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Spreading My Wings

My heart is breaking

but yet so full  of love at the same time

outside  I can hear the windchime

The curtain has closed on another


time flies when you’re having fun

9 months will pass

and auditions will happen again

I am overwhelmed by bliss

and also gratitude

2 years ago when  I auditioned for Music Man

I was welcomed with open arms

the memories since then have been great

the journey has taken me

from River City

to  Oklahoma

to St Louis

(and in the off season to Bedford Falls in  It’s A Wonderful Life with Riverbend Youth Company)

and next year to the land of Suess

We all share a passion for the stage

but  in my career it’s time to turn a new page

Spread my wings and learn how to fly

Thanks for helping to grow and touch the sky.

This poem is dedicated  to everyone involved in the Amherst PTA play.  As  I prepare to move foward after next year to focus my technical and auditioning aspirations on theatre in Nashua  I could not more deeply express  the grattitude  I have to all  of you. I have been truly blessed to work with  everyone in this company many who  I have seen over the years as I grew up in Amherst.  I love you all very dearly and  I would be lying if I said I won’t be a little sad next year when Suessical is over. Thank you all so much for everything.


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