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 I am still relatively discouraged about the outcome for my Children of Eden audition.  Perhaps I set my standards  too high when it comes to play auditions and to need reign into reality a bit more.    Stagecoach  Productions is a very   competitive  group to audition for and maybe their  auditions aren’t the best for me until  I get  a little more experience.  I started out doing theatre really late and wish  I had started in high school that way  I would be a lot more experienced.  Michelle Emmond suggested that  I should do more theatre activities to add to my resume but I am not sure what that would be. I’m guessing that what she was referring to was auditioning for theatre groups that are less competitive.  That makes a  lot of sense since  I always seem to stress myself out when  I audition for thise s Stagecoach Production shows and auditions should be mostly fun  not 5%  fun and  90%  stressful. Maybe it’s just ,me  putting too much pressure on myself  to  audition for  a show   I have a slim chance  of getting into.

No bitterness intended here. This is just me ranting. That’s what a blog is for am I right?

Actorsingers is pretty competitive too but  I am still definitely  going to audition for The Music Man in January.  Perhaps having done that show before will help me out a little bit.   If transportation wasn’t a factor I would audition for Manchester Community Theatre Players, NH Theatre Factory or Not Your Mom’s Musical Theatre .  These companies are in Manchester, Londonderry and Derry respectively.  It’s kind of too bad there are only two theatre groups in Nashua that do musical theatre but  I suppose I could always try with auditioning for a play with Nashua Theatre Guild of M&M  Productions.  

Of course there is the PTA Play in the spring which I am excited about as always.   Hopefully  I’ll be able to figure out transportation  so that way  I can still continue to do theatre with  this company  because I’ve grown quite fond of them and it will be  hard to leave them after Suessical  is over in April 😦


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Perhaps I am my own toughest critics when it comes to auditions….. that always seems to be the case.

So anyway last week I auditioned for Children Of Eden with Stagecoach Productions. I was almost positive this was going to be lucky.. 3rd times the charm right? Not so. The audition itself went well. I didn’t get a call back but I let that slide when I saw just because you didn’t get a call back doesn’t mean you didn’t get cast. As I said perhaps I am my own toughest critic when it comes to auditions. I thought my song sounded okay but perhaps there is something I missed. I always size myself up to find out what I did wrong. What can I improve for next time?

I am happy for my friends who got cast and excited to work backstage. At the same time I am discouraged. Not sad just discouraged. No matter how well I think I do I can’t seem to do well enough in these auditions to get in. It’s very frustrating.

I am probably not going to audition for Stagecoach anymore.. Actorsingers and PTA are better for me to stick with I do believe.

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Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  It’s surreal that it has been 12 years since our country was attacked by terrorists. I would like to share   a poem  I wrote  in  2001  2 days  after the terror attacks that was published in the Amherst Citizen.  I am really proud of this poem.


Fear Stings  My Heart

Fear stings at all corners of  my heart
at the break of each  new  day  pulsing terror start
After the  terriost attack two days ago i am still in shock
my brain goes into a permanent lock
But I go into each  day like always
with a smile on my face
but instead of the real one that people are used to
a plastic one mounts my face
because deep with me there is lots of fear
but not  yet have i shed  one tear
for i have to be brave
 and i have to be strong
i have to try to sing a happy song
but at any moment
there’s not a second i’ll be shy
to find a friend
sit down
and cry
with all the anger haterd and sadness
just to try to relieve the madness
How can others celebrate?
it is because it’s our country they hate?
Sometimes I just want to cry
stop my emotional fight
so my friends can assure me
that things will be all right
so as each new day starts
Fear Stings My Heart



I am not  a highly political person but  I always felt we really went into the war in Afghanistan in haste.  Iraq, I understand but not Afghanistan.     The war has always frustrated me.    I am very  grateful for all those who serve our country  do not get me wrong. However,  I have always felt that  this war on terror we have been fighting for 12 years  has been unnecessary.   Why is there so much war and civil and civil unrest? Why can’t people  get along?   Just think about Syria right now for example. Going to war with them is a bad idea so  I hope  Obama decides not to do an airstrike.  Our country’s resources need to be more well spent on   fixing problems like poverty and helping the schools that are failing because of No Child Left Behind.


On 9/11/01   I was a sophomore at Souhegan. It was a double block day between  2nd period  and 4th period.  I was in the school store line waiting to buy a chocolate chip cookie. Ted Hall came on the announcements   and told us all to go to our advisories.  I remember watching the first plane hitting the  Twin Towers and thinking  “Why is this happening? Who would do something like this?”  I still ask myself the second question every day and think of the  people who lost  their lives that day.



9/11   Never Forget

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So yesterday  I took a chance and auditioned for a show  I had never auditioned for….. much less  heard of before   Children of Eden.  I missed out on the chance to audition for it  when the PTA did it three years ago so  I figured why not.   I think the key to the last two  Stagecoach auditions  I did was that I was nervous about them and  I kind of let that show during audition… not so much of a helpful thing.  This time around  I wasn’t  nervous… and even  if I was   I did a good job of not letting it show.



Hopefully third time will be the charm for auditioning for  Stagecoach.   Callbacks will be posted on Friday.   Not sure when the cast list Is going to be posted.