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First of all as most people are probably aware by now I took some time from auditioning for shows this time around so I could focus on Princess K.I.M. The Musical. I am happy with my decision but regret only slightly not auditioning for Meet Me In St Louis. I am excited about working backstage though. The more tech work expereince I get the better. To keep myself busy I joined the choir at my church and the choir at the YMCA. I am so excited about the songs we are singing in YMCA Choir! 🙂 As far as joining Souhegan Valley Chorus right now I can’t be in that because of my work scheudle but I am hoping to join it in the fall. Things have been going well for Princess K.I.M. and I am so excited about where the production is headed. We had a Path To The Play Event at Labelle Winery in Amherst on February 20th and it had such an amazing turnout. Thanks again so much to everyone who came. I am going to Ohio at the end of next month to go see Princess K.I.M. performed at the play festival at Bowling Green State University and can’t wait to see what the performers in the play festival do with it. It will be spectacular and very impressive I’m sure. 🙂

One thing I think I need to do when it comes to auditioning is deal with rejection better. I think my problem when I auditioned for Annie was that I really set my expectations too high for myself.. leaving extreemly disappointed with the outcome od my audition. Rejection happens to everyone and reflecting on it only helps you to improve for the next time. My next audition is on May 13th for You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown with Stagecoach Productions. Pirates of Penzance was definitely out of my comfort zone but I wasn’t expecting to get cast in that. I need a new challenge and I won’t put too much preassure on myself to get the part I am auditioning for which is Lucy Van Pelt. If I don’t get cast then I’ll figure out a way to deal with the rejection better to build up my resilliance and self-esteem. I have to admit sometimes when it comes to auditions I am not the most confident. I am typically a very confiddent person so I don’t know why my confidence is so lacking when it comes to auditons. I think I let the nerves get in the way too much at the Pirates of Penzance audition in August and that’s why it did not go as well as I’d hoped it would. The fall show for Actorsingers is The Music Man which I am very excited about. I have a better chance of doing well with that audition since I have already done the show and am familar with all the music.. picking an audition song should not be too difficult for that one. Picking an audition song for Charlie Brown may be a little bit harder due to lack of familarity with the show and not know what show would best fit the style of the character. I still have 3 months and 10 days so I have a lot of time to figure things out.


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