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Yesterday I had an audition for You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown with Stagecoach Productions. It went very well though I  did not get a callback.  Interestingly when the director  emailed me this morning he mentioned that he was on the board of directors for Manchester Community Theatre Players and suggested that I should try out for thier production of Annie which has auditons in July.

The irony of this is  that last year  at this time I was debating auditioning for Fiddler on The Roof at MTCP or Annie with Actorsingers.  It is  considerably frusturating that I don’t drive because if  I did then I would definitely audition for Annie.  One thing I learned after auditoning for Actosringers last year is that  I set my sights too high  when I chose to audition for Grace Farrell.  Hypothetically if I were to audition for Annie  for MCTP  I would probably lean away from auditioning for  Grace because I obviously know now that role is not attainable for me.  Star To Be might be slightly more attainable… other than that I would probably just end up auditioning for ensemble.


This of course is hypothetical.  I wish it could be reality…more I could not wish it. I hate loathe despise and abominate  the fact that I don’t drive. 😦


OH well such is life.  The next Stagecoach  show is Children of Eden. Those auditions are not until sometime in August… date has not been set yet so  I wait for that announcement. I think  I may  choose to audition for this instead of the Holiday Show at the  Amato Center since  doing both shows would be kind of impossible. Show dates for Children of Eden are the first week of December and the holiday show at  the Amato Center opens the following week.


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