Prompt 393 Poker Night   Leave a comment

For this prompt  I needed to break out my comfort zone a little bit since A)  I am not  a man and this topic was in the Manhood category and  B I have never played poker.  Figured I needed a new writing challenge and this was an interesting one.

I’ve never played poker and am not much of gambling typle of person.  Putting myself in the shoes of someone in  the opposite sex for just a moment with the fact that  I am not much of  gambling type  in mind  I would probably be pretty reluctant to go  to a poker night at first and whoever was inviting me would have to convince me to go.  Once I were to arrive at the host’s house I’m sure it would be  uncomfortable for me at first since  I am a classy person and don’t swear very often except if  I am really upset and  I don’t really drink a lot of  alcohol either.  Going to poker night would definitely be an experience and  I am not sure if it would be one   I’d repeat more than once.


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