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I am always  looking for constant ways to improve to myself.  One thing    I think  I need to go  is  stop  getting  so nervous about auditions.   Yes,  I know  nerves are normal for everyone  but I tend to   go into in audition being  very nervous about how the outcome will be  like and weather or not   I will impress  the audition board.  I also  think that sometimes I set my standards too high  and expect to get roles I know that I am not even half so qualified to get cast as.

For example two years ago when I auditioned for  Annie with Actorsingers  I auditioned for Grace Farrell, Oliver Warbucks’s secretary.  Remembering past performances I have seen of the show  and also  Audra McDonald’s performance in the TV film from 1999.   I was definitely nervous during that audition. Not only because it was my first Actorsingers  audition but because it was the first time  I had ever auditioned for a lead role.  I wanted to use this opportunity to break out of my shell a little bit and  I certainly achieved that mission.  I didn’t end up getting Grace   but   I definitely set my standards way too high thinking  I was going to get such a big part.  MY back up choice was ensemble.    I  ended up working backstage  helping with sound design  which was fun.  Working on Annie was  the most fun experience ever. 🙂

In the  fall  I auditioned for Children of Eden with Stagecoach Productions.   I decided to stick with auditioning for  an ensemble character that time around  due to my lack of familiarity with the show.  I  was disappointed with the outcome of that audition  because  I felt I should’ve have done a lot better than  I did  despite how hard I prepared.  Maybe I was a bit too hard on myself.. maybe I’m a bit too  hard on myself after every audition   I do.


Last week I auditioned  for Music Man with Actorsingers.  I was so excited about this audition for a long time because I loved being in this show 3 years ago with the PTA and was happy to audition for it again.    I  debated auditioning for Marian  Paroo but then decided against it because   I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment again like I did when I auditioned for Grace Farrell.  I ended up choosing to audition for Ethel Toffelmeyer because   I figured that part would be a lot of  fun to play.  I did struggle with the dance part of the audition…  I always struggle with the dance part of the audition.  I’ve learned to accept that despite the fact it could make me or break me.   I was initially disappointed when  I found out I didn’t  get cast but then  I remembered that  when the PTA  did  this show 3 years ago I did struggle a lot with the dances… mostly Marian The Librarian.    I am doing stage crew so  I am excited about being able to work on this show  again. Next stop River City!!

In a way  I  think it’s a good thing  that I will just be doing  backstage work for  Music Man  and there are no overlaps  between Seussical and Music Man  since  Music Man  is in May. I will have a small break in between the end of Seuessical and tech week for Music Man  which  I will certainly look forward too.   That  will give me enough time to relax between shows  I think  I was too burnt out   doing two shows at one time when I was doing Annie and It’s A Wonderful Life two years ago at the same time.  Working on both shows was certainly well worth  in the end but  I think it’s better for me  to work on one show at a time.    My next auditions won’t be until  the fall when  I audition for  Passion For Dracula at the Amato Center and Young Frankenstien   with Actorsingers  ( Do we sense a bit of  a theme?) Also  I hope to audition  for the holiday show at the Amato Center again whateer show that will be. It hasn’t been announced yet and typically isn’t announced til September


So my goal for when  I audition is not t0 focus so much with getting a certain  part… but instead  just have fun with auditioning.  I will go in to the audition less  anxious and  worried this way about how things will turn out.


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