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Forget about  pens and brackets.. this year I am doing something completely different  March Theatre Madness.   Schedule and budget does not allow me to see every show however I have seen 4 in the past couple days.

March 7th  School House Rock Live Jr.  Junior Actorsingers.  This show was short sweet and very enjoyable.  I remember watching School House Rock videos in English class in middle school and my favorite songs were always  Conjunction  Junction, Unpack Your Adjectives and Do The Circulation.  Stand out performances were by  Ben Morton Darcy Hinckle and Nicole  Plummer.  I should mention that Interplanet Janet should probably be updated since Pluto is no longer a planet.    School House Rock Live ran at Court St Theatre  March 7-9th. Great  job to everyone!

March 13th   Riverbend School of Theatre Arts  1 Act Play Festival.   I always look forward to going to this every year and am always impressed by the  talented of the student written plays.  This year’s theme was  On The Theme of Faith and the four plays were  The Twilight  Warrior   Written and directed  by Gabe Garcia,  Myth of Demarcus  written and directed by  Gage Turgeon and Woody Stockwell,  Rosie  Written and Directed by  Nicole Sprague and  Assistant Directed by Ellie Sacco  and Comedy  Written and directed  by Devon Labonte.  Notable performances were by  Sheriff (Matt Barnaby), Sven (Matt Campbell), King  (Max Barnaby),  and Queen  (Hannah Garcia) in The Twilight Warrior,  Gwen  (83) ( Cassidy White), Zac Barnaby ( Demarcus age 7),  Max  Barnaby (Demarcus age 15),  Eva Stine (Gwen age 15). Matt Campbell  (Demarcus age 27) and Sarina White  ( Gwen Age 27)  in Myth of Demarcus  Adi Brezinski (Rosie) and Ethan Reeves  (Patient) in Rosie and  Tony  ( Jonathan Edelbleut)  Chad (Ethan Reeves) and Phil (Stephen Edeilbluet) in  Comedy.   Myth of Demarcus was very powerful and emotional and  Comedy was hysterical.  The One Act Play Festival was performned  at the Amato Center for The Performing Arts on March 13th and 14th.

March 14th  Peter Pan Nashua South   I was a bit late arriving to this  but  I was grateful not to miss too much of it.    Once again  I was impressed by the talent of the Nashua High School  theatre performers as they transported us to Never Land.   Favorite musical numbers were  I Won’t Grow  Up, Distant Melody, Hook’s Waltz and Tender Shepard.   Notable performances were  by  Samantha Ricard (Wendy). Sarah Drake (Peter Pan), Tiger Lilly (Gabby Foster) and Captain Hook (Sean Vignealt)   Peter Pan runs for two more performances tonight at 7:30 and tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm.   Great  job to cast crew and production team on a wonderful show.

March 15th Grease Pentucket  High School Last night I went to see Grease at my cousin Olivia’s high school. She was one of the pink ladies. Grease has always been one of my favorite musicals and I really enjoyed this production. My favorite musical numbers were We Go Together, Born To Hand Jive and Beauty School Dropout. Great job to the cast and crew!

Souhegan raised their ticket prices this year to $15. While I understand the reason why they had to be raised  I don’t think  I will be going to see the show this year because of budget constraints.  I am bummed to be missing it because I was really excited to see it,   In general  I think $15 is kind of expensive for a high school show.   Am  I alone and thinking this or do people agree?


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