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Hello  Followers and Happy New Year to you all!

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season.  I can’t believe what how fast 2013 has flown by.  Golly, what a year it’s been.

The biggest highlight was definitely Princess K.I.M. The Musical.  I was so happy to see  my mother’s books bought to life on stage and would like to once again thank everyone involved in the production  for  making this experience so wonderful!  Thank you also to everyone who came to see the show. We are deeply appreciative of all your support and look forward to see what the future has in store for our production.

Being in the PTA Play had to take a back seat this year due to  how busy I was with  Princess  K.I.M.  and I missed being on stage with everyone.    This year I worked backstage  helping out with props and scene changes which was a welcome change of pace.   As I mentioned Meet Me In St Louis was nominated for 4 New Hampshire Theatre Awards.  Best Production, Best Actress Margaret Windler, Best Costume Design   Paula Troie and Suzanne  Potoma and  Best Scenic  Design  Dave Atkinson, Alan Kaplan  and Steve Vordenberg.   Auditions for Suessical The Musical are in a week  and I am very excited. 🙂

On a more personal note  this year has been a rough one.   My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and that has been very hard to deal with especially more recently as her health has continued to decline.  I have  been listening to  The Hardest Part Of Love  from Children of Eden  a lot lately as I feel this most relates to the feelings I have experienced with dealing with my grandmother’s disease  and how it has changed her personality so much.  I was also hit by a car on August 19th  while crossing the street… a very scary experience for sure.

What does 2014  have in store?    I have confidence  that it will  be the best year yet.

2014 Theatre Related Goals

See shows at theatres in New Hampshire I have never seen shows at before ( Andy’s Summer Playhouse, Palace Theatre in Manchester)Still a work in progress.. hopefully going to see The Nutcracker at the Palace Theatre @ the end of this month by far my favorite holiday show of all time!
This goal is ongoing. This year I hoping to go see a show at Winnipasaukee Playhouse as well as some at the Palace Theatre, Majestic Theatre, Andy’s Summer Playhouse and Seacoast Rep. I also hope to go see a show at Portland Stage Company in Portland Maine.
2. Get technical experience in areas other than just props.
Another ongoing goal. If I do not get cast in Music Man with Actorsingers I plan to help out with props or lighting. I may also help out backstage with Catch Me If You Can with Stagecoach Productions in June.

3. Introduce myself to at least one new Broadway soundtrack.
New Additions: Shrek The Musical, Company, Children of Eden
Soundtracks that were added to my itunes Library in 2010: A Little Night Music and Jersey Boys Recently added soundtracks: Dreamgirls, Legally Blonde The Musical Gay Bride of Frankenstien, Music Man (mainly for rehearsal puproses)
4. See at least one show @ the Barn Playhouse and one show @ Interlakes Region Theatre this summer. Best of both worlds 2 shows at Interlakes and one at NLBP.
Interlakes Theatre is a given. I try to go see one or two shows there every summer. This summer’s line up at IST is Godspell, 42nd St, Miss Saigon, Hello Dolly and The Wiz. The Wiz is at the top of my list. 🙂 My top choices for shows to see at the Barn include Monty Python’s Spamalot and Kiss Me Kate.

5. Go to see a Broadway show in New York.
This will be a goal to save for next year. This year we are planning to go to Disney World in October to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal! I have waited 3 years for this vacation! FINALLY!!

6. Join the Souhegan Valley Chorus
I have been in the choir at the YMCA for two years. I have made many new friends in this chorus however I feel I am not challenged enough in the music that we sing. I have been meaning to join the Souhegan Valley Chorus for a couple years and I am hoping I will be able to join it. My work schedule has been the main reason why I haven’t been able to join this chorus. I am hoping I will either be able to work out something with my job at the Y so that way I will be able to go the rehearsals or that one of the jobs I have interviewed for will pull through that has full time hours. Transportation is another issue so I am hoping I will find someone to carpool with. Stagecoach Women’s Chorus has an entry fee I can’t afford right now so SVC is the way to go. 🙂

2014 Viewing Schedule
January Alice In Wonderland Riverbend Youth Company
1st Groovin On The Go Riverbend Youth Company
(Tenative) I Love You Because Manchester Community Theatre Players
21st Almost Maine Peacock Players
13th 1 Act Play Festival Riverbend School of Theatre Arts
21st Beyond Therapy Milford Area Players
27th Once Upon A Mattress SHS
May If I don’t get cast in Music Man and decide not to work backstage I will usher at both Smile and Music Man. 🙂


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 2013 is almost over where has the year gone too….  for real!!!!!!!!!!

As the  time gets near for  theatre awards nominations to approach I am going to  do a year in review of all the shows  I’ve seen.. listed by company and predicted who will get nominated for awards.

There are a couple shows I saw by Riverbend Youth Company that I am unsure if they got adjudicated  when we get to that list those shows will be denoted by an asterick.

