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I try to shy away from writing reviews for shows  that  I am involved in. Let’s  get that out there right away.  The main reason because  is because I like to have some objectivity in my writing and anaylsis of the production.   I based this review off of the  dress rehearsal that we had on Tuesday May 7th.   When I first found out the PTA Play was going to be   Meet Me In St Louis   two thoughts came to my mind. The first was that this was the third year in a row that we did a show  which was set in  time period of the early 1900s. I was actually hoping we’d do something with a more present day setting… that makes me  all the more excited for Suessical next year. The second thought was…  “I am not familiar with this show.”  That second thought which was what actually held me back from wanting to audition.   I  kind of regret not auditioning looking back on it.  Music Man took awhile to  grow on me two years agoa and  I’m  sure this show would have had the same effect on me had  I tried out and got a part.    Another reason why I was reluctant to write a review for this show is because usually when I write reviews  I tend to focus on people who stand out in the production and what stood out about their performance.  Once again it is hard to have an objective point of view here because  I have been involved in this company for three years and have gotten to know  everyone and their skill sets really  well. That being said it  really hard for me  sit down and fairly  critique the performance and say ” This person was better then the other person.”  I hate favoritism… it is very overated.  ( In all fairness this will probably  be the worst review I have written due to my lack of objectivity.)  The music is another story.. I can be a better  judge of the music and not worry so much about favoritisim there.     Typically when I sit down and indulge myself in a soundtrack for a musical there are numerous songs that appeal to me.  The music in this show was pretty touch and go with me actually… I love  Judy  Garland do not get me wrong but certain songs from this show had more appeal to me  than others.   My favorite songs were probably Touch of The Irish, Banjo, Under The Bamboo Tree and The Trolley Song.  Banjo was an incredibly fun dance number and I wanted to dance along to it backstage.  When I rented the movie I was surprised that Have Yourself A Merry Christmas was on the soundtrack.  I am more familiar with the modern day version of this song by  Nat King Cole.

This year I worked backstage helping out with props, set painting  and scene changes.. it was certainly a change of pace from being on stage but I did really miss performing with everyone this year and thus cannot wait for Suessical next year. This was probably not my favorite play the PTA has done out of all the ones I have either been a part of or seen. It would probably get a 5 out of 10 a pretty modest rating. The movie version got a C+. Of course the overall experience of being involved in the play gets a 10.

Ratings of PTA Plays 1998-2013 Scale of 1-10. 1= worst 5 middle ground 10 best *was in the ensemble ** was on stage crew
1998 School House Rock Live 9
1999 A Chorus Line 10
2000 Enchatment of Beauty and The Beast 6  I perfer the Disney version much better which is why I am excited for 2015. 🙂
2001 Pygmallion 4   This musical prequels My Fair Lady.. which is  by far not one  of my favorite musicals. Plot is mediocre at best and there aren’t very many standout songs.
2002 Wizard of Oz 7
2003 Oliver 7
2004 Annie 9
2005 Sound Of Music 9 Missed the performanes because of school conflicts but have watched the DVD numerous times
Missed The King and I, Fiddler and Joseph because I was in school… have never seen the DVDS.
2009 Peter Pan 9
Did not see Children of Eden because of a schedule conflict though at this point I regret not seeing it because it would help me a lot in preparing my audition with Stagecoach Productions in August.
* 2011 The Music Man 9
*2012 Oklahoma 10
**2013 Meet Me In St Louis 5
Suessical gets an advance rating of 7 because I know that show will be awesome.. I don’t think that rating will change over the course of a year and should it change the change will be slight.

Te Amo Amherst PTA! 🙂

MMISLCastPhoto Photo courtesy:  Rich Sparks


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