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Thoroughly Modern Millie to be performed at the Amato Center.
By Janine Leffler
Get ready for a toe-tapping good time as the Riverbend Youth Company presents their spring production, Thoroughly Modern Millie.  This musical production is a romantic comedy set in the roaring twenties. The 1967 movie version of Thoroughly Modern Milliestarred Julie Andrews.
First time Riverbend Youth Company director Liz Moore of Milford is very excited about her directorial debut.  “As the director of the drama program at ConVal Regional High School, I’m used to being responsible for every single aspect of a production from royalties to paperwork to props. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to focus solely on the process of directing. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually had the ability to focus my efforts that way and I love it!”  Moore continued by saying that she is excited about seeing the show come together, “Before April vacation, we had just begun stringing scenes together and running large chunks of material. The kids get to start and see the work each other has been putting in and they start to see this as a real “show”. I think this is the time during the process where we go from having “scenes” and “songs” and “dances” into having a true story.”
Emma Benson, a junior at Bedford High School makes her Riverbend Youth Company debut as Millie Dillmont and couldn’t be more excited.“The cast is so accepting and fun, especially of someone who came out of nowhere to do this show. I’m having the time of my life.  Benson continued by discussing her process of developing Millie’s character  “I take it as a challenge to create something unique about how Millie would do that action. It’s difficult to separate ‘what Emma would do’ from ‘what Millie would do’, but it’s proved to be effective when I can isolate them.”
For choreographer Liz Calabria the most fulfilling thing about this production has been working with the cast. “Seeing the bonding that happens and the mentoring that occurs among cast members is very rewarding.  This is a very talented group of performers and they all work so well together. “ Calabria continued by saying  “It has been delightful working with Liz Moore and Sally Landis!  I have learned so much from their directing styles and we have had a great time putting this show together.  Assistant Choreographer, Devereaux Merchant is my ‘right hand’ person!”  She is a gem and it is always a pleasure working together with her!” Calabria’s favorite dance to choreograph has been The Speed Test where, she explains, Emma (Millie) takes dictation and types “taps” out a letter on the typewriter with the assistance from the “Stenogs”. “It’s a real toe-tappin piece.”
Megan Ostrowski, a freshman at Souhegan High School in Amherst is excited to be in her second Riverbend  production. “The most fulfilling part of this show for me is the opportunity to be a part of such a great group of people who I can learn from every time I walk into rehearsals.”  Ostrowski continued by saying “I like to create a back story for my character and that develops how I deliver the lines or act onstage, to do this  I read about the time period and what a girl around my character’s age would have done/been like.”
Milford High School sophomore Megan Hammes shared Ostrowski’s sentiment of being part of such a great group of people.  “It is so encouraging to watch as cast members help each other, both inside and outside of rehearsals, to overcome the challenging aspects of the show together. Hammes went on to say “Having an ensemble role is really fun because your character is like a blank canvas that you get to paint – there’s so much room for creativity! I find my character changes from one rehearsal to the next; I have fun experimenting with different ways to react to situations and little subtle things I can add to a scene just through facial expression and body language.”
For all graduating seniors in this production, this show is bittersweet. Bekkah Colclasure shared a memory of moving to Milford from Ohio and being shy but being encouraged by Molly Desmond to audition for her one act in 2009. She advises students who are coming into Riverbend not to be shy. Colclasure continued by saying,“I LOVE playing Muzzy because she is so different from any other part that I have ever played. She’s a very glamorous jazz singer who enjoys the higher things in life…. However, at the same time, she doesn’t let her fame get to her head.”  When it comes to playing her character Cloakasure explained her development process, “My character development has been mostly about building a strong sense of confidence that I believe completely envelops Muzzy as a character.”
Thoroughly Modern Millie performs at the Amato Center For The Performing Arts  56 Mt Vernon St  in Milford May 10-12. Evening Performance are at 7:30pm and matinees are on Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm. You won’t want to miss this hilarious romantic comedy. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students and seniors.
To be published in next week’s  Milford Cabinet.
  NOTE : The Telegraph and Cabinet  was recently purchased by a new owner so at this  stage in the game I do  not know when my next article with them will be published or how much longer  I will still be employed by them.   I am beginning to estimate that  if  they  are cutting thier freelancer budget again then  my job  there may not last much longer.   This makes the future of this blog very uncertain since my main purpose in having this  blog is to keep   a log of my  Cabinet articles.  We shall see what happens.

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Ohio and much more   Leave a comment

 It has been quite a while since I wrote a entry in this blog.

Last night I got home from Ohio at around 9:00pm.  I was there for three days seeing Princess K.I.M The Musical performed at Caryl Crane  Youth Theatre’s New Play Festival. It was the premeire production of Princess K.I.M.  and I was very impressed with the performance.  I thought everyone  at Caryl Crane Youth Theatre did a fabulous job with bringing my mother’s play to life.   We have new insight on how we can improve the script from both the audience and the cast members  and we are going to hit the ground running with the revisions so things will be ready for the NH auditions at the end of  May.    Those interested in auditioning should head over to to download the audition form and see photos and video clips from the Ohio production. Mark May 31-June 2nd on your calendars folks! 🙂


Two weeks ago  I saw Company at Stagecoach Productions. I love anything by Sondheim so was excited to hear Stagecoach was doing this show.  My favorite songs were The Ladies Who Lunch, Sorry-Grateful,  Another  Hundred People and Getting Married Today.  I was laughing the whole time.  Great job to the Stagecoach Productions  crew on a wonderful performance.

