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For the past couple weeks I have been mentoring the kids in the publicity  department  in the Amherst Middle School Theatre Club.  Here is the article that we worked on together which will be in  the Milford Cabinet and Amherst Citizen.     Thank  you to Jen Stover and Kim  Kirk for this opportunity. The kids were so great to work with.  🙂 I would also like to apologize for the foresight in leaving the show dates and times out of the articles. Performances are at Amherst Middle School March 14th-16th. Evening performance are at 7:30pm and matinees at 2pn. Please come support these hardworking kids! 🙂

My Son Pinocchio Jr to celebrate 10 years of  Amherst Middle School Theatre Club Productions

by Janine Leffler

This year the Amherst Middle School Theatre Club will  celebrate it’s  10 year anniversary.   Their production this year is My Son Pinocchio Jr which is the story of  the Disney classic  Pinocchio from Geppetto’s perspective.   This show features a mixture of  classic songs such as  I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down  and When You Wish Upon A Star  with new songs  which were written by Steven Schwartz who has written  such popular musicals such  as Wicked, Pippin and Children of Eden.   My Son Pinocchio Jr is directed and choreographed by Jennifer Stover and  music directed by Kim Whitehead.

8th graders in Theatre Club were recently interviewed about their experiences  in theatre club and this very  special 10 year anniversary production.

Ben Wesenberg plays  Geppetto.  When asked about what he likes best about playing this character is ” There are a lot of moments where he states the obvious – he’s funny. There are some really lighthearted lines that I’ve enjoyed working on.”  His favorite memory about  being in theatre club has been  “5th grade I met one of my friends by jumping into her arms on stage. I wouldn’t have known her if that  hadn’t happened.”

Helen St Cyr is playing Sue , a quirky fairy in training. What St Cyr likes best about playing her character is  ” Sue is a lot of comedic relief in the show and I really like the way it’s written and I can be my own person and go anywhere I want with the character.”  St Cyr’s favorite memory of being in theatre club is being the MC in the show in 5th grade ” It was my first role when I got to speak in front of the whole audience. I think it was when I started really loving acting. it was the beginning.”

Hannah Cohen is playing Professora  Bunoagrazzo.  She enjoys playing this character because she feels it mirrors her personality. When asked about her character development process she said ” Standing in front of my mirror and practicing gestures and singing in my room.  I memorize my lines by recording all the lines that are before mine and  filling in the blank spaces.”  Cohen looks forward to developing her character and seeing the show come together.

Sean Corrigan is playing Stromboli. He chose to audition for this part because he liked the character’s comic ability.  His favorite song in the show is Bravo Stromboli because he likes the music and lyrics.   He hopes everyone who comes to see My Son Pinnochio will enjoy the show.

Katie Giannakopoulos is playing the  Blue Fairy.  What she enjoys the most about playing this character is being sassy. ” I’m not a really sassy person. So playing a different part is fun because I get to be someone else.” She continued by saying that her  favorite memory of being in theatre club was the  photo shoot for the lead characters  in Camp Rock last year because it was a lot of fun.

Bella St Laurent is playing the Ringleader.   To develop her character she watches the movie and pretends to be something she’s not.   Her favorite memory of being in theatre club is production week because  it’s a time when the cast really bonds.

Joe Guzman is playing Bernardo and  Signor Alcomo.   His method for memorizing his lines is going them over and over again and practicing them with his brother.   He is happy with how smoothly the rehearsals have been running and looks forward to putting on a good show for an audience.

Tickets are $5.00 and are on sale at  Black Forest Cafe, The Homestead and AMS.

Congratulations to the AMS Theatre Club on 10 years of wonderful productions. Here’s to many more awesome shows.

Students in the AMS Theatre Club  Front Office Staff contributed to this article.


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