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 I am still relatively discouraged about the outcome for my Children of Eden audition.  Perhaps I set my standards  too high when it comes to play auditions and to need reign into reality a bit more.    Stagecoach  Productions is a very   competitive  group to audition for and maybe their  auditions aren’t the best for me until  I get  a little more experience.  I started out doing theatre really late and wish  I had started in high school that way  I would be a lot more experienced.  Michelle Emmond suggested that  I should do more theatre activities to add to my resume but I am not sure what that would be. I’m guessing that what she was referring to was auditioning for theatre groups that are less competitive.  That makes a  lot of sense since  I always seem to stress myself out when  I audition for thise s Stagecoach Production shows and auditions should be mostly fun  not 5%  fun and  90%  stressful. Maybe it’s just ,me  putting too much pressure on myself  to  audition for  a show   I have a slim chance  of getting into.

No bitterness intended here. This is just me ranting. That’s what a blog is for am I right?

Actorsingers is pretty competitive too but  I am still definitely  going to audition for The Music Man in January.  Perhaps having done that show before will help me out a little bit.   If transportation wasn’t a factor I would audition for Manchester Community Theatre Players, NH Theatre Factory or Not Your Mom’s Musical Theatre .  These companies are in Manchester, Londonderry and Derry respectively.  It’s kind of too bad there are only two theatre groups in Nashua that do musical theatre but  I suppose I could always try with auditioning for a play with Nashua Theatre Guild of M&M  Productions.  

Of course there is the PTA Play in the spring which I am excited about as always.   Hopefully  I’ll be able to figure out transportation  so that way  I can still continue to do theatre with  this company  because I’ve grown quite fond of them and it will be  hard to leave them after Suessical  is over in April 😦


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