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I just got back from seeing Grease at Souhegan.  I should point out that Grease is one of my favorite musicals so I was so excited to hear that Grease was going to be Souhegan’s musical this year.     The whole cast was diversified in their talent but    the people who particulary stood out to me were  Alyssa Lederhos (Patty Simcox), Kelsey Mack (Cha Cha  Degregorio), Matt Campbell  (Doody), Ben Gottwald (Teen Angel)  and Meghan Bedard as  Rizzo.   Had to resist the urge to sing and dance along… it was very hard because the music is infectious such as Greased Lightning, Born To Hand Jive, Summer Nights and  We  Go Together. I found it interesting that the orchestra was so small this year….I guess  I’m  used to bigger orchestras. The small  but mighty band was directed by Carl Beneveides and included Ian Gowell, Jason Emmond, Mark Velino, Joseph McMullen and Jen Abis.  Grease was directed by Pat McMullen and Steve Hodgman. Choreorgrapy was  by Amy Mcguigan. Something that threw me off about this production was the order of the scenes.  It is a little bit different from the movie and pervious versions of the play that I have seen.   Some examples include  We Go Together being at the end of Act 1 when in the movie it is at the end, All Choked Up replaces You’re The One That I Want  which was  very disappointing for me as that is one of my favorite songs from Grease, Look At Me  I’m Sandra Dee is also the end of Act 1 when in the movie it is  in the scene at the slumber party at Marty’s, Those Magic  Changes was in the scene in the movie where they were at the dance as a slow dance number while in  this version in the play it was actually a musical number that is sung by the cast (which I thought was pretty neat.. kudos to  Matt Campbell on the guitar playing) and finally  Alone at A Drive  In Movie is an instrumental piece on the movie soundtrack  while in this version of the play it was a song with words which I did not expect. It was a very powerful and emotional song.

As an alumni  I would like to say that the talent of the current students in the program continue to impress  me every year.  This year’s group of seniors is  very special because  I have worked with quite a few of them on shows with Riverbend Youth Company. It has been fun to work with them and watch them grow as performers and I will truly miss them a lot.  Congrats to all the seniors  Meghan Bedard, Shauna Sousa, Morgan Chamberlain,  Brad Odhner Emerald Smith and  Jon Gottwald.  If I left anyone off I’m sorry… I am not sure who the other seniors are so feel feel to email with the people I forgot and I will add them in later on.   Good luck to all of you  in college. I am sure you will continue to do amazing things.


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