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We’ll start with a quote.. the author of said quote slips my mind at the moment but I feel it is very fitting to what will be talked about in this post.
“Some people come into our lives and quickly go, others stay around for awhile and leave a footprint on our heart and we are never ever the same.”

This is an open message to everyone who I have been in shows with the Amherst PTA and Riverbend Youth Company-
( there is quite a bit of crossover with people in both companies for the record)
I just wanted to take this opportunity to truly recognize all of you. In the past couple years ( four for PTA five for Riverbend) I have come to be very fond of both of these companies and all people involved. I am not planning on disappearing from the radar of either of these companies in case you were starting to worry about that. As most of you know last year I moved to Nashua and in the past several months I have spent my time acclimating myself to the arts scene in Nashua. Since Oklahoma and It’s A Wonderful Life both ended I have dove into the arts scene in Nashua joining the YMCA choir and the choir at my church. This decision was not easy for me to make because as I said a bit ago I have grown very fond of both of these companies. I have decided that after next year I will be focussing my auditioning and technical aspirations more on Actorsingers and Stagecoach Productions potentially Nashua Theatre Guild also. This is due mostly in part to geography and transporation issues. Of course depending on the show that PTA is doing I will definitley consider auditioning but for the most part I plan on focussing more on Stagecoach and Actorsingers and becoming more involved in the choir in my church and the Choir at the YMCA.


All my experiences over the past couple years have really helped me to grow as both a performer and technician. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the directors, producers, musical directors and choreographers on all shows I have worked on for your guidance and helping me to grow as an artist. Thank you to all my PTA castmates and crew members for your support, laughter and friendship. I hope that our friendships will continue throughout the years ahead. I love you all so very much! Congrats to all the seniors that are graduating from Riverbend Youth Compmany this year. It has been such a pleasure working with you all the past couple years and watching you grow as performers as well as having the opportunity to grow with you.. I wish you all the best of luck in your post Riverbend endeavors

Riverbend Youth Company Seniors: Samantha Ahern,Emma Ayotte,Meghan Bedard, Bekkah Cloakcasure, Morgan Chamberlain, Molly Desmond, Jon Edelbleit, Kat Feraco,Jess Harper,Brenna McClain, Patrick McKnight, Renee  Reeves, Rachel White

Forgive me  if I misssed anyone.

Figured I would list all the shows I’ve been in with both of these companies

2010 Annie JR Props
2010 Man Who Came To Dinner Sound Design
2011 Wizard of OZ Props
2011 Guys and Dolls Jr Spotlight Operation
2012 It’s A Wonderful Life Mrs. Hatch and various ensemble characters

2009 Peter Pan- Publicity
2010 Children of Eden- Publcity
2011 Music Man Ensemble
2012 Oklahoma Ensemble and Publicity
2013 Meet Me In St Louis Props
2014 Seussical Ensemble and Publicity

Oh and a happy Happy Mothers Day to everyone on the cast and crew of Meet Me In St Louis. 🙂


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