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So   this has been a very busy winter for me.  I will actually be very happy to  relax once Seussical is over.  I think I sort of over committed myself to doing too many publicity projects at once and my head was spinning for quite awhile.  Aside from helping the PTA with publicity for Seussical  I also helped promote the Nancy O Fund St Patrick’s  Day fundraiser Windham Actors Guild and volunteered at AMS in February to help teach the middle school Theatre department  kids about interviewing people and writing articles.  While I am certainly happy to help out as many people as I can with doing publicity next year  I think  I need to  spread my time out  more evenly so  I don’t have so many deadlines piling up on each other at once.   System overload!    All of it is worthwhile in the end of course.  It’s just a matter of learning to balance things out better for the next time.

Seussical is really coming together. Sunday  we had a run through of Act II.  I am excited to be doing full run throughs next week…especially with props and sets.     The costumes look fantastic!  I am in Who family #6… pink!!      I think my favorite songs in Seussical  are  Notice Me Horton, All For You and  Solla Sollew.    I am usually really good about updating this blog during the rehearsal process  but  things have been pretty busy between  work. rehearsals, practicing music and dance outside of rehearsals and job searching.      After the show is over I am looking forward to going to California.  My sister’s documentary Following Flame is nominated for an Emmy in the category for  college documentaries.  I  am so excited!!  🙂

I  missed the adjudicator training for the NHTAS.   Oh well, next year.   I always seem to have schedule conflicts when the trainings happen and the weather did not really help too much either.  While I think  being an adjudicator would be a very interesting experience for me  there’s something  that kind of  nags at me about that whole process.    I have gone to the awards for five years now.. my first time going was in 2009 and I always enjoy going.   I sometimes feel the NHTAs are too political. This can get very annoying.    Granted there are so many  theatre groups in this state  made up of  talented actors and technicians. I am happy to know so many talented people both youth and adult as   I have been  involved with a few different companies  over the years.     I guess  I am still trying to understand how the adjudication process works but   I definitely think there is a lot of favoritism going on  which makes things  sort of unfair for certain companies. I’m sure I mustn’t be alone in feeling this way.   Maybe I’m just a little bit bitter because  I was hoping the PTA would do better this year.  I am happy for the people who did win though!    🙂    Also   while   I certainly am happy that our shows get the recognition that they do by the NHTAS I sometimes feel that we are put under extra pressure  because the show is being adjudicated.  That kind of sucks the enjoyment out of things  to a certain degree.  Not going to lie.

For the most part  though  I can’t really complain that much..  I love the PTA plays.  🙂

To make reference back to my post from last year that  was short reflection  about going to  the Strictly  Music Show at Souhegan.   I have thought a lot about  that experience more recently.  It was really   eye opening for me because it made me realize that while Souhegan is my home base   I don’t really know  a huge majority of kids who still go there.  As the years progress forward and I get older   I realize sure those concerts were fun to go in high school but now its weird because   last year Sonya and I were the only non- high school kids at that concert.    As much  as I hate to admit it  I kind of feel the same way when  I go to plays at SHS.  The small amount of kids  I know in the theatre department have either done shows with Riverbend Youth Company or have been in PTA Plays with me.   Going to the shows is not really a problem for me. The shows are still great and enjoyable.  The current group of kids is continuously  impressive with their talent.   No complaints there. Generally speaking  it’s just odd for me to go to anything at Souhegan because I’m so much older than a lot of the kids who go there. I’m like a fish out of water.   Many of this year’s seniors were in 2nd grade when  I was a senior.  Aside from the kids  I know from the play most of the kids  I know who are seniors are siblings of my sister’s friends.    I go to sports game to mostly support kids  I know from the play who play  sports.  As the years go by  I’ll start to know less and less kids at Souhegan and I’ll feel even more and more out of  place at  these events. Will that mean  I’ll stop going to them?  I’m not sure yet.  It’s quite likely

In 10 or 15 years this won’t make too much of  a difference. Right now though it’s something I think about a lot.


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