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Ok, so  open admittance   I do a really crappy  job of updating this blog… though on occasion  I did post reviews directly to  the  Facebook  page for this blog which works the same way.  One of my new years resolutions is to do a better job with updating.. this also  depends  on how busy  I am because   I am once again on the job  hunt and that is my main focus right now.   I wanted to do a year in review post of all the shows  I saw in 2014.     It was a great year.   I took a picture of all the playbills  I have saved… there are some missing  because my box was too full  and  I had to throw some away once  I wrote the review.

February was  a pretty busy viewing month  as  I saw  Groovin On The and Almost Maine and in March  I saw  Peter Pan at Nashua South, The One Act Play Festival at the Amato Center  Grease at Pentucket Regional High School  (my cousin  Olivia was a pink lady)  Beyond  Therapy  and  The Producers..   I will get to listing NHTA Awards later.     The NHTA  nominations   were released on December 19th and  I am excited for all the shows  I  saw or was involved with that got nominated.. we’ll get to the nominations at the end.

Seussical   In  April  I was in my 4th play with the PTA.   As people know  I had a lot of personal connection to the  story  of this show.  If you read the  chapter Exit  Music in my  character anaylsis fanfiction you will  see what  I mean.  I love my PTA family! That is all.

Smile  The thing  I liked best about this musical was that it is not very well known  unlike the musicals that are done all the time (ie Sound Of Music, Wizard of Oz etc)    Riverbend Youth Company always  done fantastic with their shows and this one as well as Little Shop of Horrors and Scrooge  were no exception.   My favorite songs were  Disneyland, Shine and Smile.

ISL Every summer  I go to Meredith NH  to go see a show at Interlakes Summer Theatre.  This summer my the junior version of my  mother’s Princess K.I.M.  Play which was excellently done by the  Junior Intern Company.  I saw Miss Saigon and The Wiz put on  by the adult company.   Miss Saigon was not  one of my favorite musicals…  I have to be honest.  I found to be kind of depressing and there were very  few songs that stood out to me. The Wiz was fantastic and my favorite songs are definitely  Ease On Down The Road,  Y’All Got It and  No Bad News.

AugustShows  The Riverbend Youth  Company  Summer shows this year were  The Little Mermaid  Jr and Anything  Goes.    Probably my favorite two shows of the year  by far!!    I had never seen  The Little Mermaid on stage before so  I was super excited that RYC selected  it for their summer show.  This show was student directed  by   Katy Osterholtz music directed by Megan Dillon and choreographed by  Meghan McKnight.  Anything Goes was the alumni show which features the talents of all  the  current high school students and  college students who are home for  the summer.  My favorite musical numbers included  Friendship, Blow Gabriel Blow, Anything  Goes,  You’re The Top and  I Get A Kick Out  Of You,  I really look forward to the summer show this  year! 🙂

Dracula In  October I worked backstage for Passion For Dracula with  Milford Area Players. This was snubbed by the  NHTAs unfortunately and I am a little upset about that. Very excited  for everyone involved in Beyond Therapy that was nominated. This show had a good mix of funny and emotional scenes  which   I really liked  a lot.

photo_1 (11) One  of  the  funniest shows  I think    I saw this year!    Lots of great  dance numbers including   Transylvania  Mania  and  Roll  In  The  Hay.   All   nominations   for  this show were so  well  deserved.   Congrats to all!!     Missing from the  line  up of playbills is the  one from  Music Man which is also up for numerous  NHTA nominations!  I can’t wait until  the 31st to see who will win!

Scrooge A Christmas  Carol  is one  of my favorite holiday and  Scrooge  is a  wonderful  musical retelling.  This  was directed by Liz Moore, Musical Directed by  Brian Moore and choreographed by  Madison  Calabria.  My  favorite musical numbers  were   December The 25th, Minister’s  & Thank You  Very Much.

ALSO   Congrats to   Liz and Brian  Moore on the arrival of their son Royce in early December!   He is adorable!!

MOBMHS On  November 20th     I saw  Moon Over Buffalo at  Milford  High School.  When   I heard they  were doing it   I was  super excited.   I saw this show in   Fall 2012 at  Manchester  Community  Theatre Players  and   I couldn’t stop laughing  the  whole time.   The   same thing was the case this time!     Kayla  Bullwinkel and  Lily  Ayotte  gave  the  most hysterical performances but  the whole cast was talented. Congrats to all! KissMeKate      We wrap up  the 2014 viewing schedule with   Kiss  Me Kate at Stagecoach  Productions.   This show  was directed by Joel Iwaskewiz, Choreographed my Laura  Iwaskewi & music directed  by  Judy  Hayward. Lots of   great songs in this show including  Another Openin  Another Show, I am Ashamed That Women  Are So  Simple,  I  Hate Men and Too Darn Hot.       Congrats to everyone involved  on a great show and your NHTA nominAmatoCenterChristmasShows   I   was in the   Christmas show at the Amato Center for the second time  in a row this year and hope to make it an annual tradition. This year we did two one act plays called  Carol’s Christmas and Jingle  Bell Jury.   The great thing about this show is that  I get to work so many of  my PTA friends during the off season and also get to work with  new people.   My friend Jeff   made his acting  debut in the Christmas shows and I hope this  the first of many times we work together on  a show.   The thing   I like best about the Christmas plays is how it brings families together in the spirit of  the holidays.       To me the holiday season is not really about presents but being around people you love.  Thank you   to everyone who came to the show and everyone also who sent me candy grams..,, many were not signed so  I  cannot personally thank  them.  Your support means a lot to me.  🙂

I also joined the  Souhegan Valley Chorus this year and am  so happy that  I did!

2014 was an awesome year of theatre and  I have no doubt that 2015  will   be  much  of the same.  Happy  New Year to all!


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