2013  was  another busy show viewing year for me.  There were several shows I couldn’t make it to… budget and schedule do not allow me to make it to every show unfortunately.



19th Riverbend Youth Company  101 Dalmatians *

Notable performances in this show were Matt Kastiaganis as Roger and Clarissa Cherry as Cruella Devill.


2nd Timeless Beat  Riverbend Youth Company  *  Do the all dance shows typically get nominated for theatre awards?

16th  Riverbend School of Theatre Arts 1 Act Play Festival*  I think this gets overlooked by the adjudicators honestly. I have never seen any nominations over the years for  any kids who act in these festivals though some of them have been nominated for roles they’ve played in shows with Riverbend Youth Company.

 22nd  Rumors  Peacock Players

Notable Performances Nate Healey and  Olivia Vordenberg


9th-   Suessical The Musical  Junior Actorsingers

Notable  Performances   Becca  Holland  Sour Kangaroo,  Mary Holland Young  Kangaroo   Nicole Plummer Mayzie,  Emilty Trubey Gertrude

17th    Milford Area Players Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

Notable Performances    Russ Arrowsmith;  Ellen Cunis,  Kevin Linkroum


13th  Company  Stagecoach Productions

Notable Performances:  Laura Prior Amy, Joel Iwansekwiz  Paul, Jeff Prescott  Robert,   Rachel Cerrullo Sarah, Sheree Owens  Marta (Also did fabulous as Eponine in  Les Miserables with Actorsingers)

In  May I worked backstage with the PTA  on Meet Me In St Louis. It is quite honestly hard for me to pick notable performances just because I’ve worked with this company for three years and I’ve gotten to know everyone so well.    Before I mention notable performances let me just say that  the trolley was the best set piece we had in the whole production. Our shows have gotten  great notice  in the past couple years for both acting and technical awards so  it wouldn’t surprise me too much if we get nominated again for choreography and best set design.  Notable performances( hopefully  I am not too overly biased)  Margaret Windler, Michelle Emmond, Ashley Ross 


28th   Stagecoach Productions You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Notable Performances:  Derek Demarco Schroder  Sophie Linkroum  Sally   Jennifer Stanley Snoopy



Nashua Theatre Guild Shakespeare In The Park Merchant  Of Venice    The whole cast in this show was talented and it was hard to pin point notable performances.


2nd    Dear Edwina Jr   YouTheatre  *  This is a student directed summer  show.  I am not sure if it was adjudicated or if these shows were ever adjudicated in the past.

Notable Performances   Lindsey Hagerstrom, Helen St Cyr   Ben Wesenberg

9th Cinderella    Riverbend Youth Company  This is a student directed show put on by the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni Group.  I don’t know if this was adjudicated or not.  I do not think Damn Yankees was adjudicated last year.

Notable Performances:  Nick Hammes,  Morganne Bent, Meghan Bedard, Jeremy Edelbluet

Budget  and schedule constraints  didn’t allow me to see Good People, Wit or Annie.  People who did go to see those please feel free to leave a comment with notable performances. 🙂


9th  Sound Of Music Riverbend Youth Company

I should say right off the bat that the amount of talent amongst the kids in Riverbend Youth Company is so diverse so it’s really hard to narrow my list of notable performances down for this show.  My full list came to about 8 or 9 people   if  I had to pick a top 3 it would be  Annie Feraco, Ethan Reeves and Hannah Vaccarro.  Alyssa Lederhos is easily  not too far behind  them. 🙂

17th  Les Miserables Actorsingers
Notable Performances:  Darcy Hinkle Young Cosette,  Ashley St  Martin   Cosette, Shawna Ciampa  Fantime  Ben Moore Gavroche, Debra Buckley  Madame Thenardier

22nd  Shrek The Musical  Peacock Players

Notable Performances
Nick Page, Mac Galinson, Megan Dwinell, Jakov Scwartzberg Olivia Vordenberg, Becky Klien, Sean Vigneault, Jenna Enos. There is potential for numerous nominations in this show as many of the cast members are very talented and a few have been nominated in the past.

6th   Children of Eden Stagecoach Productions

Notable Performances Rob Dionne Father Ashley Hughes Swanson Eve Jen Mallard Mama Noah, Emily Trubey Yonah Adam Harding Abel Joel Iwankewiz Cain

UPDATE 12/27/2013
Link to top 12 Finalists List for the NHTAS
Overlooked performances: Rent Palace Theatre, Annie Manchester Community Theatre Players, Suessical Actorsingers Youth
Meet Me In St Louis was nominated for 4 awards!! Best Production, Best Actress, Best Costumes and Best Scenic Design. So excited! I was a little bit surprised we didn’t get as many nominations as we did last year for Oklahoma.
Les Miserables Best Actor Max McGrath and Mark Schwartzberg, Best Supporting Actress Shawna Ciampa and Sheree Owens, Best Supporting Actor Joe Pazoni and Shawn Kozarki, Best Musical Director Judy Hayward Best Lighting Design Dennis Schnider and Craig Brennan Best Sound Design Mike O’Keefe Best Scenic Design

