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Children of Eden to be performed at Stagecoach Productions
by Janine Leffler

Children of Eden will be performed by Stagecoach Productions December 6-8 at the Janice B. Streeter Theater at 14 Court Street in Nashua. This show takes a heartfelt and often humorous look at the age-old conflict between parents and children, and is a perfect play to attend with your family this Holiday season. Children of Eden is directed by Steven Harper (of Hollis), with music direction by Judy Hayward (of Mont Vernon) and choreography by Tina Cassidy.

Harper said that his favorite song is “The Hardest Part of Love,” which is sung during Act II. “It’s a song that really captures what it’s like to have children and the angst that goes along with letting them grow up and make their own decisions. There is a line that sums it up for me as Noah sings about his youngest son, ‘But the one thing he most treasures is to make his own mistakes’ and that really is the challenge of being a parent. As a father of two teenage daughters, I feel this daily.” Harper is excited to share this show with audiences. “I really want to see the audience moved and involved in the greater story, which is not really just a Bible story, but about the relationship that fathers have with their children. We all have a father, so whether or not we are a father, I think this story speaks to that relationship in a very powerful way.”

Ashley Hughes-Swanson, who grew up in Amherst, is playing Eve and explains that her character starts young and gets older as the show progresses. “The song ‘Children of Eden’ strikes a chord with me because I believe that it is relevant to the world today and how people deserve a second chance.” Hughes-Swanson went on to say that her favorite scene is in Act II when Noah and Father sing their duet, saying that the hardest part of growing up is letting go. “It is a very touching scene about family.”

Emily Trubey, a freshmen at Nashua North High School, makes her Stagecoach Productions debut as the character named Yonah. She decided to audition for Children of Eden because her attendance at the Peacock Players performance of this musical, several years ago, sparked Emily’s interest in musical theater. Looking ahead to the performances, Trubey looks forward to seeing the show in its completion and seeing the interaction of all the characters. When asked why others should come see the show, Trubey said, “It’s a different kind of story that sends a good message and a very powerful message that will touch a lot of people.”

Michelle Emmond of Amherst is in her third show with Stagecoach Productions and her third performance of Children Of Eden. In this production, she is playing a Storyteller. Emmond had previously done this show with the Amherst PTA and Manchester Community Theatre Players. What interests Emmond most about this show is the music. “Stephen Schwartz is a really well known composer. His other works include Wicked, Working and Pippin. These songs [in Eden] are rich in harmonies and it’s a singer’s dream to [be able to] sing them.” One difference she sees between this production and past productions she has been involved in is the casting. “Most of the animals are played by adults rather than just children. This casting choice was very interesting and it allows me to express my inner child.”

The scene that stands out most to Concord’s Darick Velez, who is playing Adam, is at the end of Act I where Adam and Eve sing the poignant “Close To Home.” Velez states, “I like this scene because it is very reflective.” Velez encourages others to come see Children of Eden. “Whether or not you are religious, Children of Eden is a reflection back upon familiar Bible stories that highlight character traits, and even for those that are not familiar with the Bible story, the characters of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel are represented in a way that people can relate to.”

Children of Eden will be performed at the Janice B. Streeter Theater at 14 Court Street, located in Nashua, on December 6-8. Show times are Friday and Saturday evening at 8pm and Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $18 for seniors and military and $12 for children ages 12 and under and can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 603-320-3780. Come out and enjoy this moving piece of musical theatre.


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