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Perhaps I have reached aging hipster status   Leave a comment

In high school I was in a club called Strictly Music which put on performance shows for local bands and artists and had open mike nights. I would occassionally perform in the open mike nights and I have fond memories of those performances. Tonight I went to my first Strictly Music show in 9 years. It was quite the experience. I was wiplashed with nostalgia from high school as I stood in the cafeteria listening to the music. One thing I really enjoyed was the diversity of bands that played. When I was in high school mostly Souhegan bands perfomed now 9 years later they have bands from outside of Souhegan which I found to be a welcome change of pace from when I used to attend the shows in high school. They even had a band from Rhode Island The Down and Outs play which was pretty neat. They were actually quite good and I really enjoyed their performance a lot.

It’s kind of awkward to be a fly on the wall and be amongst kids that are half your age or a little bit more than that but nonetheless still an enjoyable time. Now you see what I mean when I say I have reached aging hipster status.


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American Idol   Leave a comment

 I write this prompt as  I am watching the results of this years American  Idol Top 9 unfold.  Quite honestly  I have not been into American Idol  as prominently  I have been in the past.  I feel that in the past couple years the show has gone  downhill especially in terms of judging.  I  am consistantly agitated with  Nicki Minaj and do not think she should be a judge on Idol.  She is  very ignorant and obnoxious.  It would  be better if it was just three judges  instead of four.   Move over Idol and make room for The Voice. That show is better anyway.  They should bring The Sing Off back too.  I was disappointed to hear that was cancelled.


As for me  I go to karaoke a lot . I have a general knowledge that my singing voice may not be the best and  am okay with that.  I am working constantly on trying to improve my voice and my confidence level when it comes to singing.  I do not make it a goal for myself to ever audition for American  Idol.. if  I ever auditioned  I would probably be one of the first people cut…  just being honest and realistic.  If I could pick any song to use for an audition song  I would probaby pick  Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. That has also been one of my favorite songs by  a past  Idol winner.

Prompt 694 in my writing prompt book. American Idol may not be directly related to musical theatre but I am posting this prompt in this blog anyway.

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This was a unique weekend.. four shows in the past 3 days…

Thursday night Matt and I went to Pentucket Regional High School to go see my cousin Olivia in her school’s production of Footloose She played Betty Blast the owner of the burger place that Ren works at. She did a fabulous job. The sets were pretty impressive for a high school production. I was impressed by the diversity of the talent in the cast.. aside from my cousin people who particulary stood out Tim Freieermuth (Willard) Pheobe Law (Ariel Moore) Danny Maderios (Chuck Cranston) and Rachel Smith ( VI Moore) Footloose is full of a lot of good songs that get people dancing in the aisles such as Footloose, and
Great job to the cast and crew on an amazing production
Audition for the PTA Play next year. I officially recruit you. It would be so much fun to do a show with you!! 🙂

Friday night I went to see Singin In The Rain at Nashua South with my mom. Anoter super impressive high school production. As I get settled into living in Nashua I see myself going to see more shows here as the amount of people I know from Souhegan seem to get smaller and smaller each year…. it’s always good to change things up a bit. Singin In The Rain is a classic musical and I think everyone at Nashua South did a really good job with it. This show had a good mix of funny and really powerfully emotional moments. My favorite musical numbers were Make Em Laugh,, and Fabulous job to cast and crew!! Two thumbs way up Joel and Laura! 🙂

Yesterday was a double show day. In the afternoon my mother and I went to see the AMS Theatre Club Production of Camp Rock The Musical A lot of the kids who are in the youth ensemble of Meet Me In St Louis are in this play so I was really happy I went to see it. The songs were really catchy and I had to resist wanting to get up and dance. My favorite songs were , , and . Awesome job to the AMS Theatre Club on such a fabulous show. 🙂

The final show on my list is definitley a must see and is running until this coming Sunday March 24th at the Amato Center. was absolutely hysterical. The last murder mystery type play that I saw was And Then There Were None but I thought this play was a lot more funny than that. I could not stop laughing the whole entire time. Really fabulous job to everyone in the cast!!

