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The Hills Are Alive With Beautiful Sounds at The Amato

by Janine Leffler



 The Riverbend Youth Company will present the classic musical  The Sound of Music, November 8-10 and 15-17th.  Sound of Music is directed by Jennifer Erdody and Tom Partridge, with music direction by Kim Whitehead and choreography by Liz Calabria.



SouheganHigh   School junior Hannah Whitney plays  Liesl in the Sound of Music. She previously appeared in Sound of Music with  Peacock Players and Amherst PTA as Gretl.  For Whitney this experience has come full circle  “When I was in Sound of Music with the PTA I was so young and it was my first show.  I looked up to so many of the people in the cast.  Now that I am Liesl it’s great to have the younger kids look up to me.”  Whitney continued by saying “My favorite song is probably the reprise of Sound of Music that all of the kids sing together. The harmonies are beautiful and it is also the point in the show in which the Captain realizes how much he misses being with his children. It’s a really touching moment.”


Stephen Edelbluet, a homeschooled  9th grader from Wilton, is playing  a party a guest and a member of Salzburg Festival Trio.  In a recent interview Edelbleut stated ” While I am absolutely fine with this decision of not being cast in a big role it is most humbling to not be on stage most of the time. But it also reminds me that no matter what role anyone is: from a mail man in only one scene or the star of the show, every role is important.” He went on to say ” My favorite scene would have to be any scene with Max in it (played by Jonathan Edelblut). He brings a certain  “spunk” to the stage that is loved by both young and old.”    When asked why someone should come see Sound of Music he replied  “I would absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, recommend this play to anyone. It is enjoyable for everyone of all ages.  Sound Of Music is most definitely a must see!”


For Hannah Vaccarro, a senior at MerrimackHigh School who is playing Maria being in Sound of Music is a bitter sweet experience. “Riverbend has really taught me how to be a kind leader. I remember being the tiny 6th grader and thinking all the high schoolers were so big. Aly McKnight was always so sweet and kind to me and treated me like I was her age. Those moments stuck out to me and caused me to want to be like that. So now, I do my best to make the theater experience for the younger cast members as phenomenal as my experience was. Leading with kindness and forming another family two of the greatest gifts I’ve received thanks to the Riverbend Youth Company.” Vaccaro continued by saying “Sound of Music is one of my favorite shows of all time.  My favorite song is My Favorite Things because I love all the kids in this cast.”

Director Jennifer Erdody has a personal connection to Sound of  Music  “I grew up watching “The Sound of Music” so much that I credit Julie Andrews with teaching me how to sing. I knew every song at a young age, and first was in the show when I was in seventh

grade, as Maria.”  She is excited to share this experience with her two children Ben and Jacob and the rest of the cast.  When asked about   her favorite song  Erdody said . I like Sixteen Going On Seventeen because in a way I think Liesl reflects the feelings of teen-agers even today; they seem to know what they’re doing on the outside, but on the inside, they’re just wondering how to get through this strange new world of dating and becoming a mature person. I also very much enjoy the two songs in the show which aren’t in the movie, How Can Love Survive and No Way to Stop It. I appreciate Rogers and Hammerstein’s’ original intentions of their musical and love the dance moves that our choreographer, Liz Calabria, has put in for the numbers. They’re quite clever!”


Tickets for Sound of Music are $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors and are available online or at Toadstool Bookshop.  Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at 7pm and Sunday afternoons at 2pm  at the AmatoCenter for The Performing  Arts  56 Mt Vernon Street in Milford You won’t want to miss the classic musical!

This will  be published in the Milford Cabinet and Amherst Citizen.



 I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS SHOW!!    To everyone in the cast  Have a great opening night!


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