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Gotta keep this blog interesting. I want people to make some predictions for the NHTAS. I will share mine later on.  Not sure what  shows others have seen through out the year so that is what should make this fun.

My predictions are listed below. With certain categories I did the best I could with predictions because in some cases I did not all the shows or any shows. Schedule and budget does not allow me to see everything and this makes me feel bad because I know I miss a lot of shows.

Please go to the NHTA website for complete list of top 12 nominees.  http://www.nhtheatreawards.org/nhta-12-top-finalists.aspx

Pick top 3  choices in each  category. Some categories have top 2 because I didn’t see enough shows in the category to pick a top 3.

Best  Production  Community  Drama Comedy

\Didn’t see any shows in tis category.

Best  Production  Community Musical

Top 3 Meet Me In St Louis Amherst PTA Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions Les Miserables Actorsingers

Best   Production Youth

Top 3: Shrek The Musical Peacock Players, Beauty and The Beast Jr Children’s Theatre Project, Into The Woods Peacock Players

Best Actress

Community Musical

Top 3: Ashley Hughes Swanson Eve Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions, Margaret Windler Esther Meet Me In St Louis Amherst PTA Sarah Souter Joanne Company Stagecoach Productions


Top 3 Megan Dwinell Fiona Shrek The Musical Peacock Players Julia Enos The Witch Into The Woods Peacock Players Gracie Kontak Belle Beauty and The Beast CTP of CCP

Community Drama/ Comedy

Top 3 Mari Keegan, Katie Collins, Danielle Bruce Hoffman

Best Actor  Musical Community

Top 3 Rob Dionne Max McGrath Mark Schwartzberg

Best Actor Youth Community
Nick Page will get in the top 3. Didn’t see enough shows in this category to make accurate predictions

Best Actor  Drama Comedy

I can’t make an accurate prediction in this category because I did not see any of the shows.

Best Supporting Actor Youth

Top 3 Jon Edelbluet Jakov Scwartzberg, Mac Galinson

Best Supporting Actress Youth

Top 3: Alyssa Lederhos, Carolyn Kegal Elsa Keefe*
*Based on other productions I have seen her in.

Best Supporting Actor Community Drama Comedy

Kevin Linkroum will get into the top 3. Other than that I cannot make any predictions.
Best Supporting Actress Musical Community
Top 3 Shawna Ciampa, Sheree Owens, Laura Prior

Best Choreography
Top 2: Liz Calabria and Valerie Psonis Nelson

Best Music Director
Top 3 Judy Hayward Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions and Les Miserables Actorsingers Henry Kopczynskie III Shrek The Musical Peacock Players
Best Costume Designer
Paula Troie will get into the top 3 and hopefully win. Other than that I can’t make accurate predictions for this category.
Best Scenic Design
Top 2 Meet Me In St Louis and Les Miserables

Best Sound Design

Top 2 LEs Miserbles and Shrek The Musical
Best Lighting Design
Top 2 Les Miserables and Shrek The Musical


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