The Hardest Part Of Love from Children of Eden   Leave a comment

The Hardest Part Of Love from Children of Eden

 This is my favorite song from Children of Eden.   All of the music in this show is truly wonderful  but this song stuck with me the most after I left the theatre  after seeing the show on December 6th.  While  I was sitting in the theatre watching this scene play out one thing that I couldn’t help thinking about was the struggle  I’ve gone through the past  several months in seeing my grandmother’s  health deteriorate  due to her Alzheimer’s disease.  This has been the hardest for me to deal with being the oldest grandchild.  This disease has changed  her and I hate knowing that the illness has gotten to the point where she doesn’t remember any of us anymore.




 Sorry to be a downer so close to Christmas.  Just wanted to share that.


Wishing everyone  a happy healthy and safe holiday season.


Posted December 23, 2013 by theatretechdiva in Stagecoach Productions

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