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Irish Music Shows to Support Nancy O Fund
By Janine Leffler

Looking to get out and support a great cause this St Patrick’s Day? Check out the Irish Music Benefit Show at St John Neumann and Our Lady of Mercy churches in Merrimack. All funds raised for both of these concerts will support the Nancy O Fund.
The Nancy O Children’s Performing Arts Fund was founded in 1994 by John and Diane Ogrodowczyk, in memory of their daughter Nancy Ogrodowczyk, who died unexpectedly on April 16, 1994, the day before her 27th birthday, due to her lifelong asthma condition.
Nancy was a consummate performer – a talented dancer, singer, musician, who shared her talents in so many ways. She especially loved musical theater and appeared in many productions, including the leading role in the Nashua Actorsingers production of 42nd Street. An accomplished pianist as well, she was the accompanist at summer stock musicals and community theater, including the Nashua Jr. Actorsingers. In addition, Nancy loved to teach dance to the little children at the Academy of Movement in Nashua. And as a French teacher at Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH, Nancy even brought music and drama into her French classroom. She was a big part of their Drama Department, choreographing and teaching dance routines for the musicals productions.
In December, John Orgrodowcyzk received a letter from Lisa Waller, a doctor who studies pediatric pulmonary medicine at Elliot Hospital. He was blown away by the letter because Lisa was a student of Nancy’s at the time that she passed away and her death was what led her study medicine. Orgrodowcyzk said in a recent interview, “She contacted me because Zebra Crossings is developing an Asthma Camp this summer which will take place in the Lakes Region of NH. The programming of the program will also include performance components like music, singing, etc. I have already met personally with Lisa and Astrid, the Executive Director of Zebra Crossings, to talk about the Asthma Camp and I am so excited. This is just the kind of extension of the Nancy O Fund’s mission that I was seeking. And it dropped into my lap out of nowhere.” He continued by saying “My Irish shows this March will raise money for the Nancy O Fund and I, personally, will be looking forward to being involved in the performing aspects of the Asthma Camp this summer.”
The Irish Music Benefit shows will feature local performers Jeff Moore of Nashua, Jann Taylor of Amherst, Fiona Graham of Wilton, Bill Cashman of Merrimack and Pete Sessions of Hudson and a group of dancers from McGonagall School of Irish Dance in Nashua. The McGonagall School of Irish Dance has been involved in the Irish Music Show since 2004. Ashlynn Rockwell of Brookline started participating in the Irish Music show when she was a junior at Hollis Brookline High School in 2008. Rockwell explained what sets Irish Dance apart from other dance. . “It involves a lot of upper body control, endurance and stamina.” Rockwell went on to say that the two things she looks forward to about the upcoming performances are being able to perform and help out a good cause. “John O is appreciative of our help and it’s good to work with somebody who is equally as passionate about Irish Step Dancing as we are.”
Jeff Moore an accordion player from Nashua has been performing with Ogrodowczyk since 2001 and looks forward each year to the Irish Music Benefit Show. “It’s really great to play for him because he is an amazing talent and it is a big honor to play for him.” He continued by saying “The spirit of this show is really special. It’s for a really good cause. I love doing it and the feeling I get when the audience responds to a performance.” In 2010, Moore founded Interlude Music School to inspire musicians of all ages and skill levels to play music. The school, located in Manchester, NH, offers expert, enjoyable musical instruction on a variety of instruments, including accordion, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. For more information on Jeff, visit

They two performances of the Irish Music Benefit Concert are Saturday March 9th at Our Lady Of Mercy Church Hall 16 Baboosic Lake Rd Merrimack at 6:30pm and 7:30pm on March 16th at St John Neuman Church Hall at 7:3pm. Tickets for the Our Lady of Mercy show are $10 for adults and $25 for families. They can be reserved by calling the following people Jen Defelice at 438-1654, Ann Patnaude at 429-8809 and Erin Buccellato at 424-8099. Tickets for the St John Neumann show are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors, $15 for juniors and children 12 and under are free. To purchase tickets contact Bill Emerson at 603-672-7021 or Joe Murphy at 603-321-7977.

This article will be published in this week’s Cabinet and Telegraph Encore section.

In case people were wondering I had a miscommunication with my manager at the Cabinet in regards to the my article about Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 so it was never published. Advance apologies for all those people that I nterviewed a few weeks ago. I really wish that the commuication about deadlines for articles could be improved so that way I wouldn’t put so much work in to doing research for an article only to find out someone else has already submitted something.


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