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Seussical is over! Best PTA Play i’ve ever been involved with .. top rated 10!!! So happy to back with this group after taking a year off after launching Princess K.I.M. The Musical. Looking so forward to Beauty and The Beast next year.
I also should mention that if you really think long and hard about Horton Hears A Who it in very relevant to the current societal ways of bullying. As Demi observes through out the story the jungle creatures are not very understanding about the Whos and basically think Horton is insane wiihout even knowing the whole story about Whoville. As the songs say the they think “he is talking to a speck of dust.” Gertrude is the only person who truly believes in Horton and the fact that Whos exist. Another thing I noticed is that I can relate to Gertrude’s character that I can relate to her in a lot of ways. In high school I was often the odd one out in relationships. I was very much like Gertrude because she is shy around Horton and not sure how to express her feelings for him. Mayzie is a representation of all the popular girls in high school that I often envied… in this case it was more the case of Abercombie and Fitch clothes then long flowing colorful tails. I was also bullied in high school and often teased for being different because of my learning disabilities so I can relate to how Horton is hurt by being judged by the jungle creatures.

People may have different views of how they see this story unfold and this is mine. I hope that my analysis is relevant to the way society is today. While I’m not sure that is what Dr. Seuss was aiming for with the story Horton Hears A Who that’s what I got out of this show. To me this is about accepting people’s differences which is what the characters do by the end of the play.

Thank you to the PTA for an awesome and powerful experience. This show will stick with me for a long time. While not very many of the seniors did the play this year I also wanted to give a shout out to them. It has been awesome to work with you all in the past 4 years and I wish you all the best of luck in college. Thanks for sharing your talents both on stage and behind. 🙂


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