Next Up * Weird Romance Not Your Mom’s Musical Theatre * Grease Souhegan High School * Company Stagecoach Productions
Upcoming Auditions: You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Stagecoach Productions May 13th. Currently in the process of preparing for this. Now that I know what to expect from these auiditions I am feeling so much better about the audtion process and less anxious about it. I am singing I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar for my audition song. I think I played it too safe by singing Oklahoma for my last two auditions for Annie and Pirates of Penzance. Stagecoach’s fall show is Children of Eden. I am considering auditioning for that too but am not sure yet. It’s hard to start thinking about fall shows at this time because it’s barely even spring yet. REALLLY?? We’re getting more snow this week?? GRRRR!!

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For this prompt  I needed to break out my comfort zone a little bit since A)  I am not  a man and this topic was in the Manhood category and  B I have never played poker.  Figured I needed a new writing challenge and this was an interesting one.

I’ve never played poker and am not much of gambling typle of person.  Putting myself in the shoes of someone in  the opposite sex for just a moment with the fact that  I am not much of  gambling type  in mind  I would probably be pretty reluctant to go  to a poker night at first and whoever was inviting me would have to convince me to go.  Once I were to arrive at the host’s house I’m sure it would be  uncomfortable for me at first since  I am a classy person and don’t swear very often except if  I am really upset and  I don’t really drink a lot of  alcohol either.  Going to poker night would definitely be an experience and  I am not sure if it would be one   I’d repeat more than once.

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Hmmm   Leave a comment

I came across this blog the other day on tumblr that makes custom designed products for musical theatre.  I saw a few things with  Meet Me In St Louis quotes on them and I think it’s an ingenious website. 🙂 I am not sure how much money is usually in the budget for director gifts for the PTA Play but it might be something to look into.


Something to  think about maybe.  I don’t know if it will work out though.


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So behind….   Leave a comment

Life gets in the way.. so  I have fallen a bit behind on my reviews.   To update on my non-theatre  life for a second my top priority lately has been looking for a job. The search process is still ongoing and is getting slightly discouraging.  I  had a job interview at a  temp agency two weels ago which went really well.  I am still waiting for a job placement from the agency. I have a job interview on Monday afternoon for a secretary job which I am hoping will go really well.  Aside from going to  shows  I have been going bowling, going to the movies ( Go see Silver Linings Playbook and Les Miserables!!!) and trying something new called Letterboxing which I just did for the first time today.  Letterboxing is basically a scavenger hunt  which involves searching for stamps in them.  It’s a lot of fun. Thanks to my friend Jen Roy for reccommending it to me!



On the to the reviews now!!!

On February 16th  I went to the Riverbend School of Theatre Arts  One Act Play Festival at the Amato Center.   I try to make it to this every year and am always impressed with  the student written plays.  Both of these plays were written and directed by Devon Labonte.  The first show The Quiet  Life of Andrew Bright  was a story of a man who is kind of a loner and has been  sort of afraid his whole life to stand up for himself.  It was a very interesting story and very funny.  The second one was  The Detective   which was revived from the play  festival a few years ago.  I enjoyed then and enjoyed it now.  Great job to everyone in  the  1 Act Play Festival!! 

On Feb 21st  I saw  Rumors at Peacock Players.  I admit  I am for the most part a musical snob but  I do like  seeing a play once in awhile to  make mysef well rounded.  Ken Ludwig and Neil Simon are probably my favorite playwrights.   My  Oklahoma castmate Olivia Vordenberg made her debut with  Peacock Players in Rumors and  I was very excited for her. Lots of  great humor and really hysterical moments in this show.  I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.  Great job to everyone!!



Last night   I saw  Suessical Junior at Court Street Theatre with Sonya and Jen. Suessical is probably one of my new favorite musicals. Probably because I read all the Dr. Suess  books as a kid growing up… perhaps that’s what got me so into writing poetry since most of the books where in rhyme. A few  kids who were in the Youth Ensemble in Annie were in this show and  I was  super excited to see them in this show.   Lots of really fun musical numbers including Notice Me Horton, It’s Possible,  Amayzing Mayzie and The One Feathered Tail of Gertrude McFuzz.  I love the high energy musical numbers in this show! It’s always so much fun to watch.  Great job to the JR Actorsingers crew on a great production!


Next Up

Footloose  Pentucket Regional High School

Singin In The Rain Nashua High School South

 Camp  Rock The Musical  Amherst Middle School 

Musical Comedy Murderes of 1940  Milford Area Players (Ushering  at this so  I get to see it for free)



To note   I hate being on such a tight budget because it really  limits me from going to see my friends in thier shows…  I do  what I can though obviously.

