Voting should be based on talent NOT on pity   Leave a comment

Of course I am talking about American Idol. I have always felt the voting on that show is rigged. Last night’s results furthur proved that point. Don’t get me wrong I fully support people with disabilities and am happy that Lazaro has made it as far as he has om the compettion. However, I think last night he should have been in the bottom 3. I missed his solo but he totally missed up the lyrics on his duet with Angie (who I personally think will win) Everyone on American Idol has their own unique talent that is for sure but the fact that Lazaro uses his diability as a crutch and keeps forgetting the words to his songs gives an unfair advantage to the rest of the contestants who actually take the time to learn the songs they are given to perform for the show. Lazaro should have been in the bottom 3 NOT top 3 and the judges should have used the save on Burnell. The song he chose last night did not show him much justice at all.

American Idol has gone downhill and down in the ratings. I won’t be too utterly shocked if this is last season. This show has passed its prime. IT’s not really about America’s vote.. that doesn’t seem to matter it’s turned into a popularity contest. If Lazaro goes through next week I will be super pissed off and will lose all faith in American Idol.

Oh and don’t even get me started on my opinions on Nicki Minaj as a judge.. I’ll save that for another time. She’s the main reason why I haven’t been watching Idol this season as much I mormally do. Get rid of her and bring JLo or Ellen Degeneres heck even bring back Paula Abdul. The producers made a poor choice in choose Nicki Minaj as a judge.


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