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In high school I was in a club called Strictly Music which put on performance shows for local bands and artists and had open mike nights. I would occassionally perform in the open mike nights and I have fond memories of those performances. Tonight I went to my first Strictly Music show in 9 years. It was quite the experience. I was wiplashed with nostalgia from high school as I stood in the cafeteria listening to the music. One thing I really enjoyed was the diversity of bands that played. When I was in high school mostly Souhegan bands perfomed now 9 years later they have bands from outside of Souhegan which I found to be a welcome change of pace from when I used to attend the shows in high school. They even had a band from Rhode Island The Down and Outs play which was pretty neat. They were actually quite good and I really enjoyed their performance a lot.

It’s kind of awkward to be a fly on the wall and be amongst kids that are half your age or a little bit more than that but nonetheless still an enjoyable time. Now you see what I mean when I say I have reached aging hipster status.


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