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Kind of fell  behind on my reviews…again.

On November 17th  I saw  Les  Miserables at Actorsingers.  I have to say that while this may not be one of my top favorite musicals  it has certainly  grown on me in recent years.  I have always loved the songs  On My Own,  I Dreamed A Dream and Castle on  A Cloud.   Ashley St Martin, Shawna Ciampa and  Darcy Rae Hinkle  gave amazing performances of these songs… very powerful and emotional.  Les Miserables is definitely one of the most  moving pieces of musical theatre. Great job to everyone in  the cast.

On  November 22nd  I saw   Shrek The Musical at Peacock Players.   I have always loved the Shrek  movies and was  thus very excited when    I saw it  in the mainstage   calendar at Peacock Players. The thing  that  I think sets  Shrek  a part from other shows  I have seen recently  is the message  it sends  about how you should accept people  for  whatever differences they may have.  I think that message is  especially important given how many stories in the news these days are related  to  bullying.  Freak  Flag  is a key song in the show that got this message across.   Peacock Players  has a diverse  cast of local teenage  actors including Olivia Vordenberg, Sean Vigneault,  Jenna Enos, Becky Klien and Mac Galinson.   Favorite musical numbers were Morning Person, Freak Flag,  I  Know IT’s Today and  Make A Move

Les Mis was not the only moving production that   I’ve seen…. let’s move  seemingly and professionaly  into discussing Children of Eden.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious..  I am not a very  religious person and  I think that  is what held me back from auditioning for this show when  the PTA  did it 3 years ago. When  I heard that this was based on bible stories  I immediately shied away from auditioning.  I didn’t let that hold me back from auditioning for Stagecoach Productions back in September and was a little bit disappointed that  I didn’t get in.  It’s  fun to see the  musical numbers I watched in rehearsal when   I went to do my newspaper interviews at the beginning of October.  This show had a very powerful message about  love and family.    There were definitely  a lot of emotional moments in this show  that made the story all the more powerful.   I have to say  not much can make cry  but a few songs in this show pulled at my heart strings a little bit.   The top 3 most moving songs in the show were definitely  Close To Home, Children of Eden  and The Hardest Part of Love.     I was sort of singing along under my breath to Ain’t It Good.   I hope nobody noticed.   Jennifer Mallard  did amazing with that song.  This cast was  full of talented people and   I was blown away  by it.    Aside  from  Mallard notable performances were by   Ashley Hughes Swanson, Robert Dionne,  Joel Iwanskewiz, Adam Harding and  Emily Trubey.

Congratulations to everyone in Children of Eden   Shrek and Les Miserables on fabulous performances.
Children of Eden has two more performances left tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 2pm at Court St Theatre in Nashua. You won’t want to miss this show.
Happy Holidays Everyone!


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