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A few of my favorite things about Riverbend

Let’s start at the very beginning…. a very good place to start.

I have been involved with the Riverbend Youth Company since 2009. Since then I have worked on four productions and I couldn’t be more grateful for these experiences. It’s been a very fulfilling ride and these experiences have definitely helped me a lot to grow in a well rounded performer and technician. The shows I have been involved with include Annie Jr, The Man Who Came Dinner, Wizard of OZ, Guys and Dolls JR and most notably last year’s Riverbend/Milford Area Players holiday show It’s A Wonderful Life.

Before I start with my Sound of Music review I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the above listed productions for the opportunities they have given me. I will remember all these productions for a very long time especially Annie Jr Guys and Dolls Jr and It’s A Wonderful Life. Side note: Meg Petersen WE MISS YOU! As most people know I moved to Nashua a year ago and since I do not drive it is hard for me to get back and forth to rehearsals…due to this obvious factor this will be my last year doing shows with Riverbend. Milford Area Players and Amherst PTA. Of course I will still continue to come see the shows.. that’s a given. Since there is so much crossover between the two companies I would like to thank everyone involved for their guidance over the years and all the casts crews and productions teams of the shows I’ve worked with on shows at the Amato Center for these truly awesome and memorable experiences. I am thankful for these awesome opportunities and the amazing peopl I have gotten to know especially all the talented kids.

When the dog bites when the bee stings when I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad….

On to the review now……

When I first found out Riverbend was putting on Sound of Music I was excited for two reasons. One is because Sound of Music is one of my favorite musicals and it was the first movie musical to introduce me to the wonderful world that is musical theatre. Secondly when the PTA did the show in 2005 I was unable to come home for the performance because of school conflicts. I have also been to the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont and would go back there in a heart beat because it is a fun place to go… and the last time I was there I was sick the whole vacation so all the more reason to yearn to go back there. If you have never gone I highly recommend you go.

Riverbend shows always impress me because of the diverse amount of talent in the cast.. Sound of Music is naturally no different. The show was co-directed by Tom Partridge and Jennifer Erdody, Music Directed by Kim Whitehead and choreographed by Liz Calabria. Like the PTA show in 2005 which was directed by Partridge this show was double cast for the Von Trapp Children. I saw the Blue Cast performance Blue cast is on the right hand side in the picture) Nicole Plummer Lisel, Ben Erdody Frederich Clarissa Cherry Louisa, Cayden Plummer Kurt Evormina Alton Brigitta, Renee Merchant Marta and Delany Kipp Gretl. Hannah Vaccarro was fantastic as Maria and I enjoyed all the group numbers with her and the children… especially Do Re Mi and My Favorite Things which have been my top two favorite songs from the show. What I have always loved about this play is how its about falling in love. The two main couples are Rolf (Ethan Reeves) and Lisel (Plummer) and Captain Von Trapp ( Max Barnaby) and Maria (Vaccarro) My heartstrings always tear a little bit in Act II when Rolf delivers the telegram to Captain Von Trapp about being accepted in to the Third Reich Navy. I always feel so bad for Liesl and her heartbreak in that scene. Two songs that are not in the movie No Way to Stop It and How Can Love Survive which feature Barnaby, Alyssa Lederhos and Jonathan Edelbluet are also quite enjoyable pieces.

I was so tempted to sing along because I’ve known so many of the songs for many years and know most of them by heart such as My Favorite Things, Do Re Mi Sixteen Going On Seventeen and Something Good ( insert West Side Story reference at the end of Something Good… Maria… I just kissed a girl named Maria. This is what happens when you see these shows back to back. 🙂 ) but of course had to restrain myself so I would not annoy the people around me.

Please do not miss this show… these kids are fantastic.. they always have been and will continue to be. There are four more shows left tomorrow 11/10 at 2pm (Red Cast on left side of Photo Hannah Whitney Lisel, Drew Whitney Frederich, Emma Barnaby Louisa , Zac Barnaby Kurt , Simone Dodge Louisa, Anna Goyette Marta and Kyra Whitehead Gretl) Friday 11/15 7pm (Blue Cast) Saturday 11/16 (Red Cast) 7pm and Sunday 11/17 (Blue Cast) Fabulous job Blue cast and good luck everyone with the rest of the run!

Also I do not know who took the picture… someone on the staff at Boys and Girls Club I think.

I also hope the kids in Sound of Music who have never done a PTA show consider auditioning for Suessical. 🙂


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