Speaking of Stagecoach… I  am auditioning for  You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown in a few weeks and  I am  kind of excited.  I think in August when  I auditioned for Piratres of Penazance  I was really nervous because it was my first time auditioning for them and making a good first impression…. because you know   first impressions are important.


Meet Me In St Louis Tech Week is starting. It’s kind of been weird taking time off from being in the show but I like working backstage too. 🙂 Tonight was the first rehearsal we had which was mostly a review of  scene changes.  I am so excited for the performances! Get  your tickets now folks!!     This afternoon  Matt and I went to see the Souhegan Valley Chorus Concert.  I really enjoyed it a lot … especially the variety of music.  My  favorite songs were  Finale B  (DUH- obviously  I love   Rent)   Song  of The Tall Ship and  Joyful  Joyful.   Congrats to everyone in the chorus on a great   show and Jen Erdody on  10 years of directing.


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Welcome To The Cabaret  song prompt contest entry

Song: Willkomenn from Cabaret

Get ready for the show tonight
it will bring you much delight
Lots of singing and dancing will be had
time to forget about anything
about the day that was bad
Sit back  relax
we’re here to entertain you
lots of fun and  enjoyment shall sustain you
Forget about your worries of the day
and WELCOME to the Cabaret

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SHS Thespians You’re The Ones That I Want   Leave a comment

I just got back from seeing Grease at Souhegan.  I should point out that Grease is one of my favorite musicals so I was so excited to hear that Grease was going to be Souhegan’s musical this year.     The whole cast was diversified in their talent but    the people who particulary stood out to me were  Alyssa Lederhos (Patty Simcox), Kelsey Mack (Cha Cha  Degregorio), Matt Campbell  (Doody), Ben Gottwald (Teen Angel)  and Meghan Bedard as  Rizzo.   Had to resist the urge to sing and dance along… it was very hard because the music is infectious such as Greased Lightning, Born To Hand Jive, Summer Nights and  We  Go Together. I found it interesting that the orchestra was so small this year….I guess  I’m  used to bigger orchestras. The small  but mighty band was directed by Carl Beneveides and included Ian Gowell, Jason Emmond, Mark Velino, Joseph McMullen and Jen Abis.  Grease was directed by Pat McMullen and Steve Hodgman. Choreorgrapy was  by Amy Mcguigan. Something that threw me off about this production was the order of the scenes.  It is a little bit different from the movie and pervious versions of the play that I have seen.   Some examples include  We Go Together being at the end of Act 1 when in the movie it is at the end, All Choked Up replaces You’re The One That I Want  which was  very disappointing for me as that is one of my favorite songs from Grease, Look At Me  I’m Sandra Dee is also the end of Act 1 when in the movie it is  in the scene at the slumber party at Marty’s, Those Magic  Changes was in the scene in the movie where they were at the dance as a slow dance number while in  this version in the play it was actually a musical number that is sung by the cast (which I thought was pretty neat.. kudos to  Matt Campbell on the guitar playing) and finally  Alone at A Drive  In Movie is an instrumental piece on the movie soundtrack  while in this version of the play it was a song with words which I did not expect. It was a very powerful and emotional song.

As an alumni  I would like to say that the talent of the current students in the program continue to impress  me every year.  This year’s group of seniors is  very special because  I have worked with quite a few of them on shows with Riverbend Youth Company. It has been fun to work with them and watch them grow as performers and I will truly miss them a lot.  Congrats to all the seniors  Meghan Bedard, Shauna Sousa, Morgan Chamberlain,  Brad Odhner Emerald Smith and  Jon Gottwald.  If I left anyone off I’m sorry… I am not sure who the other seniors are so feel feel to email with the people I forgot and I will add them in later on.   Good luck to all of you  in college. I am sure you will continue to do amazing things.

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Voting should be based on talent NOT on pity   Leave a comment

Of course I am talking about American Idol. I have always felt the voting on that show is rigged. Last night’s results furthur proved that point. Don’t get me wrong I fully support people with disabilities and am happy that Lazaro has made it as far as he has om the compettion. However, I think last night he should have been in the bottom 3. I missed his solo but he totally missed up the lyrics on his duet with Angie (who I personally think will win) Everyone on American Idol has their own unique talent that is for sure but the fact that Lazaro uses his diability as a crutch and keeps forgetting the words to his songs gives an unfair advantage to the rest of the contestants who actually take the time to learn the songs they are given to perform for the show. Lazaro should have been in the bottom 3 NOT top 3 and the judges should have used the save on Burnell. The song he chose last night did not show him much justice at all.

American Idol has gone downhill and down in the ratings. I won’t be too utterly shocked if this is last season. This show has passed its prime. IT’s not really about America’s vote.. that doesn’t seem to matter it’s turned into a popularity contest. If Lazaro goes through next week I will be super pissed off and will lose all faith in American Idol.

Oh and don’t even get me started on my opinions on Nicki Minaj as a judge.. I’ll save that for another time. She’s the main reason why I haven’t been watching Idol this season as much I mormally do. Get rid of her and bring JLo or Ellen Degeneres heck even bring back Paula Abdul. The producers made a poor choice in choose Nicki Minaj as a judge.

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