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 Theatre Viewing Schedule for November

Bold are definites

11-9 Sound of Music  Riverbend Youth Company

11-17  Les Miserables Actorsingers

11-21 or 22   Milford High School  Play   (not sure what day  I am going yet.)


  I am excited to see Sound of Music on Saturday night.  It’s my first time seeing the staged version.   Sound of Music was the first  movie musical I ever saw when  I was 10 years old and it still remains my favorite musical of all time.  For once I don’t mind taking a break from tech work. Right now  I am on the fence   about doing backstage work for Children of Eden.. since  I didn’t get to see the show when the PTA did it three years ago  then  I think  I will eventually decide not to work backstage so  I can see the show.  We’ll see how things end up working out.


Congratulations to the winners of the Pumpkin Festival Talent Show on October 12th.   1st  Place Nathan Schrwartzberg 2nd Place  Rosibel   Kruz  3rd Place Tayla Lemieux  Audience Favorite Lauren Dattis.

My top 5   1.  Talya Lemieux  2. Conrad Koch  3. Nathan Schwartzberg  4. Robyn Holley  5. Sasha Baren Hughes   My audience favorite pick was Just In Time. 

Next year  I might audition for the Pumpkin Festival  talent show.  I am not definitely sure yet  what my schedule will hold but it’s  the 25th anniversary of the Pumpkin Fest  and  I’ve never done the talent show.  We’ll see what’ll happen.

 PTA Play auditions are in 2 months and I am pumped for Suessical.    I  am still trying to decide on my audition song.   I am leaning toward auditioning for Gertrude McFuzz and  people who  I talked to who have played that part have suggested  I pick something quirky. Not sure what song would  fit under that classification.   I’ve got a few songs  I’ve sung for recent auditions that could work.  One is more general to  the show itself…  Circle of Life  from Lion  King.  I sang that for the Children of Eden audition in September  bearing in mind  the Noah’s ark story in the bible. It could work for Suessical too because of all the animals that are in the play.    For more character related pieces I am thinking of either going with   Somewhere That’s Green from Little Shop of Horrors or I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar.  Does anyone else have any song suggestions?  If so leave them  in the comments. Thanks a bunch friends!


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