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Irish Music Shows Article   Leave a comment

Irish Music Shows to Support Nancy O Fund
By Janine Leffler

Looking to get out and support a great cause this St Patrick’s Day? Check out the Irish Music Benefit Show at St John Neumann and Our Lady of Mercy churches in Merrimack. All funds raised for both of these concerts will support the Nancy O Fund.
The Nancy O Children’s Performing Arts Fund was founded in 1994 by John and Diane Ogrodowczyk, in memory of their daughter Nancy Ogrodowczyk, who died unexpectedly on April 16, 1994, the day before her 27th birthday, due to her lifelong asthma condition.
Nancy was a consummate performer – a talented dancer, singer, musician, who shared her talents in so many ways. She especially loved musical theater and appeared in many productions, including the leading role in the Nashua Actorsingers production of 42nd Street. An accomplished pianist as well, she was the accompanist at summer stock musicals and community theater, including the Nashua Jr. Actorsingers. In addition, Nancy loved to teach dance to the little children at the Academy of Movement in Nashua. And as a French teacher at Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH, Nancy even brought music and drama into her French classroom. She was a big part of their Drama Department, choreographing and teaching dance routines for the musicals productions.
In December, John Orgrodowcyzk received a letter from Lisa Waller, a doctor who studies pediatric pulmonary medicine at Elliot Hospital. He was blown away by the letter because Lisa was a student of Nancy’s at the time that she passed away and her death was what led her study medicine. Orgrodowcyzk said in a recent interview, “She contacted me because Zebra Crossings is developing an Asthma Camp this summer which will take place in the Lakes Region of NH. The programming of the program will also include performance components like music, singing, etc. I have already met personally with Lisa and Astrid, the Executive Director of Zebra Crossings, to talk about the Asthma Camp and I am so excited. This is just the kind of extension of the Nancy O Fund’s mission that I was seeking. And it dropped into my lap out of nowhere.” He continued by saying “My Irish shows this March will raise money for the Nancy O Fund and I, personally, will be looking forward to being involved in the performing aspects of the Asthma Camp this summer.”
The Irish Music Benefit shows will feature local performers Jeff Moore of Nashua, Jann Taylor of Amherst, Fiona Graham of Wilton, Bill Cashman of Merrimack and Pete Sessions of Hudson and a group of dancers from McGonagall School of Irish Dance in Nashua. The McGonagall School of Irish Dance has been involved in the Irish Music Show since 2004. Ashlynn Rockwell of Brookline started participating in the Irish Music show when she was a junior at Hollis Brookline High School in 2008. Rockwell explained what sets Irish Dance apart from other dance. . “It involves a lot of upper body control, endurance and stamina.” Rockwell went on to say that the two things she looks forward to about the upcoming performances are being able to perform and help out a good cause. “John O is appreciative of our help and it’s good to work with somebody who is equally as passionate about Irish Step Dancing as we are.”
Jeff Moore an accordion player from Nashua has been performing with Ogrodowczyk since 2001 and looks forward each year to the Irish Music Benefit Show. “It’s really great to play for him because he is an amazing talent and it is a big honor to play for him.” He continued by saying “The spirit of this show is really special. It’s for a really good cause. I love doing it and the feeling I get when the audience responds to a performance.” In 2010, Moore founded Interlude Music School to inspire musicians of all ages and skill levels to play music. The school, located in Manchester, NH, offers expert, enjoyable musical instruction on a variety of instruments, including accordion, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. For more information on Jeff, visit

They two performances of the Irish Music Benefit Concert are Saturday March 9th at Our Lady Of Mercy Church Hall 16 Baboosic Lake Rd Merrimack at 6:30pm and 7:30pm on March 16th at St John Neuman Church Hall at 7:3pm. Tickets for the Our Lady of Mercy show are $10 for adults and $25 for families. They can be reserved by calling the following people Jen Defelice at 438-1654, Ann Patnaude at 429-8809 and Erin Buccellato at 424-8099. Tickets for the St John Neumann show are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors, $15 for juniors and children 12 and under are free. To purchase tickets contact Bill Emerson at 603-672-7021 or Joe Murphy at 603-321-7977.

This article will be published in this week’s Cabinet and Telegraph Encore section.

In case people were wondering I had a miscommunication with my manager at the Cabinet in regards to the my article about Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 so it was never published. Advance apologies for all those people that I nterviewed a few weeks ago. I really wish that the commuication about deadlines for articles could be improved so that way I wouldn’t put so much work in to doing research for an article only to find out someone else has already submitted something.

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