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Life gets in the way.. so  I have fallen a bit behind on my reviews.   To update on my non-theatre  life for a second my top priority lately has been looking for a job. The search process is still ongoing and is getting slightly discouraging.  I  had a job interview at a  temp agency two weels ago which went really well.  I am still waiting for a job placement from the agency. I have a job interview on Monday afternoon for a secretary job which I am hoping will go really well.  Aside from going to  shows  I have been going bowling, going to the movies ( Go see Silver Linings Playbook and Les Miserables!!!) and trying something new called Letterboxing which I just did for the first time today.  Letterboxing is basically a scavenger hunt  which involves searching for stamps in them.  It’s a lot of fun. Thanks to my friend Jen Roy for reccommending it to me!



On the to the reviews now!!!

On February 16th  I went to the Riverbend School of Theatre Arts  One Act Play Festival at the Amato Center.   I try to make it to this every year and am always impressed with  the student written plays.  Both of these plays were written and directed by Devon Labonte.  The first show The Quiet  Life of Andrew Bright  was a story of a man who is kind of a loner and has been  sort of afraid his whole life to stand up for himself.  It was a very interesting story and very funny.  The second one was  The Detective   which was revived from the play  festival a few years ago.  I enjoyed then and enjoyed it now.  Great job to everyone in  the  1 Act Play Festival!! 

On Feb 21st  I saw  Rumors at Peacock Players.  I admit  I am for the most part a musical snob but  I do like  seeing a play once in awhile to  make mysef well rounded.  Ken Ludwig and Neil Simon are probably my favorite playwrights.   My  Oklahoma castmate Olivia Vordenberg made her debut with  Peacock Players in Rumors and  I was very excited for her. Lots of  great humor and really hysterical moments in this show.  I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.  Great job to everyone!!



Last night   I saw  Suessical Junior at Court Street Theatre with Sonya and Jen. Suessical is probably one of my new favorite musicals. Probably because I read all the Dr. Suess  books as a kid growing up… perhaps that’s what got me so into writing poetry since most of the books where in rhyme. A few  kids who were in the Youth Ensemble in Annie were in this show and  I was  super excited to see them in this show.   Lots of really fun musical numbers including Notice Me Horton, It’s Possible,  Amayzing Mayzie and The One Feathered Tail of Gertrude McFuzz.  I love the high energy musical numbers in this show! It’s always so much fun to watch.  Great job to the JR Actorsingers crew on a great production!


Next Up

Footloose  Pentucket Regional High School

Singin In The Rain Nashua High School South

 Camp  Rock The Musical  Amherst Middle School 

Musical Comedy Murderes of 1940  Milford Area Players (Ushering  at this so  I get to see it for free)



To note   I hate being on such a tight budget because it really  limits me from going to see my friends in thier shows…  I do  what I can though obviously.


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