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Summer has arrived.. still missing my PTA crew but looking forward to the karaoke party at Jasper Valley in August. I am sort of bummed because I found out about a month ago that they couldn’t get the rights to Beauty and The Beast so next year’s PTA play is going to be CATS. I think no matter what the show should be very fun to work on. So yes… let’s get jellicle. ūüôā

Also congratulations to all the PTA seniors who graduated last night. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to know all of you in the past couple years and will miss working with you a great deal. Congrats class of 2014.

I ultimately decided not to audition for Sound of Music in Manchester because of distance. I will definitley go to see the show though. In between now and auditions I will be working backstage for the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni production of Anything Goes at the beginning of August. I am looking forward to trying something new this year and assistant stage managing. Right now I am deciding between auditioning for Young Frakentstien with Actorsingers and Kiss Me Kate with Stagecoach Productions. I am pretty used to auditioning for both of these companies by now so I know what to expect. Hopefully my luck will change this time around. I am also going to audition for the Holiday Show at the Amato Center. They are doing one act plays this year and that should be lot of fun. ūüôā

My choir concerts for the YMCA Chorus are coming up on June 23rd and June 29th.   I do hope people will come.   We have a wonderful line up of Broadway tunes.    I have included a link below to   our poster which has all the information about showtimes and locations.

I think the biggest challenge with promoting the Y ¬†choir ¬†is the fact that ¬†Music and Art classes are not the first thing people think about when they think about the YMCA. When people sign up for classes they don’t immediately think ¬†“Oh ¬†hey, ¬† I’m going to ¬†join ¬†choir or take voice lessons.” ¬†The thing ¬†most people associate with the YMCA is fitness. ¬† This is why we seem to be running into issues with getting people to join the chorus. ¬†Currently our choir ¬†has 8 members and we are hoping to get more people to join for the fall semester that starts in September. ¬† I think that being in this choir has really helped me to grow as a performer but at this point ¬†I am ready to be part of a bigger performing group and sing more challenging songs. ¬†This fall ¬† I am planning to join the Souhegan Valley Chorus and ¬†I am pretty excited. ¬†For awhile ¬†I will attempt to do ¬†both choirs but if my schedule ¬†ends up getting too confusing with too many overlapping rehearsals and performances ¬† I may just stick with SVC.



Happy summer friends!!


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