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August is halfway over already! Where has summer gone? I can hardly believe I will be 28 in two weeks. I am excited for the karaoke party at Jasper Valley next weekend… ain’t no party like a PTA party!

August 2nd I saw the YouTheatre Production of Dear Edwina JR. Youtheatre was started 7 ywars ago by Andy Harris and Rachel Moss. All shows are student directed. Dear Edwina Jr featured students from ages 8-13.. the younger lot of Riverbend Youth Company actors. Dear Edwina is about a girl named Edwina Spoonapple ( Lindsey Hagerstrom) who runs her own advice giving vareity show. This show has a lot of very entertaining musical numbers which included , and . This was my second time seeing Dear Edwina and I enjoyed it just as much as I did three years ago when the AMS Theatre Club did it. Congrats to the cast and crew.

Next up is Cinderella

I am constantly blown away each time I see a Riverbend Youth Company production and I will miss this year’s seniors immensely. I have been helping out with Riverbend shows since 2009 and it has been amazing to see them grow and have the chance to go with them. The Riverbend Youth Company started an alumni company three years ago to provide summer acting opportunities for the high school students and the kids who are home from college for the summer. Their past poductions have been The Producers and Damn Yankees. This year’s alumni show was Cinderella. The show ran from August 8-10th and was directed by Haley Brannelly, Musical directed by Karina Bertrand and choreographed by Rachel White.

I am more familiar with the Disney version of Cinderella and not the Rogers and Hammerstien version that this musical is based upon. I am a fan of both Disney and R&H but if I had to choose a version of Cinderella I like better I’d have to go with Roger and Hammerstein. (Most readers should know that I am a huge Rogers and Hammerstien fan) The musical numbers in this show were very fun and energetic. I especially enjoyed It’s Possible, Stepsister’s Lament, 10 Minutes Ago and The Sweetest Sounds. Boys and Girls Like You and Me which was originally cut from the movie of Meet Me In St Louis is also a good song. Standouts were Morganne Bent as Cinderella, Nick Hammes as Christopher ( I liked that his character actually had a name as opposed to just Prince Charming like in the Disney version… it gave the character much more depth) Emily Borne as the Fairy Godmother and Jeremy Edelbluet as Lionel.

Great job to everyone on a fabulous show. Emma, Bekkah, Kat, Jess, Meghan Morgan Shauna Brenna and Patrick You will all do amazing things in college. I have no doubt of this. I will miss you guys a lot. It has been fabulous to work with you all. 🙂

Last night Matt and I went to Meredith to see A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Froum at Interlakes Summer Theatre. I would call this an ancient roman love story because Hero (Alex Hoff) falls in love with the Courtesean in the House of Lycus Phillia (Beka Burnham). Hero’s slave Pseudolus (Tom Caska) is willing to do anything for his freedom and plays matchmaker for Phillia and Hero despite the fact that Lycus (Inaki Baladasarre) has her set off to be sold to warrior Miles Glorious (Chase Byrd). There was lots of hysterical moments in this show and I could not stop laughing the whole time. Favorite musical numbers included Everybody Ought To Have A Maid ( Caska, Mikey Labolsamo and Tom Hallet), Lovely (Hoff and Burnham),I’m Calm (Lobalsamo) and Impossible (Hoff and Hallet) Congrats to the cast on a hysterically funny show. If you are in Meredith this week be sure to go see The Full Monty it is not to be missed!

Princess K.I.M is going to be performed in Meredith. Once in Februrary and once in the summer as part of the Junior intern season. I can’t wait to see it!! Tickets for the Milford production are on sale!! Go to for more information.

Next summer’s season at Interlakes Summer Theatre includes Godspell, 42nd Street, Miss Saigon, Spamalot and The Wiz. Out of these I haveo only seen one so I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I have never heard of Miss Saigon before so I look especially foward to seeing that.

In other news job search is stil going slow. Very frusturating and discouraging. If anyone knows of any leads feel free to shoot them my way. Princess K.I.M is coming along nicely and I am so excited for the performances. I am helping out with publicity for the fal for Actorsingers which I am pretty excited about. I am also hoping to auditin for the holiday show at the Amato Center again.. this year they are doing two one act plays. I am also helping Jen Erdody with Sound of Music at the Amato Center. Fall will be qutie busy. I habe been preparing for my Children of Eden audition with Stagecoach Productions which I am nervous about it. We’ll see how that goes.


Top Songs from Shows I have seen this year   Leave a comment

  Top 20 Songs from Shows  I have seen this year

1.  You’re My Favorite Song   Camp Rock The Musical

2. It’s Possible  Cinderella

3.  Everybody Ought To Have A Maid  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

4. Happiness You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

5. We Go Together Grease

6.This Is Our Song Camp Rock

7. Sing Your Own Song  Dear Edwina Jr

8. Notice Me Horton Suessical The Musical

9. Barcelona  Company

10.  Lovely   A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

11. Hola Lola  Dear Edwina  Jr

12    Beetoven Day You’re A  Good Man Charlie Brown

13.  Stepsister’s Lament Cinderella

14 There Are  Worse Things  I  Could  Do  Grease

15.  Getting Married Today  Company

16. Amazing Mayzie Suessical The Musical

17   Footloose  Footloose

18  Mama  Says You Can’t  Back Down  Footloose

19   Fake  I.D.  Footloose

20.  Make Em Laugh  Singin  In The Rain



Congrats to the  casts of  Dear Edwina Jr. Cinderlla and A Funny Thing Happened  On The Way To The Forum on awesome productions!  Reviews forthcoming!!

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