Riverbend Youth Company
Sound of Music
Youth Best Supporting Actor Jonathan Edelbleut
Youth Best Supporting Actress Alyssa Lederhos
Youth Best Choreographer Liz Calabria

This show should have been nominated for more awards. 😦
Peacock Players
Shrek The Musical

Best Actor Youth Nick Page
Best Actress Youth Megan Dwinell
Best Supporting Actor Youth Jakaov Schwartzberg
Best Supporting Actor Youth Mac Galinson YES!! He was hysterical!!
Best Choreography Valerie Psonis Nelson
Best Sound Design Rich Loomer
Best Lighting Design Keith Weirch and Norm St Germain
Milford Area Players
Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
Best Actress Danielle Hoffman
Stagecoach Productions
Company Best Supporting Actress Laura Prior Best Actress Sarah Souter Joanne
Children of Eden
Best Actress Ashley Hughes Swanson Best Actor Rob Dionne Best Music Director Judy Hayward
Congrats to all top 12 Nominees!!
The rest of my  theatre viewing schedule was rounded out by local high school performances of Footloose, Singin In The Rain, Grease, West Side Story  and Bullshot Crummond.


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The Hardest Part Of Love from Children of Eden

 This is my favorite song from Children of Eden.   All of the music in this show is truly wonderful  but this song stuck with me the most after I left the theatre  after seeing the show on December 6th.  While  I was sitting in the theatre watching this scene play out one thing that I couldn’t help thinking about was the struggle  I’ve gone through the past  several months in seeing my grandmother’s  health deteriorate  due to her Alzheimer’s disease.  This has been the hardest for me to deal with being the oldest grandchild.  This disease has changed  her and I hate knowing that the illness has gotten to the point where she doesn’t remember any of us anymore.




 Sorry to be a downer so close to Christmas.  Just wanted to share that.


Wishing everyone  a happy healthy and safe holiday season.

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Kind of fell  behind on my reviews…again.

On November 17th  I saw  Les  Miserables at Actorsingers.  I have to say that while this may not be one of my top favorite musicals  it has certainly  grown on me in recent years.  I have always loved the songs  On My Own,  I Dreamed A Dream and Castle on  A Cloud.   Ashley St Martin, Shawna Ciampa and  Darcy Rae Hinkle  gave amazing performances of these songs… very powerful and emotional.  Les Miserables is definitely one of the most  moving pieces of musical theatre. Great job to everyone in  the cast.

On  November 22nd  I saw   Shrek The Musical at Peacock Players.   I have always loved the Shrek  movies and was  thus very excited when    I saw it  in the mainstage   calendar at Peacock Players. The thing  that  I think sets  Shrek  a part from other shows  I have seen recently  is the message  it sends  about how you should accept people  for  whatever differences they may have.  I think that message is  especially important given how many stories in the news these days are related  to  bullying.  Freak  Flag  is a key song in the show that got this message across.   Peacock Players  has a diverse  cast of local teenage  actors including Olivia Vordenberg, Sean Vigneault,  Jenna Enos, Becky Klien and Mac Galinson.   Favorite musical numbers were Morning Person, Freak Flag,  I  Know IT’s Today and  Make A Move

Les Mis was not the only moving production that   I’ve seen…. let’s move  seemingly and professionaly  into discussing Children of Eden.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious..  I am not a very  religious person and  I think that  is what held me back from auditioning for this show when  the PTA  did it 3 years ago. When  I heard that this was based on bible stories  I immediately shied away from auditioning.  I didn’t let that hold me back from auditioning for Stagecoach Productions back in September and was a little bit disappointed that  I didn’t get in.  It’s  fun to see the  musical numbers I watched in rehearsal when   I went to do my newspaper interviews at the beginning of October.  This show had a very powerful message about  love and family.    There were definitely  a lot of emotional moments in this show  that made the story all the more powerful.   I have to say  not much can make cry  but a few songs in this show pulled at my heart strings a little bit.   The top 3 most moving songs in the show were definitely  Close To Home, Children of Eden  and The Hardest Part of Love.     I was sort of singing along under my breath to Ain’t It Good.   I hope nobody noticed.   Jennifer Mallard  did amazing with that song.  This cast was  full of talented people and   I was blown away  by it.    Aside  from  Mallard notable performances were by   Ashley Hughes Swanson, Robert Dionne,  Joel Iwanskewiz, Adam Harding and  Emily Trubey.

Congratulations to everyone in Children of Eden   Shrek and Les Miserables on fabulous performances.
Children of Eden has two more performances left tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 2pm at Court St Theatre in Nashua. You won’t want to miss this show.
Happy Holidays Everyone!