

#20  King Of New York   from Newsies     This was one of my favorite numbers from  the all dance production  of Groovin on  The Go  that  Jenn Brisebois directed for her senior  project.    I must remember to rent this movie again/    I have  not seen in  awhile.

#19  Too Darn  Hot   from  Kiss Me Kate     This show was not too long ago at the beginning of  December and was put on  by Stagecoach  Productions.     This show was directed   by  Joel  Iwaskewiz  Chreographed  by  Laura  Iwaskewiz and   music directed   by   the thrice nominated  Judy  Hayward.   This song  definitely  had me snapping a long.   I  like to introduce myself to a new show every year and this  one was one of my  favorites

#18 and  #11 Disneyland and Smile  from Smile The Musical    I do  admit that most of this countdown mostly   does a huge amount of  sucking up to   Riverbend Youth Company and Actorsingers.  These two   are from  Smile  The Musical which was last spring’s  Riverbend Youth  Company  production.   I really  thought what made this show so unique is that is so unknown by  a lot of people which made all the more  fun to see.  A weclcome  change from shows that are done all the time such as Sound  Of  Music

#17  Attitude  Dance      Diversion #1 away from   showtunes.   One  thing    I really enjoy about  the  Jazz Nights at Souhegan is  the fact that   so many  jazz bands from many   different local schools perform.  This particular  song  was performed by   the  jazz band from   Manchester   High  School   West.

#16 and #13   Good  Night  My Someone and  Shipoopi    from  The  Music  Man   It was a  toss up between  Good Night My  Someoone and Til  There  Was You  two utterly  fantasic love songs… I am a  helpless  romantic  what can  I say?  Shipoopi is   such  a fun  dance  number!

#15  Bend And Snap    Hands  down my favorite song from  Legally Blonde The Musical. This dance number was so fun to watch  and it’s hilarious to  boot

#14   Interplanet Janet  School House Rock  Jr   It was great to see this play after not  seeing it in such a long time.   I saw the  full version back in 1998 when the PTA  did.      My other  favorite songs from the show were   Do The Circulation,  UnPack Your  Adjectives and  Conjunction Junction.

#12  Minister’s Cat  Scrooge  The Musical    This  was a  very  fun scene and this song was a lot of fun.  The next song from Scrooge is in the top 5 but  I will  not tell you which one it is!

#10   Anything Goes  from Anything Goes       I love the  Riverbend Alumni Shows because it always fun to see the alumni come back during the summer and work with the current  high school students.   I have seen Anything  Goes  two other times but this was definitely my  favorite performance of it.  Anything  Goes   was  definitely  my favorite number in the show and deserved the standing ovation it received.

#9   Fairytales  by Alex  Preston    American Idol fever swept through Amherst/MT  Vernon as Mt Vernon’s own  Alex  Preston   took the show  by storm with his unique sound.    All his music is amazing and I can’t wait until his EP comes out.

#8   Translyvania Mania  Young  Frankenstien    Loved this song.. the music was catchy and  I wanted to get up and  dance along to it.

The biggest change you will note in this blog is  newspaper articles.   Right now  I am  taking a break from  doing PR for theatre shows while  I  help my  mom promote her new book which is about me  growing up with a disability and being bullied.   I am also taking this time   to reevaluate weather or not  I still want to  PR.    Over the past  couple years  I’ve found  that   I work  hard to  write articles and sometimes they  not  get published in the newspaper.  While there have  been some occasions  where space has been an issue  it just gets so frustrating that  I spend so much time doing interviews and then my  work does not get  published.   Other times it does get  published  but it doesn’t get name credit which   also perturbs me.   I know this probably is not a good selling point  for  wanting to do publicity  stuff with other theatre companies ( I am not only talking about PTA either) but   I just feel like it’s a lack of respect for the  hard work I  do to not get name credit in the paper.    I may change my mind about doing PR by   the fall but we will see what happens with that.

One goal  I’ve set for  myself is to try  something new  with backstage work.  That  is already  going to be  accomplished because I am  Assistant  Sound Designer for the PTA play CATS.    Initally  I was not even excited about doing CATS  because  it’s not my favorite show ever but  I can’t wait for this new experience!   I also want to try assistant stage managing eventually or something new in the  front of house or production team capacity.  We’ll see what happens with that.

Stay  tuned  for my theatre awards wrap up later this weekend!!    Also enjoy the  Super Bowl!    Go  PATS!

Happy New Year everyone.  Be safe in the storm!


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