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 I write this prompt as  I am watching the results of this years American  Idol Top 9 unfold.  Quite honestly  I have not been into American Idol  as prominently  I have been in the past.  I feel that in the past couple years the show has gone  downhill especially in terms of judging.  I  am consistantly agitated with  Nicki Minaj and do not think she should be a judge on Idol.  She is  very ignorant and obnoxious.  It would  be better if it was just three judges  instead of four.   Move over Idol and make room for The Voice. That show is better anyway.  They should bring The Sing Off back too.  I was disappointed to hear that was cancelled.


As for me  I go to karaoke a lot . I have a general knowledge that my singing voice may not be the best and  am okay with that.  I am working constantly on trying to improve my voice and my confidence level when it comes to singing.  I do not make it a goal for myself to ever audition for American  Idol.. if  I ever auditioned  I would probably be one of the first people cut…  just being honest and realistic.  If I could pick any song to use for an audition song  I would probaby pick  Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. That has also been one of my favorite songs by  a past  Idol winner.

Prompt 694 in my writing prompt book. American Idol may not be directly related to musical theatre but I am posting this prompt in this blog anyway.


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